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Sunday, February 15, 2009


To round off the Valentine period, I decided to add more memorable kisses, this time from telenovelas.
I'll start with our favorite telenovela couple; Silvia Navarro & Sergio Basanez. The chemistry between these two is so high that they've done 4 telenovelas together(Catalina y Sebastian, Calles De Novias, Cuando Seas Mia & La Heredera). This pic is from LA HEREDERA, the last one they starred in together in 2004.

Next we have Gabriella Spanic & Fernando Colunga in LA USURPADORA, about a man who fell in love with his wife's twin sister.

This one is from the remake of the 1976 Brazilian telenovela, ESCRAVA ISAURA, about a white skinned slave, Isaura, whose lover Alvaro(an abolitionist) fought tooth and nail to get her freedom from her evil and lustful master.

This compilation won't be complete without the very first telenovela to hit our screens, a kiss between Marianna and Luis Alberto(Veronica Castro and Rogelio Guerra) in THE RICH ALSO CRY.

And last but not least, we have Antonio and Raquel(Andres Garcia and Lucia Mendez) in
TU O NADIE,(NO ONE BUT YOU) whose episodes are currently being posted in this blog.


Saturday, February 14, 2009


Yes, another Happy Valentine's to all the folks out there, the season of love, presents and general soppiness(joke!). Since Monday, I've seen nothing but Valentine cards, fake roses, perfumes and choclates in most shops in my area and TV and Radio stations playing love songs, in particular songs by the ever romantic and sensitive BoyzIIMen(my favorite male group, by the way). My day however was spent eating chocolates while reading some of my collection of Barbara Cartland novels. Boring and disappointing at first thought but it gave me the idea for this post. I watch a lot of movies, mostly romantic comedies, and I've seen more than my fair share of memorable kisses over the years and I decided to compile some here to commemorate this occasion.

Now the first one(left) is between Humphrey Bogart & Audrey Hepburn in SABRINA(1954), about a workaholic and humourless millionare who ended up falling in love with his chauffeur's beautiful daughter, Sabrina Fairchild. The movie was so good that in 1995, a remake was made, this time starring Harrison Ford & Julia Ormond(below).

The scene I like best was after Linus realised he was in love with Sabrina, he ran from a meeting, obtained her address from her father, got on a plane to Paris and arrived at her doorstep with his confession.

Next memorable kiss is the one between Julie Andrews and Christopher Plummer in THE SOUND OF MUSIC, where Captain Von Trapp sealed his declaration of love with a kiss in the moonlit gazebo. After all this time, I have'nt gotten tired of that scene, SO ROMANTIC.

And of course, there's the one between the world's favorite couple, ROMEO & JULIET, (played here by Leonardo Di Capiro & Claire Danes) about two soul mates from warring families who ended up getting married after the night they'd first met but became victims of circumstances, poor things- but still a strong symbol of unbreakable love.

This one is between James Bond & his fiancee, Tracy Di Vincenzo in ON HER MAJESTY'S SECRET SERVICE. WHAT??! you may say, but it's true... after having strings of girlfriends here and there, in this movie, James Bond(played by George Lazenby, and only once) decided he finally wanted to settle down, so he asked the beautiful & stubborn Tracy to marry him, after telling her he loved her. What happened in the end? Watch the movie!

This one is from DANIELLE STEEL'S JEWELS, about a disillusioned American girl who vowed never to marry again after a VERY bad experience but ended up getting swept off her feet by a handsome English duke while on holiday. After much resistance, she said 'yes' when he asked her to marry him. It's my favorite Danielle Steel story.

I JUST LOVE interracial relationships and this kiss is one I'll never forget, between Whitney Huston & Kevin Costner in THE BODYGUARD, about an aloof bodyguard who completely broke all his rules.

The world's closest couple next to Romeo & Juliet is ROBIN HOOD & LADY MARIAN(this version played by Michael Praed & Judi Trott), they were very much in love, inseperable, equally tough and stubborn but complete soul mates. In one episode of this version, Marian was shot by an arrow and knowing Robin's heart would be completely broken if she died, his guardian, Herne The Hunter brought her back to life.

The classic story JANE EYRE, about an orphaned governess who ended up falling in love with her student's father, has MANY versions, this one is the 2006 one, (starring Toby Stevens & Ruth Wilson), where Mr. Rochester asked Jane to marry him, just when she thought he was planning to marry an aristocratic lady. Their first kiss took place under a chestnut tree in the garden.

Well, that's that. for you to enjoy. For those of you who might ask why is'nt there any screen kisses from Nollywood movies? Well, answer no. 1, I couldnt get any and no. 2, Nigerian actors are complete PRUDES; besides RMD, I'm yet to see a Nollywood actor kiss his female co-star as she's REALLY meant to be kissed. HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009


