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Saturday, April 07, 2012

Crystal Chappell asked to return to DAYS???

Well, well, well... how the tables have turned!  Carbo fans smarted over what was regarded as a huge insult and unfairness some time last year; when Crystal Chappell was bounced out of DAYS OF OUR LIVES and a wonderful love story- Bo & Carly- ended on a very sad note. But since that time CC has only waxed stronger as she threw all her acting talents and energy on her hit web series; VENICE (which even earned her an Emmy so sucks to NBC) and two more for her fans to look forward to... THE GROOVE and THE TEAM. Since her firing, she's gotten even more love and support and I for one admire her greatly at the way she simply accepted what happened and  went onwards. And since she left; DAYS went from bad to worse; no thanks to a very silly man.
Now what did we Carbos hear recently via Twitter? The embattled DAYS executive producer Ken Corday has fired the head writers and rehired the ones he fired after CC's departure and more so... CC has been asked to return to DAYS! HA... like I predicted in my open letter to Corday another post ; he was going to regret doing what he did and now it's turned out to be true. But CC, however  turned down the offer to reprise her memorable role of Carly Manning; which is not to be wondered after what she had to put up with the last time; bias, bias and more bias!
On one hand it's a pity because the Carbo fans really want Bo and Carly to reunite.... *sigh* but on the other hand, what reason does she have to go back to DAYS? They obviously want to use her to bring back ratings, probably give her character an unsatisfactory story line and the viewers who support Bo and Carly will only end up disillusioned again. If thats the case, all the more good  reason why she respectfully declined their offer; she's far bigger than
that ridiculous show which is nothing more than a ruin long
faded from its former glory.

Ken Corday had no respect  for the viewers' wishes last year and he has no right to ask the lady to come back after the way she was abruptly fired. Personally I'm not  surprised she said no; I would have done the same thing in her shoes. If KC wants to salvage his precious show (which I doubt he actually cares about) he should be prepared to offer more than he offered to CC before, plus a public apology.IF it's more than acceptable then yay Carbo back on our screens! But if the answer's still no yet again; it doesn't change our love for Crystal. After hearing she declined returning to the show we all love her even more!

Kudos to you CC!!! XXX


  1. Well said!! While I would love to see a true Bo and Carly reunion and see the beautiful Crystal Chappell back on daytime, I believe Crystal and her amazing talent is too good to waste on DOOL.
    Applause to Crystal Chappell for declining their offer!I would much rather see Y&R or GH nab her they would optimize her massive talent!! for now I am excited for The Grove and the Team and will always support and follow Venice!!

  2. I'm so glad she declined. DAYS OF OUR LIVES production crew should be taught a lesson. Now they know how important Carly is.

  3. I have always enjoyed watching Carbo, from the very beginning to the most recent revival on DOOL. As a matter of fact, Carly WAS why I returned to the show. However, when I learned of her last discharge from DOOL, I couldn't bring myself to watch it any longer. I think Crystal was right in not accepting the offer to return, as she is a wonderful actress and they repeatedly abuse her skill and she is worth so much more than that. I now watch The Bold an the Beautiful, where CC plays a new role, super well! I look forward to learning about this character and enjoying Crystal's acting ability; when she acts, you forget it is fiction. Thanks for the characters and stories you bring so to life. Good luck with your future, you deserve the best! I will always be YOUR fan!

  4. Well, this is very kind! :) thank you for the comment, have you been reading my Carbo fan fiction? Since carbo ended, everyone's been turning to them for consolation, including me. When i first came across them, I was hesitant to post mine because I wasnt sure it would be good enough but now I've posted 3! Thanks again, especially the kind words in the end


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