Wednesday, May 10, 2017


Bo stayed by the window, waiting for Clarice to come in. It’s been almost two hours since he left her at the Ball Court, at her request. What he had to tell her had made her break down in tears and it had taken ages for him to console her. She was probably strolling around, trying to recover from what she learned about herself.
Hank appeared at his shoulder. ‘It’s going to be okay, Bo. She just needs enough time to process everything.’
‘I know. But I’m really scared.’ Bo replied, accepting the chilled fruit juice Soledad served him. ‘She might decide she doesn’t want to be with me after all.’
‘That’s not the way to talk,’ Soledad gently admonished, something she wouldn’t have done years ago. ‘She had no idea you were a part of her past when she fell in love with you again. You two are meant for each other... you must believe in her love for you.’
Bo sighed, turning back to the window; wondering what his princess was thinking about right about that moment, willing for her to come in and talk things out with him. If it resorted to begging, he will. For the first time since his divorce, he went over his marriage with Hope. He had loved her to distraction; had shared three children, happiness and sorrow with her. And in the end, he was no longer worthy to be her husband in her eyes. Looking back, it was as though her love for him was conditional, put one foot down and he had to work hard at winning her back. Carly never made him feel that way. True, there were times she had trouble confiding in him, which made him feel there was a part of her he couldn’t reach. But when she did open up, he realised how wrong he was. Carly, along with Frankie, didn’t have the best of childhoods, despite living a privileged life in their vast family estate. Their parents were almost nonexistent in their lives; hence Carly and Frankie turned to each other for comfort. And after running away from boarding school and later getting tricked by Lawrence, Carly got so used to being her own counsel, looking after herself and walking alone. How many talks did they have about allowing him to share her burdens and letting him protect her, assuring her it was not a sign of weakness on her part? Her stubborn independence was one of the reasons why he loved her. Bo remembered the feeling of despair and sad resignation the day they said goodbye. So far, the only thing Clarice remembered was that they were in love many years ago. He cringed at the stricken look on her face when he told her she later left him and why.  And after so many years apart, falling in love with her all over again, he couldn’t lose her a second time.
He set out for the Ball Court to look for her. She was standing at the very centre, staring up at El Castillo; as though the great ancient pyramid would give her more answers. Bo stared at her from afar. He couldn’t see her expression from where he stood but her stance was forlorn and his heart went out to her. He can understand if she was angry and confused but will she allow him to help her, or rage and storm at him before breaking up with him?
Clarice suddenly turned and saw him. When she didn’t come to him, Bo walked towards her, eyes only on her face, which was impassive. Before he could speak, she turned away from him.
‘Princess, I know this is really hard for you. But you have to understand that we all kept this from you for your own protection. We didn’t know what else to do. I had to keep you safe.’
No answer.
‘I never forgot you.’ Bo continued. ‘I moved on with my life but I always hoped you were happy wherever you were. When I found out what really happened to you after you came back, it almost killed me. I couldn’t let you go on living as Clarice Parker, that’s why Abe, Roman and I made sure we kept you in Salem, to help you get your memory back.’
‘It’s all so stupid.’ Clarice said at last in a low voice, not looking at him. ‘I have memories of a family yet I don’t remember them. For so long it never occurred to me why that was. And I until I came to Salem, I never questioned myself. Now it all makes sense, why I’ve been so disconnected, the flashes of déjà vu and how I was able to help that woman who was mugged, why I knew what to do.’ She held up her clenched hands. ‘I was once a doctor. A doctor who healed people. But for years, I’ve... I’ve been carrying a gun, taking lives...’ her voice shook.
‘You never took innocent lives. You’re in law enforcement; it’s either the enemy or you. Carly, don’t do this to yourself, please.’ He slipped his arms round her but to his distress, she shook them off.
‘Please don’t, I can’t bear you to touch me right now. And don’t call me Carly.’  
Bo’s heart sank further. She was changing towards him already.
