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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Movies to check out...

Summary: Based on Suzanne Collins' novel; the story is set in a post-apocalyptic future where an annual  'fight to the death' tournament known as 'The Hunger Games' is organised by the corrupt government. In the movie; a girl takes the place of her sister whose  name was drawn out as a participant.

Summary : Based on the true story of Sam Childers, this movie is about a biker and drug user who turns his life around after released from prison by becoming a missionary. He goes to Sudan to make a difference and ends up saving Sudanese children from the tyrannical and murderous group known as  The Lord's Resistance Army. 

Saturday, April 07, 2012


At the office; David tries to make Marcelo confess his crime. Cinthia and Aide bully Lorena; Aide slaps Lorena, causing her to fall into the swimming pool. Oscar points out that David acted hastily, he doesn't have evidence yet. David said he'll talk to Elena about it but after he's able to clear Lorena. He admits he's now in love with her and if she's innocent as he believed; he didn't want to lose her.
Back home; Lorena, Aurelio and Julia tell him what Cinthia and Aide did. David tells the two women to treat his wife with respect from now on, or else. They storm out in anger.
In her room, Lorena and David confess their love for each other; exchanging kisses. David told Lorena to think about nothing but them from now on. Lorena is very happy that David loves her. Later that night, David an Lorena go on another date; this time dinner at the yacht to celebrate the new phase of their relationship.
Elena asked Marcelo why he's been so weird around Lorena and he tells a lie; that he had dated Lorena but David had snatched her from him; just like he'd stolen a lot of things from him, including Elena's affection.
Lorena is surprised to learn that their marriage is valid after all. Elena is confused by all Marcelo tells her and said she was going to bed to rest; they'll continue talking tomorrow. As she went to the door, Marcelo asked, 'Where's David and Lorena?'
'They went on a trip in the boat.' was the answer. Marcelo is furious!
Lorena is very shy as David leads her to the master stateroom; locking the door behind them. He kindly tells her not to be scared when he sees the nervous expression on her face. They kiss and kiss some more. David takes off Lorena's white top...

Marcelo enters his room; shaking with rage. At the yacht, Lorena and David get naked and climb under the sheets...
Marcelo begins to smash things in his room to let out his anger; paintings, vases, candlesticks...
David and Lorena make love with wild abandon...
Marcelo smashes more things...(like that will stop them from doing what they were doing)
David and Lorena continue to consummate their love; too far away for Marcelo to disturb them...
Marcelo lays alone in his bed, weeping with anger.
David and Lorena cuddle in each other's arms afterwards...

Sucks to you Marcelo!!!


