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Saturday, February 27, 2010


Evil Max continued pestering Raquel but there was no way she could ever love him like she once did until the night she discovered he was a  vicious  liar. She  loved Tonio and missed him very much. Without realising it, her husband was on his way home to her... he and Gato were rowing their way back to Acapulco on a makeshift raft!

They finally get to the mainland, a remote part, but Acapulco all the same! Gato pleaded with Tonio not to turn him over to the police, but Tonio promised to put in a good word for him. As they move further ahead, they saw a shack; outside it sat an old man and a young woman. Gato ran ahead, shouting for help, lying that Tonio wanted to kill him. Before he knew what was happening, Tonio was  shot at by the old man and down he went, shot on the arm!
Max informed Raquel that Camilla and Claudio were arriving from Rome that day; Raquel hoped Camilla won't give her more beef, but Max assured her he wouldn't allow it. Raquel looked at him warily. Max begged her to give him another chance, but she remained firm; it could never be the same between them, ever. Later on, as she sadly looked at Tonio's framed photo, Ramon came in to report Martha again- she was still receiving phone calls from Luis and going out with him. Suspecting she was probably still receiving gifts from him, Raquel decided to search Martha's room.
Raquel and Ramón found the jewellery in Martha’s closet, wrapped in a silk scarf. Furious, Raquel ordered Ramon to call her. Meanwhile, Gato had escaped and the young woman tended to Tonio's wounds, despite her grandfather's angry words; he was a fugitive running from the police and now Gato might lead the police back to him.
Raquel  accused Martha of lying to her and asked for Luis’ address because she wanted to personally return his ‘junk’ to him and tell him to his face never to come near her sister again. Martha walked away angrily to find Gabriel, thinking he was the one who split on her as he had eavesdropped on her conversation with Luis. Raquel followed her and said it hadn’t been him and if Martha wasn’t careful, she’ll kick her out.  Unable to hide his guilt any longer, Gabriel finally told his mistress that Max was Roberto Aguirre and what he did to him when he tried to tell her before and Daniel, Meche and Chucho knew it was Max. Filled with rage, Raquel stormed out; it HAD been him, ALL ALONG!!!
 She saw Max just entering the living room and flew at him despite being heavy with child. She slapped and scratched his face, ignoring the sudden pain coming from her tummy; calling  him a murderer and vowed to get him jailed for killing her husband. Max tried to calm her but she violently beat him off, screaming with anger. Then all of a sudden she clutched her stomach again and fainted. Max grabbed her before she hit the floor and called for Vicky and the servants. At the hospital, Raquel was wheeled into the operating room. Her case was dangerous- she hadn’t completed her 7th month!

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