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Friday, December 28, 2012

CARBO FANFICTION- Return Journey: Chapter 8

Chapter 8

Bo was angry and sad at the blank look on Darcy’s beautiful brown eyes and the way she tried following the sound of their voices; inwardly swearing vengeance on the person responsible for it.


This Christmas week, I found myself watching old Christmas episodes of Days of Our Lives; the first one where Carly dressed up as Santa Claus while Bo, acting as "Santa's helper"; read the Christmas story to the sick children in the Paediatric Ward, the hospital staff and Dr. and Mrs. Horton (whose presence in DAYS is really, really missed). This episode aired in 1990, the same year Crystal Chappell's character Carly Manning made her debut in DAYS. At that time, Bo was still in mourning but already attracted to the beautiful  young doctor, albeit reluctantly; especially after his son Shawn Douglas's fondness for her. Even though they weren't officially a couple then, the rapport was already there, 

 and I'm sure the viewers wondered just when Bo would gradually heal enough to claim Carly as his own. 

But even though he could barely acknowledge his feelings for her and Carly promising to give him time and space after it was discovered she was the missing Katerina Von Leushner; Bo simply couldn't deny those feelings either; at the stroke of midnight on New Year's Day 1991, he and Carly exchanged a heartfelt kiss.

The following Christmas was far more cheerful for the Carbo fans  as it was Bo and Carly's first one as a couple and it was so heartwarming seeing them so happy, their love free and open after their adventure and symbolic  exchange of vows in Mexico; the way they kept laughing and smiling at each other, the loving kisses and exchanging Christmas presents (they soon discovered they had the same idea for a present- fishing rods!). Apart from that, Bo had also framed the ancient Mayan poem Carly had recited to him and Carly got a Christmas ornament ball with her name on it, like Bo, Shawn Douglas and the Horton family members had. 

But what I really liked and moved me a lot , was Carly's selfless gesture; Shawn Douglas expected his mother's Christmas ornament ball be hung on the tree along with the others; even though she wasn't there. His great grandparents- Tom and Alice Horton- felt it was inappropriate as his father now had a new lady in his life but Carly insisted the ball be hung as she felt Hope should be remembered; she didn't expect them to forget her even though Bo had finally moved on with his life. And Carly moving in with Bo and Shawn Douglas simply made their happiness complete; their New Year's Day also  memorable as they literally ran in the New Year and celebrated it their own special way. That was the only happy Christmas and New Year to date Bo and Carly ever had on the show, sorry to say. 
Almost immediately came Bo's kidnapping storyline( thanks to Peter Reckell's departure) and we got a new Bo (Robert Kelker Kelly) and in came in Vivian Alamain (Louise Sorell) and the boy who turned out to be Carly's long lost son. Bo and Carly's long awaited wedding was abruptly interrupted and it never happened; Carly was buried alive, lost her memory and was manipulated by Lawrence into falling for him again, just like he did long before she met Bo and Bo and Carly's love story came to a painfully sad end. 

Our spirits were lifted when Carly suddenly returned to Salem in 2009; starting the period of what was later known as Carbo 2.0. A lot had happened since her absence and Bo's marriage to Hope was on the rocks. Even though he reminded Carly a lot had changed and their love was a long time ago, nostalgic references to the past- particularly their symbolic wedding- and lingering looks exchanged between them, followed by a sudden kiss and then unexpected sex in Carly's hotel room said otherwise; the rapport was STILL there and then they found themselves together in rekindled love.
 But what happened? Carly was written in as an unwanted interloper, shunned by her former family and friends as if she was never a significant part of their lives before(something I'll never forgive the writers for) and then she was heartbroken when the only man she ever loved chose his undeserving wife over her and she left Salem with a grown up Nicky(something I'll definitely never forgive Ken Corday for). 
Even with Peter Reckell and Crystal Chappell's exit from DAYS OF OUR LIVES, Bo and Carly are still very much discussed among the fans and that's because there is STILL SO MUCH TO BE TOLD! It took a long agonising time before  Bo and Carly hooked up in the first place, half of the year was gone before it finally happened. They never had a proper wedding, never had a child of their own, never had another chapter and it is SO unfair! There was simply no reason why these two were denied  a happy ending when their love was so passionate and consuming- especially when you look back at the old episodes when they were young and so very happy, the intense connection between  them and those special moments between them. I'm still angry Carly was made to be an interloper and an interlude for Bo, considering she was his mature love, the ONLY mature love he had out of the significant women in his life. There is still a lot to be told about them, otherwise they wouldn't still be discussed on Facebook and Twittter fanbases still wouldn't be active, more Carbo fan fiction stories written or more Carbo montages made and posted in Youtube. And how can the writers forget the love and closeness between Carly and her step-son; particularly during the period when he was deaf and when Bo was missing- I'm just glad Shawn Douglas wasn't there during Carbo 2.0; him of all people turning against Carly would've been too much to bear! 
Is it possible for Bo and Carly's story to be revived in the future? Even though Bo was recast after Peter left, I can't see anyone else except Peter play Bo Brady and I definitely can't imagine any other actress except Crystal Chappell portray Carly Manning but what are the odds they would  consent to return to DAYS? They are very much missed and a lot of the fans want them to have that real second chance after those 16 years apart. I nursed the hope Carly would come back to Salem again  but then Peter left the show.
If Bo and Carly's story can be revived, the only way I can see that happening is for Bo and Carly to be recast; two recasts sounds better than CC with another recast or Peter with a recast. Anything to have  CARBO 3.0!