Enrique and Cinthia fight over their marriage. Marcelo is furious with Lorena for kissing David. Lorena protested she had to; but Marcelo disagreed- she'd kissed David because she wanted to; he didn't force her at all. He warned her not to betray him as she still belonged to him. But Lorena proudly stood her ground; she belonged to NO ONE! Marcelo demanded that she asked David for a divorce; that she should tell him she hated him. (Like that will be easy; it's obvious Lorena is already attracted to David and vice versa). Enrique sees them arguing and tells David.
Cinthia and David argue over money she's been spending a lot lately. Cinthia callously remarked that maybe things would have been better if he HAD died. She takes out her anger on Lorena, sarcastically pointing out Lorena's simple dress- 'still dressed like a beggar.' Didn't David buy her new clothes?
Lorena calmly told her to mind her own business. Cinthia warned her she'll have a very difficult time as she had no place in the house but Lorena is thickskinned; the remarks don't bother her. Cinthia went on to call her a vulgar woman who had cast a spell on her brother, which was her speciality. Furious- Lorena slapped her on the cheek. Before Cinthia could retaliate, David appeared. 'Lorena, come here.' Lorena followed him to his study. He wants them to take a trip to her town; she's uneasy again but agreed.
They arrive at her house; David meets Aurelio and his suspicion mounts when Aurelio introduced himself; since they supposedly knew each other already.
Back in Acapulco, German asks Julia out and they talk about Marcelo who is upset Lorena is leaning towards David every day. Julia pointed out that Marcelo had lied to her sister so he deserved it and she too is certain he was behind the accident.
Lorena wants to tell David the truth as he's been very kind to her but is scared of Marcelo. Marcelo wants Julia on his side.
Lorena tells her best friend Clarita(who was told the whole story by Aurelio) that she was falling in love with David...
David suddenly remembers the events BEFORE the accident. He and Lorena return with Aurelio and Elena warmly welcomes him. Oscar is told by David that he truly didn't know Lorena and her family and the man who had rented the apartment as David fits Marcelo's description. He was now sure Marcelo planned to kill him...
Later that night, David and Lorena take a walk at the beach; talking. Lorena tells him about Clarita, he in turn tells her about Oscar. When she talks about honesty between friends, David urges her to take off her disguise and tell him who she really was. Lorena runs to the water upset and David goes after her; afraid she might hurt herself. Lorena breaks down in tears and confesses all...
Julia wants Aurelio to make Lorena stay with David but Aurelio feels David should be told the truth. At the beach;  David holds Lorena in his arms as she tells the whole story; pleading his forgiveness. David is shocked and furious that Marcelo would use Lorena like that. Lorena suggest they get a divorce, she was tired of the intrigue and lies.
'Do you want to leave?' David asked, looking deep in her eyes. Lorena stares back at him.
Marcelo accuses David of always finding ways of humiliating him as David has given instructions to the staff that Marcelo can't lift a finger without he or  Oscar's say; once again Elena defends David.
At the beach,  David consoles Lorena; kissing her on the forehead, still holding her. Lorena asked 'What will we do, David?'
David said she was not to tell anyone he now knew the truth; he will force Marcelo to confess. As for them. they'll continue being close and work on their relationship.


David is rushed to the hospital and he doesn't remember the events before the crash. Oscar said that his wife has gotten over the shock and wants to see him.
'Who?' asked David.
'Lorena, of course.'
David, naturally, is VERY confused.
Lorena and Julia don't know what to do; Marcelo might carry out his threat of murdering them if they told David or Elena what happened. Lorena wondered how on earth could she have fallen for a man like Marcelo.
Marcelo on the other hand wondered why David hasn't denied Lorena as his wife but planned to frame Lorena if David does make an accusation. Lorena goes to see David and the conversation is awkward. Marcelo barges in and tries to get Lorena out of the room but David insisted she stay.
David is more baffled at the photo of him and Lorena (doctored); even if he couldn't remember their wedding at least he would remember a beautiful lady like her being in his life. German and Marcelo talk; Marcelo is very uneasy at the way David accepted that Lorena is his wife.
David voiced his suspicion to Oscar- that the accident was NO accident!
David invites Lorena out to dinner; smiling warmly at her when she appeared in a beautiful halter neck dress- one the dresses he'd ordered for her. Marcelo is not pleased and yells at Julia when she suggests that Lorena should keep posing as David's wife.
At the restaurant; Lorena is relaxed around David who is enchanted and amused by her, in spite of himself; remarking she had beautiful eyes and hair. When they arrived home later, he offered her a necklace as a present but she refused to accept it. David suddenly pulled her to him and they exchanged a very passionate kiss. Marcelo balefully watch as  they cling to each other...


