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Sunday, January 17, 2010


Well things have gotten much worse in this very weird scenario. Hope later phoned Bo while he was still with Carly; to inform him that her uncle, Mickey Horton(who'd acted as Carly's lawyer and was a good friend many years back) had died. Carly assured Bo as he was getting dressed that she was'nt sorry he had to go; he had obligations to his family. They hugged and they left.
Later at the Brady pub, a nurse approached Bo while he was talking to Hope to ask if he'd gotten Carly safely back to her place- as she'd been really freaked out in the elevator. Hope frowned at him, remarking how he'd taken his time in comforting Carly. I guess she must have read something on his face because Hope then blurted out, ' you slept with her, did'nt you? that's what you were doing when I called?' With that she stormed out.
Later, Carly went to the Horton house to give her condolences to Mickey's wife, Maggie and to see her daughter- who viewers now discover it's a young woman called Melanie Layton, who'd been living with Mickey and Maggie and   is engaged to be married to Bo's younger brother...well half-brother, Philip Kiriakis! Carly alas, had gotten to her bad side weeks back after she'd accidently spilled hot coffee on her, so Melanie does'nt really like her. Hope behaved completely inmaturely; she accused Carly of sleeping with her husband after killing her own- alas, Melanie was there and called Carly a very bad person! Could'nt Hope have taken such a private matter OUTSIDE?
Bo later walked in on Hope confronting Carly and she left them alone. Hope asked Bo if he now loved Carly but he replied that she, Hope, had left him first and left when she asked him to, leaving her in tears. She later cried in her father's arms( the same man long, long ago who did'nt think Bo was good enough for his daughter), saying she'd lost Bo and all because she'd waited too long. (you bet your skippy you did!)
Bo went to Carly's hotel room to find her packing her clothes; she wanted to leave Salem again, this time for good. He reminded her she was leaving her daughter behind but Carly replied that the girl hated her... and for good reason (Melanie's nothing but a brat in my opinion). Bo firmly stopped her from packing. Carly protested that she had already disrupted his life, he shushed her by covering her mouth. Holding her he said, 'I don't know what's going to happen tomorrow, the day after...but, there are two things I DO know. One, you are not responsible for what happened to my marriage. Two,' (looking at her more intently) ' I don't want you to leave.'
And sealed that statement with a kiss, which she returned.
Just what the hell is Bo Brady playing at now???
 Hope now knows Bo cheated on her, but he obviously still loves Hope because on the day of the funeral he told Hope that he was sorry he'd hurt her, yet he's convinced Carly not to leave Salem again- why does he still want her around? Another viewer said it was because he did'nt want her to abandon Melanie, but if so,  why did he kiss her? Carly is a very mature, stoic woman but everyone has a breaking point, for how long will she live in this ridiculous situation- especially now that she's officially 'the other woman'? And much worse, her enemies Vivian and Victor have very sinister plans for her... and her child once she's unmasked. Carly is going to get physically and emotionally hurt and heaven knows if she'll survive this time. And as for Bo, he REALLY needs to sit down and think over what he really wants; reconcile with his wife or rekindle his old love for his ex-fiancee... Carly loves him and has already told him so and deserves to have a man who  loves her back.  I REALLY hate the whole scenario.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010


Alright, this is what happened. After Carly's elevator scare at the hopital, Bo took her back to her room at the hotel and opened up a couple of beers. He asked her what happened and she told him how Vivian had provoked her into admitting Lawrence's murder- that she'd killed him and WOULD kill him again if she got another chance. She felt angry at the feeling of being weak but Bo firmly interrupted her; he said she was a strong, courageous and generous woman- the same Carly Manning he'd fallen in love with years ago.
Carly got up to put down her drink, saying how she'd always thought of herself as an independent person. I could'nt help but notice that Bo had followed her and was standing very close to her-just behind. Carly then turned to him and said, 'I needed you today... and you were there.'

Without a word, Bo grabbed her and there they were, kissing very thoroughly. Obviously, since that Christmas kiss, Bo had badly wanted to kiss Carly again and since there was no one around to interrupt them this time- you bet your skippy he  gave it his BEST SHOT!
Next came the making out where Bo's jacket got ripped off him. Carly then asked him a question; she asked if he'd ever thought what would have happened if Hope had'nt returned or Larry had'nt swept her off her feet(brainwashed you mean!)... Bo said, 'if we would still be together?'
She nodded.

