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Wednesday, February 03, 2010


What happened next? Much worse for Raquel. Not only did she have to contend with Martha going to jail, but also more crank calls from the mysterious 'Roberto Aguirre'. Evil Max was kicked out of the house by Tonio but the bastard decided to enlist Camilla's help in ruining any chance of reconciliation between Tonio and Raquel. Tonio met with Meche and paid for Gabriel's operation but he kept wondering why Meche never took her brother to the Red cross where it would cost nothing. Chucho heard that Martha's 'victim' was at the hospital and he's dismayed to see that Meche was the one lying to his boss and his wife. Meche begged and begged him not to give her away; she simply wanted her brother to walk again. Raquel received more and more coldness from her husband every passing day- her only friend being Alejandra who firmly believed she was innocent. Tonio had a sudden idea about how to unmask the Roberto that keeps calling Raquel. Sometime later, Raquel got a pleasant surprise; while with Alejandra in the living room one day, who should come in but the police chief-followed by Martha! Tonio had fought tooth and nail to get her released and not serve time in jail! Raquel hurried to find Tonio and when she did, expressed her gratitude by hugging him and kissing him VERY THOROUGHLY, a kiss he returned.

A small dinner party was held to celebrate Martha's return that night and after everyone had gone to bed, Raquel led Tonio to their room, where they began kissing very passionately and ended up making love. But alas, the following morning, Tonio left Raquel and went back to the guest room. When she opened her eyes and saw he wasn't there beside her, how upset she was...


  1. Dear Amina,,
    Emmm....what males me love this Telenovela more and more....because Lucia Mendez looked like princess Diana. They're Soo you think so?

    1. Lucia Mendez is a very beautiful woman, she still is :)


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