‘Princess, whatever you choose to call yourself, I love you. That’s not a lie. I fell in love with you a long time ago. Right here, I asked you to marry me after a long time of denying what I felt; all those times I pushed you away. And then fate brought you back into my life, at that particular time my life was crumbling. I fell all over again and I don’t ever want to lose you. Not many couples torn apart have a second chance like we do. Being with you these passed months, it’s been heaven... our definition of heaven. I want to help you, in every way I can. So before you decide we...’ his voice shook a bit, ‘we end things... just remember, I love you very much.’
He wanted to reach out to touch her arm but stopped himself before sadly walking away.
 ‘Honey, she’s angry and confused right now, it doesn’t mean she’s going to break up with you.’ Caroline tried reassuring her son, whose face was wearing a look of devastation.
‘And you’re sure as hell not going to let her go without a fight either.’ Roman said firmly. ‘Quit worrying. She’ll come around.’
Bo stared at his mother and brother’s earnest faces on Hank’s computer screen, willing them to be right. ‘All of a sudden, it was just like the night years ago when we all found out she was alive; she didn’t recognise us, or me and pushed me away. Do you have any idea how it felt, the woman I love having no memory of our time together and Larry gloating about it? She was his Katerina and not my Carly. And before I knew it, I lost her.’
And you got her back. And something far more powerful than anything Lawrence and Vivian did to her made you both fall in love again,’ Roman replied. ‘Now more than ever I believe something really powerful joined you guys that day at El Castillo, when you made your vows to each other. No matter what, you two aren’t going to be apart again. You just make sure you do your part.’ Roman urged.
Bo thanked them both but still looked glum after they signed off.
‘I really hope things go right, Bo’s been so happy with her since they started dating.’
‘I know Mum. And Carly needs to remember more than she does right now so we’ll all have to do our part when they come home. We’ll talk to her if Bo asks us to.’
Caroline nodded, anxious on her younger son’s behalf. Privately she had thought Bo was on the rebound when she first found out they were dating but seeing him with Carly, looking happy and in love like they were when they were younger changed her mind. And Carly’s sufferings at Lawrence’s hands made Caroline feel protective towards her. Roman had told her what Nicholas told them, her hatred for Lawrence Alamain further heightened;  not only for almost killing Carly but for making her son believe she abandoned him and then died. The man was an animal and Carly was thankfully far away from him. All that remained was for her to get the rest of her memory back, with the family’s help, especially Bo’s.
Don’t turn away from him Carly, she said silently. You need each other, far more than you realise right now.
Bo jerked awake when he felt a hand touch his face. Opening his eyes, he saw Clarice sitting on the bed, looking at him solemnly. ‘Hey...’ he sat up. ‘Are you okay?’
‘I’m fine.’ She nodded. ‘Confused, but fine. I needed time to think.’
‘That’s okay.’ Bo replied, wondering if they were okay. When she didn’t come back, he’d fallen asleep waiting up for her. ‘Are you still mad at me?’
‘No.’ she said softly ‘Not anymore. And after going over things, over and over... I reached the same conclusion. If I was fool enough to walk away from you years ago and I still can’t believe I did such a thing...’
‘It wasn’t  something you would’ve done if Vivian hadn’t done what she did to you.’ Bo interrupted.
Clarice shook her head. ‘Whatever the circumstances. I hurt you. And yet, even after everything, here we are. There are a lot of things I still don’t remember. But what I do know is I would be a fool ten times over if I gave up the man who loves me as much as I love him.’ A tear rolled down her cheek, her voice slightly trembling as she pressed her lips against his, frantically kissing him. Bo, so thankful and relieved, returned her kiss hungrily and furiously, pulling her hard against him; their mouth fused in heated passion. ‘I was afraid you were going to leave me,’ he whispered, still holding her, his face against her neck.  
‘Never, never again.’ She whispered back, stroking his hair. ‘I need you...more than ever. I’m so sorry I pushed you away like that.’
‘You were upset, it’s understandable.’ Bo raised his head, wiping the tears off her cheeks with his fingers. ‘Listen, it’s going to be okay. I’m here for you, so is the family. And Marlena promised to do all she can for you.’
Clarice hesitated, struggling to remember who he was referring to but failed. ‘Who’s Marlena?’ she asked.
‘She’s Roman’s ex wife. She’s a psychiatrist and you two were great friends. She was the one who suggested we try and let you remember gradually. Don’t worry, whatever she has in mind to help you; I’ll be with you to hold your hand, I promise.’
‘Knowing that makes me feel less scared. I love you so much.’

