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SO VERY sorry for neglecting this label for so long; I still can't believe it myself and I'm a movie lover! Anyhow... this is the latest movies to see....

PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN: ON STRANGER TIDES- The iconic Jack Sparrow is on a new mission to find the Fountain of Youth. My question is: WHY???


TINTIN: SECRETS OF THE UNICORN- Steven Spielberg brings Tintin's 11th adventure to  the silver screen; in 3D

HARRY POTTER & THE DEATHLY HALLOWS PART 2- J.K Rowling's hero at long last faces his arch enemy and receives answers to many questions


Bo and Carly: Their future YET in sight

Finally one petition has been realized; the sacking of DAYS head writer, Dena Higley. I for one am not shedding any tears- ever since she was quoted as NOT caring about Bo and Carly's history and the viewers subjected to rubbishy story lines and obviously BIASED character profiles, I've been among those who longed to see her bounced and since DAYS OF OUR LIVES ratings have gone really down, I'm  glad this step has  been taken at long last.
Now we Carbos  hope to see a new era in DAYS; most important for Bo and Carly to have that long continuity they more than deserve. With all the support and valid reasons for wanting them to be together in the true sense of the word; the new Head writer will do well  NOT repeating the same mistakes Higley made and bring back DAYS to its former glory. Right now, the Carbos prefer watching 90s DAYS episodes because Bo and Carly's love was at its height then and we are starved to see them back together again in the Y2K episodes now. Once …