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With our victory against Bosnia; a lot is expected from the Super Eagles today as they tackle Argentina. And from what our technical analysts discussed, three of them former Super Eagles Austin Eguavoen and Taribo West and retired international footballer John Fashanu; what is mostly expected from the guys today is defence. And I hope there won’t be any controversial incidents in this match like yesterday’s battle between Uruguay and Italy - the infamous biting episode where Uruguay’s Luis Suarez allegedly bit Italy’s Giorgio Chiellini on the shoulder and word is, this isn’t even Suarez’ first time but the third in the course of his career. I realise in football matches- especially international tournaments like the World Cup- there’s a lot of pressure but what the hell was Suarez thinking doing such a juvenile thing; and he wasn’t even punished by the ref! WTF was that? I sincerely hope that biter gets his comeuppance later, an act like that can’t be easily dismissed that way. 



Time for the Super Eagles to do battle again, this time with Bosnia and we all pray for them to have a better game than last time! But I must not forget to congratulate our neighbour Ghana for their surprising game with Germany( yet another team to contend with) which resulted in a 2-2 draw! Ha, majority of the men living next door were so sure Germany would bet Ghana but look what those determined guys were able to do! So let's hope the Super Eagles will be motivated tonight.

The game began rather shaky and Ozaze missed a huge opportunity to give us a goal at last, the ball just zipped past the goal post when he too the awarded free kick after Emenike was tackled. Musa lost a chance too, when he got the post and passed to... NO ONE. No doubt Keshi was at the bench grinding his teeth.
 SO CLOSE AGAIN, Mikel Obi took  the shot and MISSED!
And a hurried save from the Bosnia's goal keeper after an almost goal from Michael Babatunde; they are almost as vigilant as Iran... but let'…


I should have posted this on Father's Day but sorry to say I was under the weather that day. My father sadly died on 2010 and though he was strict with us kids, I found myself thinking of him as I got this post ready. Thanks to his insistence we read as many books as possible, my interest in writing was born. So far I have two blogs and two children's books on the stands- and I pray to God for His guidance in writing more.
Any how, Father's Day is a day when Daddys all round the world are celebrated and below is a small list of movies with memorable fathers.


Based on a true story (and a heartrending one) a police officer  was devoted to his little daughter Stephanie, despite her severe health problems  and physical disability and refused to give up on her. When Stephanie fell ill yet again and Alberto was told her illness was terminal, he prayed to God- "Let me love her just a bit longer" and promised  he woul…


And a lot of excitement in the air today as our Super Eagles  battle Iran today; lots of excitement! Our hopes are on them; we are hoping and praying they play a very good game and earn enough points to make it to the quarter final, semi final and the very last match of the World Cup. After their success in the Nations Cup; we are confident the Super Eagles will make us proud today. PHCN (Power Holding Company)  has been acting more  badly lately but people on my street rushed around buying fuel for their generators... like they would miss this match of all matches! We wait impatiently for the Super Eagles to come out...

And here they come, looking smart in their green jerseys (of course) and the Iranian players in their white, green with a touch of red. The Iranian anthem is played first, followed by our anthem- and played so well; our players looking solemn and nervous at the same time. Best of luck Eagles- fly high and make us proud!!!
The teams gather separately for a prayer, the st…


This match was definitely going to be A CLASH OF TWO TITANS; England vs Italy- two huge football nations with very skilled football teams. Like the match between Spain and Holland; this is definitely going to be a very volatile battle but then again what does one expect when countries like England and Italy meet on the field... a battle among several of Europe's greatest players. I honestly couldn't wait to see how this match would play out, it's going to be really exciting. And I will openly say; while I love the Italians, I'm rooting for the English players to win- they are very, very good. The excitement in the air here is catching as we wait for the Brits and the Italians to come out...

And they filed  out, the Italians in blue and the Brits in white (each player even cuter than the next) and the national anthems are performed and recited. The viewers wait in anticipation for the starting whistle.

And the match began! Within minutes Italy goes for a goal and immediat…


The anthems of both countries are played and recited; the boys from Down Under ready to do battle with the Chileans. Not exactly familiar with either teams' technique and I don't exactly have a favorite between them so the main thing was to see how this match would play out.

Alexis Sanchez scored Chile's first goal about 11 minutes in the game. Very good start. And then another goal for Chile almost immediately by Valdivia and the crowd goes wild with excitement at that excellent start- two great goals. Almost a third via a free kick given to Chile due to a colliding mishap. Very early in the game it's 2-0. The Down Under boys better sharpen up; they may be intimidated by Chile's early goals but there's still enough time to equalize. 30 mins in the game right now.
Valdivia almost earned Chile it's third goal. Come on Australia, don't go out like that! Mena almost got a shot and it was defended.
And finally a goal for Australia from Tim Cahill. Ha, now they…


Within 27 minutes in the game, Spain got an early lead via an awarded penalty kick taken by Xabi Alonso. Two near goals for Holland as they struggled to equalize; Holland's Blind probably would have scored if not for that rather clumsy move of his. The whole time I nursed the hope this was not going to be another snooze fest. But it looked like the team owning the game was Spain and not surprising- they won the Cup in South Africa 2010. Vrij  was given a yellow card for colliding with a one , the first Dutch player given than earlier on was Jonathan Guzman. Then a very very close goal for Spain but no, the ball went the wrong way!

Yay... then a sudden ' header goal' for Holland.. .the much wanted equalizer! yes, very good and by Persie; the Dutch captain to the delight of the Dutch coach and their supporters who immediately raised the roof as they heartily cheered on the Dutch team on their much deserved goal. This match was certainly a lot more exciting than the previous o…


First a quick recap of yesterday’s match, To say the least, yesterday’s match was really volatile. Who would’ve predicted that a match that started badly for Brazil would actually end up a victory for them, 3-1 on the first day of the tournament! Of course Brazil’s football squad has always been a team to contend with and after that mistake from Marcelo Vieira- the “own goal” which gave Croatia its first goal- there was definitely no way they were going to let it get them down. The man of the hour was Neymar; after getting a yellow card, he made up for it by equalizing and then shooting a second goal, via a penalty kick and then an unexpected third from Oscar seconds before the final whistle. Poor Croatia! Today, Nigeria’s neighbour Cameroon went against the Mexico’s squad and I can’t wait to see how the Lions are going to battle those guys. Mexico has a very  good reputation on the field but Cameroon’s Lions are known to be very fierce and stubborn. I still remember Nigeria-Ghana 200…