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Sunday, January 17, 2010


Well things have gotten much worse in this very weird scenario. Hope later phoned Bo while he was still with Carly; to inform him that her uncle, Mickey Horton(who'd acted as Carly's lawyer and was a good friend many years back) had died. Carly assured Bo as he was getting dressed that she was'nt sorry he had to go; he had obligations to his family. They hugged and they left.
Later at the Brady pub, a nurse approached Bo while he was talking to Hope to ask if he'd gotten Carly safely back to her place- as she'd been really freaked out in the elevator. Hope frowned at him, remarking how he'd taken his time in comforting Carly. I guess she must have read something on his face because Hope then blurted out, ' you slept with her, did'nt you? that's what you were doing when I called?' With that she stormed out.
Later, Carly went to the Horton house to give her condolences to Mickey's wife, Maggie and to see her daughter- who viewers now discover it's a young woman called Melanie Layton, who'd been living with Mickey and Maggie and   is engaged to be married to Bo's younger brother...well half-brother, Philip Kiriakis! Carly alas, had gotten to her bad side weeks back after she'd accidently spilled hot coffee on her, so Melanie does'nt really like her. Hope behaved completely inmaturely; she accused Carly of sleeping with her husband after killing her own- alas, Melanie was there and called Carly a very bad person! Could'nt Hope have taken such a private matter OUTSIDE?
Bo later walked in on Hope confronting Carly and she left them alone. Hope asked Bo if he now loved Carly but he replied that she, Hope, had left him first and left when she asked him to, leaving her in tears. She later cried in her father's arms( the same man long, long ago who did'nt think Bo was good enough for his daughter), saying she'd lost Bo and all because she'd waited too long. (you bet your skippy you did!)
Bo went to Carly's hotel room to find her packing her clothes; she wanted to leave Salem again, this time for good. He reminded her she was leaving her daughter behind but Carly replied that the girl hated her... and for good reason (Melanie's nothing but a brat in my opinion). Bo firmly stopped her from packing. Carly protested that she had already disrupted his life, he shushed her by covering her mouth. Holding her he said, 'I don't know what's going to happen tomorrow, the day after...but, there are two things I DO know. One, you are not responsible for what happened to my marriage. Two,' (looking at her more intently) ' I don't want you to leave.'
And sealed that statement with a kiss, which she returned.
Just what the hell is Bo Brady playing at now???
 Hope now knows Bo cheated on her, but he obviously still loves Hope because on the day of the funeral he told Hope that he was sorry he'd hurt her, yet he's convinced Carly not to leave Salem again- why does he still want her around? Another viewer said it was because he did'nt want her to abandon Melanie, but if so,  why did he kiss her? Carly is a very mature, stoic woman but everyone has a breaking point, for how long will she live in this ridiculous situation- especially now that she's officially 'the other woman'? And much worse, her enemies Vivian and Victor have very sinister plans for her... and her child once she's unmasked. Carly is going to get physically and emotionally hurt and heaven knows if she'll survive this time. And as for Bo, he REALLY needs to sit down and think over what he really wants; reconcile with his wife or rekindle his old love for his ex-fiancee... Carly loves him and has already told him so and deserves to have a man who  loves her back.  I REALLY hate the whole scenario.

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