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Monday, December 17, 2012

Criminal Control, NOT Gun Control!

Definition of the word “Life”...  the ability to breathe, to grow, reproduce etc.; which people, animals and plants have before they die and which objects e.g. stones; do not have. Definition of the word “Death”... the end of life, the state of being dead, the fact of somebody dying or bring killed.
Life is regarded as the most precious thing we have in this world and I personally regard it far more precious than money or anything that money can buy. Just as I know that Death is certain and inevitable and my greatest fear. But I and many other people in this planet always pray for to live for a very long time... to a ripe old age with our minds still intact enough to reminisce about the day when we were young and stronger and ask God for His Mercy in the Hereafter.
I have lost people I loved over the years; my grandmother, my father, a few cousins, a few childhood friends; last time it was the son of a cousin who I held in my arms when he was a baby. He was 17 years old, a brilliant student and a sickle cell victim; even with all we’ve been taught in my religion about how to deal with death; the same thing kept going through my mind on the day of his funeral... Niyi was too young to die. Before him was Sugbomi; a few months older than I was; a sweet young man and a doctor who died from a relapse of tuberculosis. What haunted me was how he died; collapsing under a bridge on the way from work. After thinking about his parents and siblings he’d left behind, I found myself wondering about Sugbomi’s last thoughts before he breathed his last and I wept at the thought of him dying, surrounded by strangers and the same thought... Sugbomi was too young to die.  But at least, they died from diseases, not by somebody’s hand. It doesn't make it easier to bear considering how much they meant to the family but we strongly believe in the Hereafter and we prayed God accepts amongst His chosen few.
 We all have to die sometime but we never hope to die violently, e.g. a terrible accident or murder. As if terrorists and ritualists here weren't bad enough; we hear in the News about serial killers who just go somewhere with a gun and start shooting innocent people for no reason before killing themselves. Months ago, a crazy man shot a congresswoman, another one shot patrons of a cinema who were watching “DARK KNIGHT RISES”, now the latest was a 20 year old (who allegedly had a personality disorder) young man who entered an elementary school and shot over 20 children; ages ranging from 5-7 years old, some teachers and the principal; another victim was his own mother. I can’t even imagine what the parents are going through right now; their darlings gunned down in the blink of an eye and with Christmas next week- it’s a sad, terrible thing to have happened and personality disorder or not- I curse the sick bastard who committed this atrocity and I hope wherever he is, he is suffering as he has made the families of his victims suffer. If he wasn't gunned down himself, where would he be now; a prison cell awaiting execution or a psychiatric ward? Psychiatrists, I gathered, don't believe in the word “evil”; a mental person is sick and has no idea what he or she was doing at the time thus, the plea of insanity and they are put away until they are cured. They aren’t the ones who have to live in grief and pain over the death of a beloved one. Just like that- there is a solution for the mental illness, there is no cure for the people left behind- except Prayer and Time to give them the strength to somehow move on with their lives after such a tragedy.
I don't understand and can never understand why a person would wilfully take the life of another. Money, Jealousy, Power, Mental Illness... the list is endless.  Watching “Criminal Minds” and “Law & Order: Special Victims Unit”  I noticed most of the killers do it because of one mental illness or the other, which makes them unrepentant and remorseless, which always makes me cringe. Why Adam Lanza killed those innocent people, we will never know. Personality Disorder was his illness, should he be pitied after taking the lives of those innocent children and their teachers, their principal and his own mother? Now there is talk about President Obama issuing stricter gun control laws; but will that make things better? There are other weapons and more evil people out there; who kill for the sake of killing and then are diagnosed as “mentally ill”. You name it, strangulation, fires, knives, bombs! Just how long will that be accepted as a valid excuse not to punish them as they deserve? Seeing the photos of those beautiful children and the teaching staff who were killed breaks my heart and my heart goes out to their families. I pray God gives them the strength and fortitude to bear this great loss and that He gives His Mercy to the slain ones. Life is very precious, yet SO unpredictable that it is frightening. But God is our strength and we must continue to seek His divine protection. Evil people set out to destroy and take away lives. Even if they escape punishment for one reason or the other in this world; there is the Hereafter and God is waiting for them to give His Ultimate Justice.
May the souls of the victims of the Newton shooting rest in peace. 

