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Racial Equality Under The Law: A Myth? Trayvon and Marissa

Trayvon Martin's case is still an open matter; not just because he died so senselessly but also the reason why his killer shot him in the first place and why he was found not guilty instead of imprisoned. It simply doesn't make sense to me and, I'm confident, a lot of people who feel that Zimmerman should be punished.
 Here was a boy returning from an errand and a supposedly well meaning neighourhood watch volunteer-Zimmerman- trailed him why... the boy's hoodie and (whether he wants to deny it or not), the colour of his skin. Trayvon was not armed and obviously was offended when Zimmerman approached him thinking he was a criminal and before we could catch our breath, Trayvon was shot in a so called  act of self defense; not an accident, so called self defense. Zimmerman's lawyers seem to blame Trayvon than this killer, for what exactly, when once again, I emphasize, he was not armed? I don't take sides with anybody nor judge anybody because of their race- I'…


First off, what sort of man like this inhuman creature would keep helpless women in his cellar for his own perverse and sadistic pleasures? The incredible story itself and Ariel Castro's face on CNN made my skin crawl and I felt ill at the thought of the long ordeal those women faced until they finally made that fateful desperate attempt at freedom. He raped and  tortured them continuously  and his fourth victim  did not even get out alive. Yet, he pleaded 'Not Guilty'.  He deserves all the punishments that can be listed out and then some! With the terrible things he did, how on earth, according to what I found out, that he is to be offered a plea bargain and apparently if he accepts, he will dodge the death penalty  A plea bargain, after everything he did to those women? 
THEY CAN'T BE SERIOUS! were the words that came out my mouth after hearing this. Why give this evil man an option at all;  besides the physical trauma he inflicted on his victims, what about the emoti…

First Sight of... (contd.)

Right... back to the post I started a few days ago; about my first glimpse of famous actors and actresses. It may seem uninteresting to some but I just have to share this!

Even though the world first began noticing him in STAR WARS; my first Harrison Ford film was Indiana Jones & The Temple of Doom and I can watch this movie over and over!


Ha! I don't even have to ponder on my first Sandra Bullock/Keanu Reeves film; who on earth can ever forget SPEED???


My first Adam Sandler film (and my favorite to date) HAPPY GILMORE, full of laughs and fun, including…

'... And Justice For All' Where is Trayvon's? (continued)

I have  relatives in the United States, including a young cousin studying in Boston and I would hate if any of them and many more African Americans suffer the terrible injustice and pain Trayvon Martin and his family are currently suffering after  his killer- after using the excuse of self defense- acquitted of his murder.As  President Obama said;  they are in a democratic country; governed by laws. But after the stunning  verdict, I thought about Trayvon and his family over and over again and I thought; 'WHERE is Trayvon's justice if the words '...And Justice For All' is true?
If every citizen- black, white, hispanic- is truly equal in America today; then Trayvon Martin and his family should have justice. The man who deprived a family of their son because of so-called 'self defense' committed a crime; not a shooting. And if every African American would be suspected of being a criminal because of a hoodie and race; then we are living in a very sad world w…

First Sight of...

Hollywood actors/actresses had their beginnings before they reached the high status they enjoy today. Below  are the movies where I first saw or ever heard of a particular actor or actress. A few are movies where some made their debut, others long afterwards.

My first Ralph Fiennes film:  THE ENGLISH PATIENT. Beautiful yet sad film and I'm still trying to forget Kristin Scott Thomas' full frontal nude scene. Mind, I'm not a prude; I just found it weird.


My first Kevin Kline film: I LOVE YOU TO DEATH (1990)
Hilarious movie about a man who cheated on his wife and she plots to get her revenge since as a strong Catholic she cannot divorce him. How is killing him any  better?


My first Denzel Washington film:  THE PELICAN BRIEF(1993) Later read the book and got pissed off he didn't get to kiss  Julia Roberts.