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Tuesday, February 23, 2010


I really, truly DON'T  understand the anti-Carly/Bo bashing I keep reading here and there in the Net, despite the couple having more than a sizeable amount of supporters, the Carbo/Barly team (yours truly, a member). They make Carly sound like some kind of husband-snatching she-devil while Hope Brady is an angel wronged and Bo himself a confused wreck of a man. It's not like the romance between Bo and 'princess' is an entirely new thing; they loved each other so VERY MUCH several years ago and currently history is repeating itself- Carly bringing light and warmth into Bo's life, this time made dark and cold due to  Hope's unfair behaviour towards him after their Ciara's kidnap, something the Bope fans ALWAYS seem to overlook! I'm not being biased; Carly is as stubborn as Hope and she had her own few faults back in the day but she's far more mature and hardly ever questioned Bo's methods of doing things; I really find it hard to picture her leaving Bo with their child if she'd been Mrs. Brady- she who has always regarded Bo as her knight in shinning armour, her saviour and protector.
As for Bo, I admit... I still have my fears. He has a very protective streak especially when it concerns the people he loves. When he strated helping Carly after she got back to Salem, I assumed it was the old protectiveness he had for her but after the first Christmas kiss, I was'nt so sure. To be honest, I was dismayed because he had taken advantage of her vulnerable state and besides... I did'nt want the Salem idjits to resume their suspicions about Carly wanting to break Bo and Hope's marriage(like it was even steady to begin with)but Bo was the one who kept insisting they had'nt done anything wrong and made it clear he wanted her around, despite obviously still in love with Hope. Then came the episode when, out of no where and NOT premeditated they made love and even after Hope found out about it and raged at them both- he made it clear to Carly he REALLY wanted her around in his life, insisting she was'nt to blame for his rocky marriage and not knowing what will happen to them in the future. Carly is now living withhim, he's doing all he can to ensure that Vivian is punished for what she tried to do to Carly and Melanie, dare I hope... love talking??? He still has'nt said so to Carly but then again she has made no demands to know his feelings towards her, unlike years ago when she made him admit his feelings after accusing him of only wanting her body and not love from her. Because he'd been slow in admitting his feelings then, he very nearly lost her but after he got her back, could not voice his feelings enough.Besides 'princess', he had called her his 'precious gem', 'the strongest person he knew' and in a recent episode he said she made him 'smile', which he had'nt been doing often these days and asked her to let them work on their relationship; which she agreed to do after some hesitation.
Bope fans don't want to see it, but Carly is the best thing that's ever happened to Bo; she lightened his darkness years ago, she's doing it again. They should stop defending Hope who really brought the whole mess on her head in the first place- I do not condone adultery but it would'nt have happened if she'd reconciled with Bo when she had her chance, instead she spent the whole time pointing out his faults and accusing Carly of returning to Salem to steal her husband- she drove Bo into  Carly's arms and two lonely people rediscovered each other... and how!
Face it, Carly is Bo's light and he glaringly sees her as such. Enough of the slandering, it's not like some of the other couples don't have sins on their heads;  like John and Marlena betraying Bo's brother Roman by sleeping with each other and the result being Belle, now Bo and Hope's daughter-in-law. Lay off Bo as well, because now I really feel he knows what he wants. If you Bope fans still want to hate the princess, then GET STUFFED!!!

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  1. All I got is a bow down to you.....I love this post and love your blog.


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