'we're together now- that's all that matters.' and then grabbed her again for another kiss. In the middle of it all Carly suddenly pulled back- she had second thoughts. But Bo did'nt want to go out like that, he said she should'nt feel guilty. Carly pointed out what they were doing was happening so fast, she wanted to be sure HE was sure. Bo guessed correctly that she was afraid he'll later regret it. She nodded. He urged he to forget the world outside and concentrate on them both- off came the clothes and serious sex!

My opinion? VERY BAD!
This is a couple who've lost contact for 17 years. Carly returned to Bo's life during  a time he needed a friend to console him after Hope left their home along with their daughter.She needed his protection which he gave he wholeheartedly, their interraction slowly  stirred old memories and feeling. It was inevitable that Carly would fall in love with Bo again and Bo to have tender and sexual feelings for Carly but why must the DAYS writers make their physical reunion so indecent- letting them have sex when Bo is still married and STILL IN LOVE with Hope? Steamy or not, compared to the very first time they were intimate back in 1991, this was NOT RIGHT at all. Now they've turned Bo-Mr. Straight- to a cheating husband and Carly- an upright, principled woman- to 'the other woman'. Not good AT ALL!!!

Saturday, January 09, 2010


I know I said in my last post about the battle between Bo's wife & ex-fiancee yet to officially start; well you might want to  forget what I said because NOW IT HAS!
A recent episode showed Bo, arguing with his cousin, Justin Kiriakis about the kiss he'd shared with Hope.(A pretend  kiss to Hope but NOT to Justin who hopes Hope will return his feelings for her)
Justin in return pointed out to Bo that if he still loved Hope, he would'nt have kissed Carly instead. True enough, Bo himself  pointed out to Hope his kiss with Carly wouldn't have happened if their marriage was okay- so what are we saying here? Jusitn also told him that he HAD to choose between Hope and Carly since there's no way he can have BOTH women! Meanwhile, Carly had the misfortune of being stuck in an elevator with her nemesis, Vivian- yes, that she-devil who'd once had her buried alive. Carly told her she'd killed Lawrence because he was a monster, Vivian vowed to still get her revenge on her. She left the elevator and pushed some buttons; trapping Carly in the elevator. Carly of course freaked out because after the casket incident she'd developed claustraphobia. Like the time she screamed for Bo while in the casket, she screamed for Bo to get her out of the elevator. A maintanace man got her out later, assisted by who else but her knight in shining armour, Bo and he grabbed the shaken woman into his arms...

What did he do next? He took her back to her hotel and they had a talk over a couple of beers and he just happened to say she was still the same Carly he'd fallen in love with years ago. Next thing, they began kissing and making out!
At first when I found out, I was like, 'come on, Bo??? He's a straight guy and Carly already said she was'nt going to be the other woman'. But I was forced to change my mind after viewing one of  NBC's sneak peeks- a spoiler video clip of the  happy couple ripping each other's clothes (and almost each other) to shreds and getting it on BIG TIME; Bo was obviously more than anxious to have sex with Carly.

Of course I was SHOCKED; Bo is still married, what was he thinking? Carly, I don't completely  blame because this is the second time Bo would take advantage of her vulnerable state and it's all because he's lonely after Hope moving out of their home and where else to seek comfort  than in the arms of his former lover... who still loves him?
It's just like I feared; that kiss Hope unfortunately witnessed, I'm now 98% sure it's more to fufill a human desire when Bo is concerned but Carly is IN LOVE with him and now they've so crossed the line!
 What will happen when he eventually goes back to Hope? Or, is he suddenly in  love with Carly like he was 17 years ago? I'm forseeing a period of heartbreak for Carly Manning...

Friday, January 08, 2010


Okay, so far we cannot say 'it's on' betwen the two women that play a major part in Bo Brady's life- because the battle has'nt exactly started. Someone left a negative comment about Carly in Princess & Fancy-Face: Who will Bo choose eventually? and it's really not fair. May I remind those who've been following this new storyline that the reason Carly is back in Salem has NOTHING to do with Bo. I agree  she made a mistake  telling Bo she was in love with him again but then again Bo refused to let that confession slide and HE was the one who grabbed her and kissed her and wasn't at all sorry for what he did.
Carly told him she was'nt going to be 'the other woman' and he should forget what she said, Bo does'nt want to and he got offended when Carly started avoiding to the extent he went to the hospital to scold her about it. What does that tell you, people?