"THOU SHALL NOT KILL"- 6th Commandment

Tuesday, December 11, 2012


There is NO such thing as a harmless prank; usually they are played to get a laugh at the expense of the victim or to see if it could be done without detection or see how the overall outcome. Just recently; two Australian DJs played a prank in the form of a crank call to the hospital where the Duchess of Cambridge (Kate Middleton, wife of Prince William) was receiving treatment and a few days later, the unfortunately duped nurse who received the call and passed it on committed suicide. Whether or not those two were responsible for that lady's suicide; they misused the freedom of expression and I don't sympathize with their excuse of "It was never meant to go that far. It was meant to be a silly little prank that so many people have done before"; they had no right to do it in the first place- what ever happened to the right of privacy; which is what the Royal couple are entitled to like everybody else? That prank was not funny at all in the first place and after this incident they and many other pranksters should realise that even a small prank- just  like a lie-  goes a very long way and could cause a huge amount of trouble or pain in the long run. I am disgusted with those two DJs ; they should be ashamed of themselves and I hope their conscience haunts them for a very long time.

And then there is another prank case I just read about; in a school in Indiana, USA; three students actually spiked a fellow student's lunch with Vicodin- a medicine for headache, resulting in the victim suffering from headaches and vomiting. Here in Nigeria,  those idiotic boys would be suspended from school after receiving well deserved flogging. Why do some people feel the need to do these things; can  the excuse "it was just a joke" justify them putting a narcotic in somebody's food in the first place? What were they hoping to gain...a laugh, the victim's reaction- how would they feel if the victim had died and they will find themselves expelled and placed in a juvenile detention center?
A prank is a prank and it is a form of bullying; one should not be encouraged to play it however funny it sounds; it's the victim who gets the blunt of it and I can't see how a prankster can derive pleasure of doing it just to gain a laugh.

Monday, December 10, 2012

Happy Wedding Anniversary Bo and Carly!!!

21 years ago; it was described as the best DAYS OF OUR LIVES'  December storyline of 1991 ; Bo Brady and Carly Manning's symbolic Mayan wedding, which took place on top of  El Castillo in Chichén Itzá, Mexico.
After Bo finally proposed to Carly (which is my favorite Bo and Carly scene of all time) and  because Carly was still legally married to her diabolical husband Victor Kiriakis at the time- he suggested they pledge their love and commitment to each other with an ancient Mayan wedding ceremony. Though symbolic and not valid- its aim is for a man and a woman searching for a union and part of the cosmic universe to become spiritual partners and that was Bo and Carly did. Here is a excerpt of their vows as soon as they got to the top of the pyramid...

BoI just want you to know you've done so much for me. When I first met you, I was afraid to love. I thought I'd just let the pain and  hurt and loss that was inevitable... that was my fate. But you changed that. You made me see that things could be different. And it's because of you, because you changed my outlook that we're here today, on top of the world. I love you Princess. I love that smile, that face, the way you laugh. I love the way you think, the way your mind works; the things you think about. Your voice... it comforts and soothes me. I love you and I would be honoured to be your husband.

CARLYI am very grateful for every person who has played a part of your life, for everything that's happened to make you what you are today; wonderful, strong, kind and good. And most of all, mine. You know I told you once what my favorite definition of Heaven is, a place where everything that isn't music is silence. Well, that's what you've give me; the joy of music and the peace of silence. You've given me Heaven on earth and the only thing that could possibly make it better would be being your wife. 

Carly also recited an ancient Mayan poem that was also in the form of a prayer(which later Bo had framed)...

I know not if the voice of man can reach to the sky
I know not if the gods will hear as I pray
I know not if the gifts I asked for will be granted
I know not what will come to pass in our future days
I hope that only good will come, my love... to you

I know now that the voice of man can reach to the sky
I know now that the gods have heard as I prayed
I know now that the gifts I asked for have all been granted
I know now that the word of old we truly have heard
I know now that our future days will have no number
I know that only good will come, my love, to us.

