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Thursday, February 11, 2010

An unexpected development... VERY UNEXPECTED!

Frightened by Max,Meche is very evasive when Tonio questioned her. He however found out something important, that Raquel had just learnt about the farce the day he'd confronted her. Daniel and Martha find Raquel lying down and looking even paler; Raquel is anxious for her plan to work and go back to Guadalajara. Alejandra asked Chucho to take her to see Raquel. Max is concerned that Raquel is ill. He is horrified when Meche entered the room. Raquel introduced them both, watching their faces. After he left, Meche said that Max wasn't Roberto Aguirre. Raquel is very disappointed.
Martha summoned a doctor and he examined Raquel thoroughly, giving her some medication to take and advising her to rest. Martha asked her what was the diagnosis. Raquel said the doctor had diagnosed high blood pressure and also... she's pregnant. Martha gasped, 'My God...'

Raquel nodded. 'This time I'm sure.'
Well now! What happens next???

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