Hope meanwhile; she moved out of her matrimonial home despite Bo's pleas and got angry when she later  found Carly sleeping in the bed she and Bo shared. From the way she reacted, one whould think Bo was sleeping next to Carly- which he was'nt. She accused Bo of gambling with their daughter's life, now she's angry and resentful that he's apparently getting compassion from his ex fiancee, an ex fiancee everyone thinks is a husband snatcher. Obviously the fans who are condemning Carly did not watch the old episodes of DAYS; she's one of the rare characters who is without blemish- she WOULD never take away another person's husband or break up a happy home.
 Personally, I don't care who Bo chooses eventually; what I do care about is Carly NOT getting hurt- heaven knows she has enough burdens on her shoulders right now. So, folks...go easy on the lady from now on. Your comments and opinions are still welcome!

Thursday, January 07, 2010


Chucho was amazed when Daniel told him about what Martha had done, hadn’t he seen the victim get up and run? Tonio called Oscar to examine Vicky; the recent events had made her ill. Tonio decides to ask Raquel for a divorce; he couldn't stay married to a woman he no longer trusted.Max in the meantime refused to let the matter rest; he wanted to now punish Raquel and Martha for telling on him. How? He asked Julia, the wife of the 'victim' to get him someone injured badly from an accident. Julia soon brought him someone- Mercedes, Chucho's friend who had a bed riden brother- Gabriel! Max instructed Meche on what to do or say, with the promise of a fat fee.  Raquel gets another call from Roberto Egere(actually it's Gato, Rodrigo's employee posing as Roberto just to annoy Raquel), to make matters worse. Tonio asked her to tell the man to meet with her but she hung up the phone- tired of  the whole thing. Tonio left the room, more suspicious of her than ever. Raquel went after him to talk things out but went back; he was talking rather intimately with Maura. Maura wasn't pleased to hear that Raquel had gone for a pregnancy test; she asked if Tonio would name the child after himself or after his late father, Alberto.
Vicky asked Raquel to her her her story again- Max's first pretence and the blackmail but it was clear Vicky still didn't believe her. Tonio called the police captain to the house to talk about Martha's case. The man informed him that the victim has shown up- his sister had made the report. Meche informed her brother of the plan and he wasnt happy at the idea of lying. She argued it would give him the opportunity of walking again as the Lombado family will pay his medical bills. He asked who was this man who paid her to do this scam. She replied, 'Roberto Egere.'
 The police captain told Raquel and Tonio that  would be in Martha's best interest if she voluntarily turned herself in and plead guilty; she could get leniency or a light sentence. Oscar came to see Vicky and to give Raquel the results of her test. He's accompanied by a very handsome young man- his son Humberto, also a doctor. Raquel is introduced to him and he's clearly enthralled by her.
Oscar told Raquel that her blood pressure was a bit high and gave her vitamins to take on a daily basis. She wasn't pregnant after all but he said she was young and healthy- a child will come eventually. Raquel was disappointed, especially with the current situation between her and Tonio. A child could have softened him and bring them back together.

Wednesday, January 06, 2010



By the way folks, most of the posts on DAYS OF OUR LIVES will mostly  surround Bo & Carly, as well as Bo's wife Hope, his cousin Justin who has the hots for Hope and Carly's enemies; Victor Kiriakis and Vivian Alaimaine-(I just pray that Carly doesn't end up being buried alive AGAIN!)
Right now Carly can rest easy for a while because Bo said whoever went through her medical records didn't find much. Filled with relief, she thanked him and gave him a hug, which from the look on his face as he hugged her back,  by the way,  affected him a lot, despite their mutual agreement of NOT pursuing the possiblity of rebuilding their old relationship until Vivian was taken care of. This time he managed NOT to kiss her, but it was obvious he wanted to!
Hope and Justin meanwhile, want to get to the bottom of the mystery surrounding Carly- the secret that Vivian seemed to be hiding also. They enter Vivian's room and are about to prise open the puzzle box they felt the secret was being hidden; they heard footsteps! Not knowing what else to do, they kissed and Victor and Vivian saw the whole thing, shocked. To cover up further, Hope told them it was because she saw Carly and her husband kissing,(mega move Hope, If Carly ends up killed for good, Bo will know who to blame!)- two people who hate poor Carly!
Carly suddenly asked Bo why he wasn't with his family on New Year's Day. He bitterly replied there was nothing going on at home; Hope and Ciara were still at Victor's mansion and he couldn't bring himself to go there, not Christmas Night when he had to stomach everyone urging him to reconcile with Hope and his cousin's not so subtle moves on his wife. Carly had suspected Justin of having feelings for Hope because he'd kept on asking if she(Carly) was still in love with Bo since her return from Salem. She remarked that because he may have feelings for Hope, doesn't mean he would ACT on them; Bo snorted in disbelief. That made Carly ask him if that would bother him at all.