I don't believe I've seen a more touching  and more beautiful wedding than that symbolic wedding and I really wish it was valid in the actual sense. But on the other hand, it gave Bo especially the opportunity to pour out his heart and express how much he loved Carly and how much she meant to him after a long period of lies, obstacles and denials and Carly was finally very happy after months of loneliness and despair. It's a pity a 2.0 version of this wedding was never written for them and so much potential ignored and never brought to light! But we fans can never and will never forget Bo and Carly, or their greatest moments and this Mayan Wedding was one of many of those moments.

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY BO & CARLY! See montages below:

Monday, December 03, 2012

Co-stars who hooked up OFF camera

CRYSTAL CHAPPELL & MICHAEL SABATINO who played Carly Manning & Lawrence Alamain in Days of Our Lives. In the show, Lawrence was the main thorn in Carly's side in the form of her obsessive ex and then afterwards her abusive husband.

However, it's nothing like that  off camera- CC and Michael got married in 1997 after leaving the show in 1993 and are the proud parents of two sons.


MICHAEL BRANDON & GLYNIS BARBER who starred  in the  classic crime drama; DEMPSEY AND MAKEPEACE (1984-1986)- about two police detectives assigned as partners- a streetwise New Yorker and an aristocratic English lady; who solved crimes, bantered and bickered with each other in most of the episodes.

They tied the knot in 1989 and are blessed with a son.


BEN AFFLECK &  JENNIFER GARNER who portrayed  the Marvel characters Dare-devil and Elektra respectively in the 2003 movie DARE-DEVIL.

They have been married since 2005 and have three children, two daughters and a son.


Bollywood actor and actress RISHI KAPOOR & NEETU SINGH who starred together in 3 movies including Kabhie Kabhie. Their marriage nearly didn't happen as both families disapproved of the match for some reasons but in the end the couple got their way and married in 1979.

They are stil married and have a son and daughter.


In 1944, legendary actor HUMPHREY BOGART met his 4th and final wife LAUREN BACALL when filming their first film together; TO HAVE AND HAVE NOT. Lauren was 19 at the time while Bogart was 44 and still married but they fell in love.

In 1945 they became man and wife ; starred in more movies together; DARK PASSAGE, KEY LARGO and THE BIG SLEEP. Through Lauren, Bogart became a father for the first time at age 49- to a son and daughter and they stayed happily married until his death from cancer in 1957.



Sarah became Mrs Prinze in  2002 and she and Freddie have a son and daughter.


Bollywood actor and actress/dancer  DHARMENDRA HEMA MALINI hooked up after starring in the classic box office hit  SHOLAY and then did 28 films together over the years including THE BURNING TRAIN, JUGNU, PRATIGYA and DREAM GIRL. They married in 1980.

They are still together today and have two daughters.


KYLE LOWDER & ARIANNE ZUCKER portrayed Brady Black and Nicole DiMera in DAYS OF OUR LIVES until Kyle's departure in 2005. They tied the knot in 2002 and have a daughter, born in 2009.


RACHEL WARD & BRYAN BROWN fell in love on the set of the mini-series THE THORN BIRDS (where they played an unhappily married couple) in 1983 and married the same year.

They are still happily married and they have 3 children; 2 daughters and a son


JOHN RITTER & AMY YASBECK met during the making   of the 1990 comedy film PROBLEM CHILD and also starred together  in PROBLEM CHILD 2  in 1991; co-starring in other projects.

Amy and John got married in 1999 and their union produced a daughter. Alas; John Ritter tragically died in 2003   after collapsing  on the set of his sitcom "8 Simple Rules For Dating My Teenage Daughter".


 BILL HAYES & SUSAN SEAFORTH HAYES;  Daytime T.V's first super-couple, who played (and still play) Doug and Julie Williams in DAYS OF OUR LIVES.

The couple have been married since 1974 and share five children!


PAUL HOGAN and LINDA KOZLOWSKI  who played Mick Dundee;  an Australian adventurer and Sue Charlton; a New York journalist and heiress in the 1986 film, CROCODILE DUNDEE and its 1988 sequel, CROCODILE DUNDEE II.

Paul and Linda got married in 1990 and their union was blessed with a son. In 2001, they reprised their roles in  CROCODILE DUNDEE IN LOS ANGELES.


ALEXIS DENISOF & ALYSON HANNIGAN who played witch  Willow Rosenberg and pompous watcher Wesley Wyndam-Pryce in BUFFY, THE VAMPIRE SLAYER & its spin-off, ANGEL. Willow and Wesley weren't a couple in both shows as Alyson's character was gay.

Alyson and Alexis got married in 2003 and are the proud parents of two daughters