After reading up on Chester Bennington after hearing about his death, I am still trying to understand the level of pain he must have being bottling that made him take such a sad step. It's always a tragic waste- taking one's own life. And Some people are strangely unsympathetic about suicide, while others wonder how on earth they could have missed the signs when their loved ones commit suicide.
Death is inevitable-no exceptions- and no one wants to die, yet those who feel there is no way out simply want the pain to stop and find some level of peace.
Some of us have such thoughts now and then- the ugliness of Clinical Depression.  But we must remember who and what we still have, have faith in God and do all we can to rise about the ashes.

You will be missed, Chester Bennington!

Feeling so alone, others not seeing,   We are stung by words and actions, Some numb, bottle or ignore the pain,    Or channel it towards positivity, Free yourself of the past and never look back, However so…


As we celebrate International Kissing Day today, which of the following sweet loving  kisses shown below  is your favorite????


Bo stayed by the window, waiting for Clarice to come in. It’s been almost two hours since he left her at the Ball Court, at her request. What he had to tell her had made her break down in tears and it had taken ages for him to console her. She was probably strolling around, trying to recover from what she learned about herself. Hank appeared at his shoulder. ‘It’s going to be okay, Bo. She just needs enough time to process everything.’ ‘I know. But I’m really scared.’ Bo replied, accepting the chilled fruit juice Soledad served him. ‘She might decide she doesn’t want to be with me after all.’ ‘That’s not the way to talk,’ Soledad gently admonished, something she wouldn’t have done years ago. ‘She had no idea you were a part of her past when she fell in love with you again. You two are meant for each other... you must believe in her love for you.’ Bo sighed, turning back to the window; wondering what his princess was thinking about right about that moment, willing for her to come in and …


Criminal Minds' 21st  episode, 'Green Light' finally revealed who was the mastermind behind Reid being framed for murder and it turned out it was not Peter Lewis a.k.a Mr Scratch (Bodhi Elfman). The previous episode-'Unforgettable'- had viewers baffled by the sight of a familiar and unexpected face from the past... who was not even an unsub but a victim. In Episode 12 of Season 3- '3rd Life'- Lindsay Vaughn (Gia Mantegna, daughter of Joe Mantegna)  was abducted along with her friend Kate (who was later killed) and her father- a former hitman in the Witness Protection Programme- shot her abductor, in front of Reid. Now it appears that while her father Jack has been living the life of a model citizen, his daughter has chosen to follow his former dark path and has been living life of a career contract killer and working for drug cartels. In 'Unforgettable', she resurfaced as Diana Reid's new caregiver but under an alias, Carol Atkinson. However Re…


Chapter 22
Days later, Clarice had another nightmare, this time it was more vivid.

She was running along the deck of a boat. Or rather limping, she was dragging her right leg. Her face was covered with bruises; blood was flowing from her left temple. The menace was gaining on her; she could feel his cold fury; his fists... his shouts.  Next thing she knew she was sinking deep in water...

‘Clarice!’ Bo cried, swiftly grabbing her arms. ‘Clarice, wake up!’ Clarice could feel sheer terror, the sinking realisation she was going to die... ‘Clarice, Clarice!’ Swiftly, Clarice was pulled out of the cold darkness and found herself enveloped in warmth, in Bo’s arms, his soothing voice in her ear. Sobbing, she clung to him; describing the dream to him. ‘I don’t know if it’s some sort of premonition... but it scares me. Honey, it scares me!’ Bo held her until she stopped crying, and then left to go downstairs to get her some warm milk. She was more composed when he came back; taking the tall glass f…


When the above title is mentioned, the first thing most people would probably say, ‘Oh, gosh... I watched that movie a long time ago!’ Uh huh... so did I as a child. It was one of the ‘holiday films’ aired in Nigerian television when I was a child, the sort of films shown only on public holidays and many children were probably as fascinated by it as my siblings and I were. Released in 1984, The Neverending Story is about Bastian, who finds himself drawn to a magical land called Fantasia; the main setting of a mysterious old book he stole from a bookshop. The central character in the book is a young warrior called Atreyu who goes on a quest to find a cure for the ruler of Fantasia, who is dying. Who can forget his flying creature friend Falkor, the werewolf like monster who almost killed him and the enormous rock eater? I have to admit, we were more focused on Atreyu and the people and creatures he encountered through the film, rather than his actual quest. Don’t judge us, we were just…


Alamain was dragged out of the holding cell and escorted to the interrogation room. After the handcuffs were removed, the uniformed officer left him alone to his thoughts. As he waited, his confusion grew as he thought about Carly.She had changed her name and discarded her medical career; two main reasons why she had remain hidden for so long. But had he changed that much over the years that she couldn’t even recognise him? What the hell was going on? If he didn’t know any better, he would swear she didn’t know him!
He looked up as Bo entered the room, accompanied by another man he recognised as his brother Roman. He tensed, seeing the nasty scowl on Bo’s face. ‘I knew you no-good Alamains would show up sooner or later. Bo growled, glaring at him. Alamain reddened with anger, bristling. ‘I will not be spoken to like that...’ ‘Save the royal theatrics for somebody who cares, Nicky.’ ‘Don’t you presume to address me by that name; I’m not a little boy anymore!’ Carly’s son-now a grown man…