Business finally done, David phones German, asking where Marcelo was and is exasperated when informed Marcelo was no where to be found. He tells German he was heading back to Acapulco with his secretary; Marcelo will have to go home himself. David, his secretary and pilot go into the helicopter and it takes off.
As Marcelo and Lorena celebrate; something comes loose and the helicopter flies strangely. David is flung out and falls several feet; the helicopter crash lands; killing the pilot and David's secretary.
Lorena gently reminds Marcelo they'd agreed not to have sex until after the church wedding when he tries to get amorous. He receives a call from German confirming 'everything went according to plan'.Hanging up, he tells Lorena that he was being summoned back to the office in Acapulco.
At the Montalvo mansion, David's younger sister Cinthia complains to Elena that David was too much of a workaholic. Marcelo comes back alone, telling the 2 women that he and David argued again. David's lawyer and best friend Oscar arrives; looking worried and calls Marcelo aside. Cinthia talks with  David's blonde girlfriend Aide, who is confident they'll announce their engagement soon.
Oscar is very worried that David isn't back yet. Marcelo 'receives' a call about the 'accident' and tells Oscar about it. As Oscar weeps, Marcelo tries to hide his glee. (BASTARD!)
Marcelo breaks the news to Elena, Cinthia and Aide; who cry in anguish as well- Cinthia rushes off to inform her husband Enrique.
Later, Marcelo shows Elena the marriage certificate and a photo of Lorena  he'd 'found' in David's room. Elena is surprised David had married in secret to someone he never spoke of but agreed to call her; her number was in David's address book (put there by Marcelo of course). Lorena's amazement at the call from Elena turns to devastation at the news of 'David's' death.
She and Lorena arrive at Acapulco; Julia is amazed and impressed by the mansion while poor Lorena is very confused. Elena welcomed them both. Lorena still doesn't understand; Davis had told her he had no family, which puzzles Elena as well but explained that she was David's stepmother and she had another son, Marcelo who was away; investigating the accident. (Yeah, right) Lorena sobbed, unable to accept that David was dead.
Cinthia hopes Aide won't make a spectacle of herself at the the memorial service; she was of course pissed off that David had 'cheated' on her. Elena comes out with Lorena and Julia and introduced them to Cinthia and Enrique. Cinthia looked disdainfully at their simple dresses.
In Zithuatanejo; Lorena's father is amazed when Marcelo appeared and tells him the truth about himself- blackmailing him to keep quiet.
Cinthia is furious Marcelo didn't come to the memorial service. Enrique is resentful David had married before he died as Cinthia was deprived of inheriting; Lorena was the heiress instead.
Meanwhile, a very injured David was being tended to by two men who had found him!
Lorena gets the shock of her life when 'David' wakes her up from sleep; he prevents her from screaming.
Elena defends Lorena when Cinthia and Enrique say disdainful things about her.
In the garden, Lorena is horrified when Marcelo tells he he isn't David and refuses to let everyone keep believing she's David's widow. Marcelo hotly denies being behind the accident when she accused him.
David promised to reward his rescuers if they take him home; throwing in his gold watch in addition. (VERY tacky to accept money for saving a life by the way)
'You killed him, didn't you?' Lorena shouted at Marcelo. He said he didn't but admitted he'd always wanted David's money and that he and Lorena can enjoy it once they married proper. But Lorena refused to go with such a plan, neither can she forgive him for lying to her.
In the morning, Lorena is prepared to go back to her town but Marcelo stopped her; warning her that no one messed with him; her Papa, Aurellio and Julia will be killed if she didn't cooperate.
At the gates; a van arrives, with David, wounded and bleeding! The amazed guards help him into the house; calling for Elena. Lorena and Marcelo are shocked; Marcelo hurries to David as he's led into the living room. David sees the beautiful stranger staring at him. 'Who are you?' he asked, before passing out...


Long before I created this blog; I found out my favourite telenovela , TU O NADIE was remade twice in 1995; ACAPULCO BAY & ACAPULCO CUERPO y ALMA (Acapulco with Body and Soul). At first I thought Acapulco Cuerpo y Alma  was the 2nd version of TU O NADIE but according to one of the actors of ACAPULCO BAY after I commented on FACEBOOK that both remakes were shot in the same house; it was released after ACAPULCO BAY (the only remake true to the original). So now... I'm sharing the episodes of this version of Tu O Nadie in this blog. 