Bo held her face, loving her so much that he couldn’t express it in words. He kissed her again, hands lifting her T shirt by the hem over her head and lowered her onto the bed. For the rest of the night, there was no talking as they made passionate love, reaffirming their love for each other.

Saturday, May 06, 2017


Criminal Minds' 21st  episode, 'Green Light' finally revealed who was the mastermind behind Reid being framed for murder and it turned out it was not Peter Lewis a.k.a Mr Scratch (Bodhi Elfman). The previous episode-'Unforgettable'- had viewers baffled by the sight of a familiar and unexpected face from the past... who was not even an unsub but a victim.
In Episode 12 of Season 3- '3rd Life'- Lindsay Vaughn (Gia Mantegna, daughter of Joe Mantegna)  was abducted along with her friend Kate (who was later killed) and her father- a former hitman in the Witness Protection Programme- shot her abductor, in front of Reid. Now it appears that while her father Jack has been living the life of a model citizen, his daughter has chosen to follow his former dark path and has been living life of a career contract killer and working for drug cartels.
In 'Unforgettable', she resurfaced as Diana Reid's new caregiver but under an alias, Carol Atkinson. However Reid was able to recognise her but by the time he was able to alert the BAU, Diana had gone missing. Not only that, Reid realised she was the one in the room the fateful day he got framed in Mexico, and not Mr Scratch everyone all thought for several episodes

So, what reason did Lindsay have to want to harm Reid? None, she was working for someone. Who???

Answer: Cat Adams (played by Audrey Plaza)


Answer again, Cat Adams, "The Black Widow Killer" who appeared in last season's memorable 11th episode  'Entropy'; a member of an online network of hitmen who were after Penelope. In 'Entropy', Reid was forced to play a nail biting cat and mouse game with that cold young woman and managed to trap her, but not before he had to answer her questions about his mother and her mental condition. Considering Reid used all his skills at his disposal to trap her in the first place, it's not wonder she has a huge grudge against him especially. In the Season's final episode 'Red Light', we'll see if Reid will be able to stay one step ahead of her in order to get his beloved mother back.

At least, Reid is finally out of jail, thanks to the BAU's hard work and Calvin Shaw (Harold Perrineau), the fallen- from- grace FBI agent and Reid's former ally paid the price for not heeding Luke's warning, so that's the last we will hear about him. But it seems Reid will not be the same after this, not from what he went through in prison and what he had to do to survive, the guy even had to stab himself in the thigh so he would be solitary. Walker (Damon Gupton)  was right to be worried about Reid's state of mind yet team leader Prentiss (Paget Brewster)- who really showed true leadership in this episode- was certain things will turn out successfully and they will get Diana back.

Let's hope Prentiss is right, because in 'Red Light', Reid and Cat will once again have to engage in a battle of wits- to the death. 

Thursday, April 27, 2017


Chapter 22

Days later, Clarice had another nightmare, this time it was more vivid.

She was running along the deck of a boat. Or rather limping, she was dragging her right leg. Her face was covered with bruises; blood was flowing from her left temple. The menace was gaining on her; she could feel his cold fury; his fists... his shouts.  Next thing she knew she was sinking deep in water...

