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Yeah, so far.
First- there's been grumblings about Thomas Gibson (Hotch) given the boot from the series after 11 seasons but people should remember that Gibson did wrong and was-if harshly- was punished for it. But apparently, people are still feeling sore about it, to the extent that some viewers stated on social media they will stop watching the show now that Gibson is gone. Second- the abrupt way Hotch was written out of the show, which I have to agree was not cool at all. Okay, he did wrong, but come on... Hotch has been a fixture since Season 1, surely he deserved an on-screen departure, with him exchanging hugs and handshakes with the team. 
But his final scene in his final episode in Episode 2- "Sick Day"; firmly ordering a traumatised J.J (A.J Cook) to take a week off. Take a quick look at the departure of the previous characters:

Elle Greenway (Lola Glaudini) left at Season 2, her final episode was Episode 6- “The Bogey Man”. After what happened to her at Season 1…


Chapter 20 Alamain stared out of the window, lost in thought, not seeing the beauty of the blue sky before him.  For a long time after his shattering discovery, he allowed his anger and bitterness consume him, filled with hatred for the woman who he was now on his way to find and confront. A woman he'd loved so much and thought loved him... something she'd often assured him. And he'd believed it... at least until the fateful night she disappeared. He'd nursed so much anger and bitterness, more so after her supposed death; for a long time wondering just why she did what she did in the first place. Stumbling on her in Russia had given him a terrible shock, followed by anger and the immediate need to have it out with her. But where to start? He had no idea how to find her... or what name she now went by, if she even changed it at all. An old friend of his from college, who ran a large and  very successful security and private investigating company, was given the task after…


For a long time, the #SaveMayowa campaign to raise money for Mayowa Ahmed, who was stricken with Stage IV ovarian cancer, was one of the most talked about and trending topics on social media. It became a volatile saga  after  Mayowa's family was accused of scamming Nigerians of their hard earned money; in a controversial post by celeb Linda Ikeji. This caused a chain of scepticism, with people taking different sides and views of the matter; the police getting involved to the extent the campaign account was even frozen until it was proven the family was innocent, and allowed them to take Mayowa to South Africa.

Was Mayowa herself aware of what was going on at the time? We will probably never know, but I hope she never did- I cannot imagine that poor young woman lying so ill in that hospital bed, worried and upset at the slander her family got because of one act of bad judgement.

 Mayowa Ahmed died today at a South African hospital and social media is still streaming with condolence m…

"CRIMINAL MINDS" Season 12: Thomas Gibson Bounced!

The good news first...

 -Recurring character Dr. Tara Lewis (Aisha Tyler) will be a season regular in the 12th season of Criminal Minds, returning on the 28th of September.

-  Emily Prentiss (Paget Brewster) will return again, only this time will appear in more than one episode (yay!!!) 

- The BAU will have a new agent to take Derek Morgan's (Shemar Moore) vacated place in the team;   played by C.S.I: Miami alumni, Adam Rodriguez. He'll definitely add flavour to the team for sure and I certainly hope he gets along with  Morgan's 'baby girl' Penelope Garcia- who as we all remember- hates change. After being  the somewhat reserved  and sometimes moody Eric Delko in CSI : Miami, I can't wait to see how Luke Alvez's  personality going to be like.
Now the bad news...

- Spencer Reid (Matthew Gray Gubler) will still be smarting over Derek's absence. Seriously? For heaven's sake, Derek is not dead (thank God for that), why must that still be dragged on? Yes.…


First off, I really, really regret giving my boxed set of the original "Prison Break" series away. But at the time, I was so bitter with the finale. The final few minutes ...Sara Tancredi (SarahWayne Callies) was seen with a little boy; obviously Michael's son and hers, Fernando Scure (Amaury Nolasco) at home with his daughter, C-Note (Rockmond Dunbar) became a UPS delivery man, Lincoln (Dominic Purcell)  back in close terms with his son L.J and running a scuba shop, T-Bag (Robert Knepper) back in jail where he belonged, Paul Mahone (William Ficthtner) arm in arm with his former colleague. They all meet and go to a grave... and to my devastation, Michael's name was on the headstone. After everything... Michael was dead.  Call me emotional and remind me it's all fiction. Okay, you are right. But from the moment I watched the first episode of "Prison Break," I was hooked. Not just to the story line  but to the back histories of the characters. 
Michael (…


I grew up adoring my favorite Nollywood actor,  Richard Mofe Damijo.  Even as a child I saw he had a presence in anything he appeared in; especially the way he talked and performed a character.  He always managed to stand out, not surprising, with his charismatic personality and talented acting. And adding more to his impressive profile, he is the former Delta State Commissioner of Culture and Tourism, a position he really deserved. My first glimpse of him was in some 80’s T.V show. He was credited as “Evans Damijo” at the time (that at leastI remember) and his character was in battle with a character played by the late Funsho Alabi- over the same woman. The lady in question was apparently an old flame of the second dude but married to the first one, and to make matters worse, RMD’s character found out his first son wasn’t his after all but of the other dude. There was Ripples, where he played a police officer- still credited as “Evans Damijo”, who was mostly in conflict with the soap’…

What’s Been Happening With Me… And Then Some

Happy New Month! We are slowly creeping towards the end of 2016 and before we know it, there will be Christmas trees and lights all over the place again. I know my posts have been rather irregular lately and I apologise. Believe me, it wasn’t out of laziness or nonchalance; I love my blog and  nothing gives me so much pleasure than to write and share posts I find interesting to my readers. The main reason was, I was going through a rather difficult time. My freelance writing gig turned out to be a disappointment, I was rounding off my final college project so I could finally get my B.Ed. degree next year (God willing) and then I got plagued with terrible migraines. There’s been the occasional one whenever I got stressed but this time it was really bad. For days, I could barely hold up my head and I was unable to think straight at all. I lay in bed, staring at my old laptop, wanting to write, yet not able to think of one good sentence. And then I found myself sobbing for no reason, mak…


Hope wasted no time telling Bo about her encounter with his father. ‘Victor hates her, reallyhates her. You should’ve heard the way he spoke about her, it was horrible. You both need to watch your backs, Carly… I mean Clarice… especially. He could easily do something to hurt her, just out of spite.’ Bo, nodded, a scowl on his face. ‘I’ll talk to him. Thanks for letting me know about it.’ ‘But all the same Bo… don’t you think you’re endangering yourself by being with her?’ ‘What’s that supposed to mean?’ ‘You needn’t take that tone with me, Bo.’ Hope said coldly. ‘Lawrence Alamain sounds far more ruthless than Victor and very dangerous. If he ever finds out Clarice’s still alive, he’ll come after her… and you. He might even come after the family.’ ‘It won’t come to that.’ ‘I know you feel like you can handle a man like Alamain but you got to think of the consequences as well!’ Hope insisted. ‘Have you even thought about this at all?’ ‘Of course I have, why would you think otherwise?’ At…