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BYE BYE 2014...

Going over this year; it was happy and uneventful, even though half of it was spent working very hard to clear the rest of my papers at the University (taking the final exam in April) so I'll finally get my B.Ed in English Education. I also got to  finish the manuscript for my third children's book (STILL waiting for the editor's response on that) and while I hoped to finally write my novel, I ended up changing the story's plot over and over again! 
Yet there were the good parts. I got to go to Dubai with some friends, I clocked 35 and celebrated in a small way and created a third blog MY BOOK CABINET.  I  also learnt to stop being such a worrier and be more optimistic about the future and achieving my goals. Of course there was the reminder from some family members and friends that at 35 I'm not getting any younger and see about finding a husband and having babies. 

I believe 2015 will be a good year and I hope to achieve a lot of things. For example, finding a stea…


PART 13 Melanie composed the email herself; making sure it showed no exaggeration but at the same time explaining  to Bo the seriousness of Carly’s condition and the urgency of his presence. Nicholas and Brady sat on either side of Melanie on the couch as she typed, Abby sitting on an ottoman close to her. Shawn Douglas leaned over from the back of the couch. After much arguing with Nicholas, it was finally decided Shawn Douglas had to know what they’ve been up to. Annoyed at their initial lack of faith in him, Shawn D had snappishly said he was going to suggest their idea to them. ‘What about your Mum?’ Melanie had asked warily. ‘I don’t care what she thinks,’ was Shawn D’s unexpectedly harsh reply, sealing his approval of their plan  and they apologised to him, not daring to ask him  how he felt about Hope’s new boyfriend. ‘What do you guys think?’ Melanie asked anxiously. The others took turns reading the message, nodding approval. After adding their names at the end of the email, Me…


Like most of the read classics in my book cabinet, I read the simplified and coloured edition of Charles Dickens' 'Christmas novella' ; back when I was about 10 years old. That was the first time I was introduced to Dickens' unforgettable character, Ebenezer Scrooge a grumpy, cold-hearted old miser who actuallyhated Christmas!  That part was what got my interest because the author's opening line Marley's dead: to begin with- rather put me off a little.

How can I describe this Christmas tale? One word: UPLIFTING. The tale is about an old miser who paid a night visit by his late business partner Jacob Marley who (after lamenting of what he could have done besides making money during his life time) warned Scrooge he would be haunted by three spirits, "you have yet a chance and hope of escaping my fate",  Marley explained, so it looked like the three spirits were coming to open his eyes to his mundane and friendless life, which never bothered Scrooge bef…


PART 12 Frankie was very pleased to see Shawn D, while Molly exclaimed over the now  handsome adult version of the little boy she remembered. Shawn D explained how Roman had called him to inform him of Starr’s birth and Carly’s condition; after finally able to get off work he’d flown in last night. ‘I couldn’t believe it when Max told me the sister he kept talking about turned out to be Carly’s daughter. You could’ve been my sister.’ Shawn D said on the way to the hospital. ‘Almost,’ Melanie turning to smile at him faintly. ‘And look how fate worked out.’ ‘Hey... you, Nick and I share a sibling now; that sort of makes us family and makes up for what could’ve been.’ ‘Yeah... what could’ve been.’ Melanie shrugged. ‘We’ll never exactly know, will we?’ Shawn Douglas Brady was shrewd enough to know what Melanie was referring to. ‘My father loved Carly, very much. Personally, I doubt he would’ve left her after my Mum came back.’ ‘You don’t have to say that to make us feel better, Shawn D.’ ‘N…