GOOD QUESTION- would it really  bother him???

 Folks, Hope was the love of his life long before Carly; when he and Carly first met, he was mourning Hope(thought to be dead from drowning), he struggled against falling in love with Carly as he didn't want to suffer yet another heartbreak. When he did admit that he loved her , he still would'nt commit to her because of Hope's memory- (p.s naija folks, his pet name for Hope is 'Fancy Face', DON'T ask me why)- which made Carly accept a marriage proposal from Victor Kiriakis- Bo's father by default(his mother Caroline had had an affair with him years back and until he found out, Bo always thought his father was Caroline's husband- Shawn Brady. Even after it got out, BO NEVER called Victor 'Dad', that was reserved for Shawn till the day he died).
After that, Bo realised his mistake and sent a letter to Carly to forgive him and give him another chance.
Unfortunately, the messenger was a young woman who too loved Bo, she gave it to Victor instead. The old bastard had it forged and Carly read the wrong message. She married Victor  but the marriage was never consummated and by the time she knew the truth, Bo was very ill from a virus meant for Carly. Emmy, the awful girl that had given the letter to Victor, wanted to finish Carly for good because Bo was still not interested in her, slipped the vial into Carly's champagne glass and alas, Bo drank it instead!
So when Carly showed him the forged letter, he told her to go away as he did'nt want her to know he was ill- as she deserved better. But when he got really really ill, he summoned her and told her the truth. Victor gave Carly the cure, with the condition that she returned to him. When she told Bo, he got her a lawyer and an annulment date was set. Like I mentioned in the last post, Victor refused to go out like that; he tried to get Bo killed, only for Carly to walk into the trap set for Bo- his own SON! (You know see how ruthless that man is?)

But I digress- Bo's reply was yes, it would bother him because it would change everything. Carly, to her credit didn't ask for an explaination, she hugged him and wished him Happy New Year, he gave her a New Year present and she left. Back at the hospital, Carly had a flashback New Year's Day, 1992...

I'd watched that episode and it was very funny; Bo and Hope's son, Shawn-Douglas had caught Bo and Carly  making out and snapped a photo of them! (Don't worry.. they still had their clothes on). After sending the naughty boy off to bed , Bo brought out a bell and told Carly of the Irish tradition of ringing in the New Year eight times- which they did together. Carly looked wistful; I think that ray of hope of her and Bo getting back together is fading, FAST.

 Vivian ran into him and told him about Hope and Justin's kiss and I DIDN'T like the look on Bo's face. WHY did he kiss Carly in the first place- out of real desire to have her back in his life or to satisfy a human desire?
He's bothered at the idea of Hope and Justin getting together- which confirms my fear- Carly IS GOING to end up being the loser; there is a very strong possibility Bo and Hope WILL reconcile.
 Who will end up with Bo eventually; Carly a.k.a  Princess  or Hope a.k.a Fancy Face???

Tuesday, January 05, 2010


Tonio made Raquel take her medication and left her to get some rest.
Martha later told Daniel what had happened and he was angry after he heard of Max's sleazy plan- he may be old but he was still capable of protecting his own daughter. He went to Raquel's room to see her and she gave him the hotel key, begging him to get rid of it. Later when Chucho visited him at the guest bungalow, he held the key and was about to ask Chucho to throw it away from him but then changed his mind. Big mistake that turned out because when Tonio asked Ramon about the key he'd seen in the bedroom; Chucho asked if the key looked like a hotel key because he'd seen something like that with Daniel! When he realised his mistake, he went to Raquel to warn her. The next morning, Max heard from Martha that her sister had gone to the hospital for a pregnancy test. At the bungalow, Daniel apologised to Raquel for his carelessness and assured her if Tonio asked, he'll say the key was the key to their apartment at Guadalajara. Martha expressed her fears to Luis- afraid of going to jail for manslaughter. Max cornered Raquel and asked if it was true she was pregnant. Raquel replied that she wouldn't know until the tests came out. Max tried to force himself on her, demanding that she obeyed him or Martha would go to jail. Struggling hard, Raquel got away from him and fled, but ALAS! Andres,coming back from a game of tennis saw the whole thing and misread it and MUCH WORSE, Raquel's clip-on earring fell  off without her noticing and Max picked it up from the ground and it went into his pocket.
After finishing business with Pablo, Tonio was approached by Andres who reluctantly told him what he'd seen. (tell-tale!) Totally furious, Tonio angrily confronted Raquel when she entered the room, asking her where she was coming from. When she said she'd been with her father, he grabbed her by the shoulders, calling her 'a slut'. Andres moved to rescue her and to calm his friend down. As he continued scolding Raquel and accusing her of cheating on him- Vicky, Martha, Camilla and Alejandra entered the room just in time to hear the whole thing. As he grabbed her again, Martha, unable to allow her sister take the blame for something that wasn't her fault; jumped in and told Tonio to leave her sister alone; she never cheated on him- she only  lied to protect her. Raquel asked her repeatedly to shut up but Martha stubbornly told everyone about the accident and what Max proposed to Raquel. Tonio let go of a sobbing Raquel and stormed outside, Andres hurriedly following him.