‘Clarice!’ Bo cried, swiftly grabbing her arms. ‘Clarice, wake up!’
Clarice could feel sheer terror, the sinking realisation she was going to die...
‘Clarice, Clarice!’
Swiftly, Clarice was pulled out of the cold darkness and found herself enveloped in warmth, in Bo’s arms, his soothing voice in her ear. Sobbing, she clung to him; describing the dream to him. ‘I don’t know if it’s some sort of premonition... but it scares me. Honey, it scares me!’
Bo held her until she stopped crying, and then left to go downstairs to get her some warm milk. She was more composed when he came back; taking the tall glass from him. ‘I’m sorry.’
‘No, No...’ he stroked her hair. She looked pale, her eyes red from weeping. ‘You need some aspirin?’
‘No, the milk’s ok. Thanks baby.’ Clarice hated painkillers, always avoided them if she could help it. Bo watched her as she drank. ‘Do you feel better now?’
She managed a small smile. ‘You always make me feel better.’ Raising her hand, she touched his cheek. ‘Thank you for putting up with all this... with me.’
‘Hey...what’s this talk, “putting up with me”? What am I here for, princess?’
‘What do you think the dream means, Bo? Because I can’t imagine why. It’s different from the ones I have of you...’
‘The ones you have of me?’ Bo asked, immediately alert. ‘What do you mean?’
Clarice blushed. ‘While I was still at the hospital, I dreamt I was in a candle lit room and I was making love with you. At least, I realised it was you after I realised the tattoo I saw was the same one you have here.’ Her hand moved down to touch it. ‘That was the night I knew I was in love with you. I think the dreams were a sign we’ll be together. But the nightmares... do you think they are some sort of premonition?’
Bo slipped his arm round her, pulling her close. Clarice’s memories were coming back through dreams; the good and the bad. But she still had a long way to go and he was going to help her take a step further by what he had in store for her. ‘Dreams don’t always mean anything, princess.’
‘Why would I have a nightmare like that if it doesn’t mean anything? It was almost as if... as if it actually happened to me in the past but I have no memory of it. Crazy, isn’t it? I’ve been in law enforcement for years and here I am terrified over a bad dream.’
 Bo pressed his lips against her forehead, inwardly cursing Lawrence again. Nicholas hadn’t witnessed his mother being beaten up, but from what she described, he could now visualise what happened to her that terrible night. ‘Try not to put too much thought over a nightmare, princess.’ He urged. ‘That’s just what it was, a nightmare.’
Clarice sighed, nestling closer to him. ‘I’m really trying not to. But it seemed far too real not to think about.’
‘Then let me give you something else to think about.’ Releasing her, Bo pulled something out of the nightstand drawer, giving it to her. Clarice’s listless face lit up in seconds at the brochure. ‘Cancun?’
‘I thought the best place to unwind and lose all that stress is two weeks in sunny Mexico.’ Bo was pleased he’d managed to divert her attention from the nightmare. ‘We’ll stop at Chichén Itza first, do some exploring.’
‘Oh... I’ve heard about that place, that’s an ancient Mayan city isn’t it?’ Clarice asked eagerly. ‘I’ve never been to Mexico, what fun it’s going to be! When do we leave?’
‘Next weekend, so mark your calendar.’ Bo kissed her, hugging her hard.
‘Thank you so much for this, honey.’ Clarice said as he turned off the light, drawing her back against him.
‘You’re welcome, princess.’ Bo replied softly, pressing a kiss on the back of her neck.
Bo put up with some good natured ribbing from Roman and Abe about his upcoming trip, as he went over work matters with them. Roman knew more than Abe the reason why Bo picked Cancun; it held a special significance to Clarice... when she was still Carly. Bo told him about Clarice’s nightmare, which had stirred his anger; wondering what on earth would bring any man to almost murder his own wife.
‘Bo, that’s terrible.’ Abe said, shaking his head, after hearing about it as well.  ‘I mean, we know she was found terribly injured but to now picture what went down that night... just terrible.’
Bo’s face wore a grim scowl. ‘Larry threw her overboard after beating her. And I’m starting to wonder if Nicky was telling the truth about not knowing what he did to her that night.’
Roman shook his head. ‘You might believe that Bo, but somehow I don’t think so. Nicky was a spoilt, arrogant little brat years ago; but you saw how he reacted when we told him the whole story and showed him Shane’s report. ‘He’s an Alamain but he’s not his father. He wants her to remember who she is as much as we do.’
‘Have you even given a thought about what would happen when she finally remembers?’ Abe asked.
‘What do you mean?’
Abe shrugged. ‘Her reaction and how she’s going to take it. It might be something she’ll not be able to handle.’
Roman nodded in agreement. ‘Abe’s  right. I think you should prepare yourself for that, Bo. It’s not going to be easy for her, the very moment she realises she’s not the person she’s been living as for several years.
‘She’ll be able to handle it, with my help.’ Bo said forcibly. ‘And Frankie’s... and  Marlena’s, once she and John get back. Clarice can handle anything.’
 But a nagging fear suddenly stabbed him. Once Clarice remembers, will she still love him?  