 Zithuatanejo. A beautiful young woman runs across the street laughing gaily and  holding a package; her shiny black hair flying in the breeze. This is the heroine- Lorena Garcia and she's on her way back from the tailor's with her wedding dress. Waiting for her at their father's beach restaurant & bar is her younger sister,Julia who isn't pleased Lorena is late but Lorena is too happy to care; she holds up her pink flowery dress for Julia's inspection. 

Acapulco. Marcelo de Maris, who's been passing himself off as someone else to Lorena is scolded by his stepbrother for unauthorised purchase of land in Zithuatanejo. His stepbrother is a handsome man; late 30s or early 40s- David Montalvo; the hero of this  story. 
Back in Zithuatanejo; Julia remarks to Lorena that it's strange 'David' doesn't want a reception nor was he inviting his friends to the wedding. Lorena reminds Julia that David has no family and they'll have a huge party when they do the church wedding. (Poor Lorena!) Julia is obviously jealous of Lorena's upcoming wedding as Lorena won't be working in the bar after that. 
Back in Acapulco, Marcelo's Mum and David's Stepmum Elena Montalvo asked Marcelo if he'd talked with his brother. Marcelo snappishly reminds her David is NOT his brother and they hated each other. Actually he's very resentful that the late Mr. Montalvo had left David everything (his resentment is not justified as David is a Montalvo while he isn't, besides that- David's father had left him a huge trust fund & a permanent position in the company). David and Marcelo later travel to Zithuatanejo to deal the purchase Marcelo had made without David's permission. While David is handling business matters, Marcelo sneaks off to marry Lorena in a civil ceremony. (As David's name and signature is in the marriage certificate she's NOT really married to Marcelo). Meanwhile, the helicopter David arrived in is being sabotaged by German; Marcelo's henchman.

Crystal Chappell asked to return to DAYS???

Well, well, well... how the tables have turned!  Carbo fans smarted over what was regarded as a huge insult and unfairness some time last year; when Crystal Chappell was bounced out of DAYS OF OUR LIVES and a wonderful love story- Bo & Carly- ended on a very sad note. But since that time CC has only waxed stronger as she threw all her acting talents and energy on her hit web series; VENICE (which even earned her an Emmy so sucks to NBC) and two more for her fans to look forward to... THE GROOVE and THE TEAM. Since her firing, she's gotten even more love and support and I for one admire her greatly at the way she simply accepted what happened and  went onwards. And since she left; DAYS went from bad to worse; no thanks to a very silly man.
Now what did we Carbos hear recently via Twitter? The embattled DAYS executive producer Ken Corday has fired the head writers and rehired the ones he fired after CC's departure and more so... CC has been asked to return to DAYS! HA... like I predicted in my open letter to Corday another post ; he was going to regret doing what he did and now it's turned out to be true. But CC, however  turned down the offer to reprise her memorable role of Carly Manning; which is not to be wondered after what she had to put up with the last time; bias, bias and more bias!
On one hand it's a pity because the Carbo fans really want Bo and Carly to reunite.... *sigh* but on the other hand, what reason does she have to go back to DAYS? They obviously want to use her to bring back ratings, probably give her character an unsatisfactory story line and the viewers who support Bo and Carly will only end up disillusioned again. If thats the case, all the more good  reason why she respectfully declined their offer; she's far bigger than
that ridiculous show which is nothing more than a ruin long
faded from its former glory.

Ken Corday had no respect  for the viewers' wishes last year and he has no right to ask the lady to come back after the way she was abruptly fired. Personally I'm not  surprised she said no; I would have done the same thing in her shoes. If KC wants to salvage his precious show (which I doubt he actually cares about) he should be prepared to offer more than he offered to CC before, plus a public apology.IF it's more than acceptable then yay Carbo back on our screens! But if the answer's still no yet again; it doesn't change our love for Crystal. After hearing she declined returning to the show we all love her even more!

Kudos to you CC!!! XXX