Catching up with him outside, Andres asked him where he was going. Tonio angrily replied he was going to find Max and beat the shit out of him for trying to take advantage of his wife! Andres however talked him out of it with some difficulty and they went back inside, where Camilla was angrily scolding Raquel and Martha. Everyone except Camilla and Alejandra followed Tonio into his study. Martha told the story in full to her brother-in-law. Tonio was very angry, Martha had driven without a licence, the victim probably had relatives and why on earth didn't Raquel tell him earlier, he would have made his own investigations in the matter. Raquel pleaded with him; she'd been too afraid to. (what an IDIOT!)
Alejandra entered the study to tell Raquel she had her support in the matter. Luis was sent for and Tonio scolded him for allowing Martha take the wheel when she didn't have a licence and fired him on the spot. (serves him right!). Also, he was not to go near Martha again.

Inside her room , Vicky wept hysterically, she couldn't believe her own son would try to use Tonio's wife in such a manner through blackmail. Camilla didn't offer any sympathy but Tonio entered the room and tried to console his stepmother who continued crying and lamenting. As if he couldn't sink any lower, Max entered the room and innocently asked what was wrong!
Just barely controlling himself, Tonio got up and told Vicky he'll leave the scolding to her and left the room. Of course Max put on his outraged expression and denied the whole thing!
He later went to Luis' quarters and Luis informed him Martha had spilled the beans to Tonio- to his utter fury. Daniel went upstairs  to see Martha.
 Andres asked Max about what he tried to do to Raquel and Max denied it, in fact he shamelessly said Raquel only accused him because she'd been trying to seduce him! The first-class bastard had the audacity to ask Raquel as she walked into the room, if it wasn't true she'd been trying to seduce him? (what can you do with such an evil creature like that man?!)

Filled with rage, Raquel flew at Max; slapping and scratching him but Andres pulled her away, Max in the meantime fled the room.(yeah, you better run, PIG!) Andres and Alejandra tried to calm Raquel down but she was so angry and hysterical that on Andres' instruction, Alejandra took her upstairs to her room. She tried to console Raquel who started weeping and assured her that she personally believed she was telling the truth.

Tonio told Andres he'd made some investigations but so far there's been no police reports about recent hit and run incidents.
Raquel begged Tonio for forgiveness and his understanding but he was far too angry. All that had happened and she couldn't confide in her own husband and she was going  to actually go to the hotel to meet Max. Raquel pleaded with him; she was going to go there true, but to TALK him out of what he wanted to do, she would never, ever cheat on him. Tonio, alas... no longer trusted her...

From bad to worse! 

NEXT SNIPPET: Tonio begins to think about divorce!

Monday, January 04, 2010

CARLY AND BO : An Old Love rekindling???

Like I said in my last posts under Days Of Our Lives, Days Of Our Lives has  gotten  all the more interesting ever since  Dr. Carly Manning  returned to Salem. 16 years ago she and Bo Brady  tearfully broke their engagement after being brainwashed by Lawrence Alamaine when she was suffering from amnesia; her return couldn't have come at a better time! Bo had fallen out with his wife Hope who moved out of their house along with their youngest child, Ciara. Carly turned to him for protection for her yet unmasked daughter and herself  and he took on the role without  hesitation; to the annoyance of Hope, who Bo refused to tell Carly's secret.