Clarice went shopping on her spare time, buying what she needed for the trip. Swimsuits, suntan oil, shorts, tops, sensible footwear and a large sun hat. She couldn’t remember the last time she took time off for a vacation, the few times she was able to were usually on her own. This trip was really what she needed, and Bo coming along added to her euphoria. To her relief, the nightmare didn’t resurface and she tried not to think negative thoughts and did her best to ignore the nagging sense of disconnection she still felt. The day before they left, she came back to the house with yet another shopping bag. ‘Wow...and what have you got there this time?’ Bo teased her, tossing aside the newspaper he was reading. From the way she blushed and thrust the bag behind her, he had a pretty good idea. ‘Come on...let’s see it.’
‘No.’ she said defiantly.
‘Princess, I’m bigger and stronger and unless you want me to use excessive force...’ Bo advanced on her. Squealing with mock fear, she fled and Bo chased her round the couch, getting the bag from her.
‘No, No... Don’t open it yet!’ she pleaded but it was too late. In seconds, Bo was examining a short sheer black lace nightgown that definitely appealed to his fantasises.
‘It was supposed to be a surprise and now you’ve ruined it!’ Clarice grumbled, trying not to smile at the appreciative glint in Bo’s eye she couldn’t help but notice.
‘Well, since the cat’s out of the bag, what say you model it for me right now?’ Bo grinned predatorily, holding it up.
Clarice snatched it back from him and pounced, forcing him back on the couch and tickling him until he laughed helplessly under her. ‘That’s not funny...’ he gasped, shaking with laughter as he tried to fend her off.
‘Serves you right, you killjoy!’ Clarice retorted, refused to back off. Somehow, Bo managed to roll over, pining her down on the couch. ‘Now I’m going to give you a taste of your own medicine, lady!’
‘No, no... Stop!’ Clarice pleaded. Grinning, Bo leaned down to kiss her deeply and her arms went round his neck as she kissed him back. Pulling away for air, Bo ran his finger over that pretty face staring up at him, vivid green eyes warm and loving. Suppose she remembers and her feelings change? Suppose she reacts with anger and walks out of his life again?
‘Something wrong?’ Clarice asked, touching his cheek.
‘Nothing... it’s just... you know I love you more than anything right?’
‘Of course I do.’
‘And you know I would do anything to protect you...anything?’
Clarice’s face puckered as she frowned. ‘I know that too honey, why are you so serious all of a sudden?’
‘Because I don’t want anything to ever change between us, Clarice. I’m living a whole new chapter of my life and I don’t ever want to be without you. You have no idea, just how important you are to me. If I could spell out your name across the sky I would, just to show how much I love you, Clarice Parker.’
Clarice could see the intensity in Bo’s piercing brown eyes. ‘I do know. I love you too, I’ve never loved anyone as much as I love you, Bo Brady. And I’ll always, always be with you... for the rest of my life.’ She hugged him, pressing her cheek against his. Bo held her tightly, praying his fears will not come to pass.
 Professor Hank Moore hugged Bo tightly, unable to express his feelings at  being reunited with him after so many years. ‘Good to see you again, Bo. So good to see you.’ He said gruffly. Soledad shook hands with him, her pretty face still as shy as he remembered. Bo got in touch with him after managing to track his email address. After narrating what happened, he had  informed him of  their arrival and Hank had replied, insisting they stayed at their guest bungalow.
Clarice was introduced to the Moores and immediately found herself warming to them. ‘Thank you for having us.’ She said.
‘Hey, any friend of Bo’s is a friend of mine. You’re here to unwind so make sure you do, Clarice.’
Clarice laughed. ‘I will try.’
As soon as they were alone, Hank said, ‘You honestly think this will work?’
‘I’m positive it will. If not, I don’t know what else to do.’
‘It will.’ Soledad said quietly. ‘People say they can feel the benevolent spirits around Chichén Itza. And as you and Carlina are still spiritual partners after all this time, the power that bound you both together, will bring back her memory.’
The next morning, Bo led Clarice across the Grand Ball Court. Clarice was speechless with admiration at the ancient pre-Columbian city built by the Mayan people. ‘This place is unbelievable. Imagine the people who lived here thousands of years ago, Bo! Everywhere’s so breathtaking!’ She gasped at the pyramid looming up them. ‘What’s this called?’
‘It’s the Temple of Kukulcan. But it’s mostly known as El Castillo. Years and years ago, it served as a temple to the Mayan god Kukulkan.’
‘El Castillo...’ Clarice murmured, awed. ‘And it’s so well preserved too. Can we climb up?’
‘Hell no. Hank said no one’s allowed up there- not since a woman had a nasty accident some years ago.’
‘Oh... how terrible.’ Clarice cringed at the gruesome image as she stared up the steep narrow steps. The pyramid was magnificent. So was the Ball Court. If she could shut her eyes, she could imagine the Maya people gathering together here to pay homage to their deity.
She walked ahead of Bo, eyes scanning the picturesque surroundings, a sudden stab of déjà vu hitting her. The place seemed so familiar...  she felt so in tune with the place... like it was a part of her, a huge part of her.
‘Clarice, are you okay?’ Bo asked from behind, watching her carefully.
Clarice said nothing, she kept staring round. Something was stirring in her mind... like the opening scene of a movie. She shut her eyes.