Backed up by her husband, Raquel told her own side of the story. Max on the other hand glared at her for her 'betrayal'. Tired of Camilla's crass remarks, Tonio took Raquel back upstairs. Oscar cannot understand why Tonio insisted on trusting Raquel. Upstairs, Tonio and Raquel get into a fight; she's against not taking immediate action towards Max and was about to go downstairs and confront him face to face but Tonio harshly stopped her from doing so.
Very hurt, she entered her room and locked herself in. Ashamed, Tonio knocked and knocked but she wouldn't open the door for him, instead she wept.
Downstairs, he informed everyone present that he believed totally Raquel and he knew very well that Max really tried to kill him; he more or less admitted it on the night he'd first confronted him about it. Max boldly confirmed he'd said that, but it had been only to 'bug' him. Oscar restrained Tonio who was about to make a move to hit the idiot. Martha comes in but as no one tells her anything, went upstairs in a huff.
Ramon came to remind Tonio that Chucho was still waiting for him, and he left to attend to him. Martha went to see her sister, asking why everyone was acting so strangely and Raquel told her what happened. In the study, Tonio handed Chucho a thick wad of cash,(by the way, accepting money for saving a life is VERY TACKY) and is thanked profusely. After he left, Tonio coldly told Max he could stay and went upstairs. Victoria gave her son very strong advice which he sulkily listened to before walking out on her. He goes to see his accomplice, Luis(one of the drivers) and confirms from him that there would be no way for Tonio to easily find the judge and confab on what next to do to separate Raquel and Tonio. Tonio is angry and bitter at the unresolved issue; he goes to see Raquel, who is very unhappy that nothing could be done for now. She asked him why they couldn't make it public. Or did he honestly think SHE would kill him?
Tonio shook his head slowly then pulled her into his arms...

It's NOT True!

Watched by a very nervous Raquel, Tonio told his stepmother the whole story, to her amazement and disbelief. She asked, 'Raquel isn't your wife then?'
But Tonio said Raquel WAS his wife by law; because  the marriage certificate bearing their signatures wasn't revoked after 30 days and they were very much in love now. Vicky is very upset, she refused to believe that her own flesh and blood was capable of killing anyone, even though he and Tonio never got along as boys and it still didn't give him the right to bar him from the house; he's lived here for a long time. Ramon walked in to remind Tonio that Chucho was still waiting for him. Tonio tried to calm a weeping Vicky but she's far too upset at what she'd just heard. Raquel is horrified to see Evil Max suddenly enter, with Dr. Oscar- pretending to be justifiably outraged at his unfair treatment and Oscar restrained him when he made a move at Tonio, pretending to be shocked at his accusation. He suggested they straightened every thing out in the study. Tonio consoled Raquel, assuring her everything would turn out well in their favour. Raquel was very worried about what Max would say about her and what he might still do to Tonio. He told her to remove all negative thoughts in her head. Kissing her, he left for the study.
There, Max maintained he had no idea what Tonio and Raquel were accusing him of(the man has a lot of nerve, I swear!)and flatly denied everything. Oscar and Victoria side with him, even after Tonio poured out everything Raquel had told him and the little he had found out. Max strongly suggested it was Raquel who was the guilty one, suddenly coming to pass herself off as his wife (once again, what did Raquel see in that idiot in the first place??) but Tonio coldly replied that he trusted his wife completely- He, Max, was the culprit behind the plot.
At the guest bungalow, Chucho and Daniel discuss where to hang out for the evening once Tonio gives Chucho the money as promised. Camilla narrates what Vicky had told her and Claudio to Maura, although Claudio had forbidden her to. Later on, Camilla goes to the Mansion and is informed by Ramon that Tonio was in a meeting with Vicky, Oscar and Max. Camilla tried to eavesdrop but got interrupted by a very surprised Chucho, who wondered why she was listening at the door. She sharply told him to go away and went back to listen. Oscar pointed out that Tonio was upsetting Vicky with the allegations and he needed sufficient prove before accusing him. Before Camilla could listen to more, Tonio opened the door and saw her. Ignoring her false greeting, he went upstairs, where Raquel was waiting. He told her that Max denied everything, to her frustration. She asked him what they could do, he said nothing, at least until they are able to locate the judge who had officiated the civil wedding.Raquel dreaded the idea of still living under the same roof with Max; Tonio assured her he'll always protect her, managing to coax a smile from her.
Camilla tried in vain to find out from Vicky and Oscar what the meeting was about, but they and Max maintain a stony silence. Slightly comforted, Raquel now wondered how Vicky and the others would treat her now. Once again Tonio assured her of his protection and took her downstairs with him.

Sunday, February 08, 2009


Beyonce's husband, Jay-Z, has had beefs with fellow artistes in the past but who would have expected former lead singer of Destiny's Child to actually have someone badmouth her publicly all of a sudden?
The lady doing this is legenday soul singer Etta James, who happens to be the original singer of the hit song AT LAST. Apparently, she took offence when Beyonce sang it at the inaugural ball to President Obama and the First Lady's first dance that night, and so beautifully too. After that, Ms. James expressed her fury towards poor Beyonce for singing her song!
At first, I figured Ms. James was justifiably pissed off because maybe Beyonce sang AT LAST without permission. I don't even know what terms Celine Dion had to meet before adding that same song in the track listing of her 2002 album A NEW DAY HAS COME; and it would'nt be the first time she would sing her own version of someone else's song- like Jennifer Rush's POWER OF LOVE or Tina Turner's RIVER DEEP, MOUNTAIN HIGH- not that I'm critising her.
But while I was at Tantalizer's last Thursday, I saw this beef being talked about on CNN & an old footage of Beyonce singing AT LAST to Etta herself, as a tribute; the 2 women hugged and kissed at the end. Now it's 'I can't stand Beyonce' and something about 'whupping her ass', plus actually adding President Obama himself to her black list. She said and I quote, 'He maybe you president but he ain't mine.'
I'm sure Beyonce meant no harm and disrespect and I thought she should apologise to Ms. James to keep the peace but I really don't like what she said about the President, it's not like he requested for the song, according to CNN. Now, I just got word that Ms. James has made an annoucement that all she'd said was a joke. Considering she said rather nasty things about 2 very popular people, one of them who'd just made history- one can't help but consider that to be a very, very expensive joke, would'nt you say?
Personally, I don't consider it a joke nor her sudden apology sincere.