Now it seems their old love is rising again for 2 reasons:
 Bo discovered Carly still had the Mayan scroll they'd read the night of their ''commmitment ceremony/ symbolic wedding" and then Carly made the mistake of telling Bo she was falling in love with him again after he'd confided that things were not looking up with him and Hope. But by the time she started regretting her action and avoiding Bo; Bo refused to forget what she'd said!

Now it's reached a third level- Carly got upset because her old enemy Vivian Alamaine now knows she has a secret daughter and plans to do what Carly's sadistic late husband failed to do-eliminate her. Bo consoled her, promising over again he'll protect Carly and the girl, then (to my astonishment) kissed her! And, to make things MUCH worse, Hope saw them at it through the glass partion of the front door!

After Carly left them alone, Hope told Bo their marriage was over and he did'nt even bother asking her to reconsider and  when Hope confronted him over the kiss, he pointed out that kiss would'nt have happened at all if he and Hope were okay, which they were'nt; which means he wasn't at all sorry for kissing Carly. The good doctor  however felt very guilty and told Bo she wasn't going to be "the other woman", Bo replied the breakup of his marriage had NOTHING to do with her and more or less showed he wanted her back in his  life. But for that to happen, Carly's daughter has to be protected against Vivian. And even if they manage to get rid of Vivian, there's  still her partner in crime  Victor Kiriakis to worry about- he's Bo's biological father/ex-rival for Carly's affections/Carly's ex husband (for naija folks , a VERY LONG story) who would no doubt put a lot of obstacles to prevent them to be 'the princess & the sailor' again. Believe it or not, this man once tried to kill Bo by cutting the wire of an elevator but alas, Carly was the one in the elevator and almost died- all because he didn't want them to be together once the annullment of his marriage to Carly was granted.
 And it seems Carly has started nursing a faint hope she and Bo could begin again- thanks to a flashback of another happy memory. She and Bo struggled had to be together years ago; now the struggle is going to be one LONG, HARD, BATTLE!

But in the meantime, a few more images depiciting Carly & Bo down memory lane...

When Bo and Carly kissed for the very FIRST time

 When Bo was recovering from the illness caused by the virus.                                           

Carly reading a story to Bo's son, Shawn-Douglas, to whom she was a mother figure for a  long time.
On the day of Carly' bridal shower, Bo was kidnapped. His police officer  brother, Roman, got him away from the captors and Bo showed up at a  charity masquerade ball and saw his beloved  for the first time in 2 months. She however had no idea that  Bo was right behind her.

Disobeying his brother, Bo followed Carly to the balcony. At first she thought it was Lawrence and without turning round, told him to go away. But she turned around when she heard Bo's familiar voice and gasped when he said, 'May I have this dance, Princess?' (Princess is Bo's pet name for her)

Bo revealed himself to Carly. (the role of Bo Brady was played by a second actor, Robert Kelker-Kelly for 3 years before the first actor, Peter Reckell returned to play Bo again)

Bo discussing his time in captivity

Celebrating Bo's return. When family and friends kept invading their privacy, the couple escaped to the park to celebrate on their own!
Bo cheering Carly up when she'd been having nightmares about her stillborn baby. (Bo later investigated and found out that Vivian Alamaine had bribed the doctor to lie to Carly and had been raising the child, Nicky as her own son. Ironically, the child's father is Lawrence, Vivian's NOW dead nephew)
Carly confessed to Bo she was falling in love with him again. She tried to walk away but Bo prevented her from doing so.

Friday, January 01, 2010

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Happy, Happy New Year to everyone as we welcome 2010 and my God see us all through this year, as well as this. 2009 was an uneventful year for me but I cherished it; I'm the sort of person that thrives on relative peace in life and by the grace of God- it will always be that way.

Well, I pray 2010 will be a very good year for the country and I SINCERELY hope that one of the New Year miracles we shall recieve is the safe return of our president and the end of the damned fuel scarcity going on- it's totally ridiculous. And I also hope this year will bring-at long last- 24 hours of electricity; it's so annoying paying bills every month and not getting your money's worth & businesses crumbling.
As for this blog, MY FAVORITE THINGS, it will be 3 years old by May- and I really hope to get more visitors and money from it, 'cause man must eat as well ,musn't he?
In the meantime, stand by for more Tu O Nadie snippets as well as other fun stuff I can put together. HAPPY NEW YEAR and may we all have many more... Insha Allah. Peace & Love from your host.