She could see herself standing in the very same Ball Court. She was younger, her hair longer. She was running towards someone... she was laughing. Clarice forced herself to focus... to see who she was running to.
Someone was running to her from the opposite direction. It was Bo... younger but it was Bo, catching her and twirling her in his arms!

She opened her eyes, heart thumping and head aching as she turned to Bo. ‘I’ve been here before.’ She said slowly. ‘You and I... we’ve been here before.’
Bo said nothing, waiting for her to say more. Another scene came into Clarice’s mind...

Let’s do this right, so we won’t have any regrets.’ Bo knelt before her, her hand clasped in his, a big smile on his handsome face. ‘I love you. I know it took me an awful long time to admit that. But now that I have, I don’t want to waste another day or another hour... because I love you princess.’ His voice was thick with emotion. Take care of you... now and for the rest of our lives. ‘
‘I want that too.’ She was saying, her voice tearful.
‘So, will you marry me?’ he asked her.
She knelt down to face him,  holding his face. ‘Yes.’ She whispered, her lips touching his...

Opening her eyes, Clarice turned to face him. Her face was now pale, her forehead sweaty. ‘I know you.’ She whispered. ‘My God... I know you from long ago.’ A name suddenly leapt from the deep recesses of her mind as though eager to jump out after being locked away for so long. ‘Sailor...’

At last, Bo thought as he hurried to take her into his arms.