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Photo 1: Carly's all smiles, beautiful eyes aglow. This was the time when DAYS OF OUR LIVES wasn't the ruin we're being subjected to right now and when the writers actually produced real story
 lines that kept the viewers on their seats.

Not so in Photo 2: Carly's depressed, alone and from the strong woman I remember to  a drug addict. Bo's back with his wife, she's dead to her son and the nightmares of her late husband she'd kept at bay now haunt her, hence her idea of a solution...DRUGS.

So far, from what I've heard Crystal Chappell has been giving a fabulous performance but personally I'm not pleased. On one hand, I can appreciate the fact that even the strongest person on earth reach a breaking point and Carly's gone through and put up with a LOT before and after she returned to Salem.
On the other hand, not only did the writers make her appear as Bo's fall back, but now they've cast her aside. With the way Bo and Hope are now, it&#…

What makes Bo and Carly special?

Veteran fans of the duo Carbo were thrilled when Carly returned to DAYS late 2009; new Carbo followers were immediately  enchanted by her and both groups enjoyed watching her and Bo rekindle an old love that was obviously still there. Even though they're apart again right now; we're still not giving up on them and they WILL be together again as long as we keep our voices loud and clear to the DAYS producers and writers that we want Bo and Carly to stay. The current situation in the show's  really breaking my heart but I  just can't stomach the writers' 'misdirection' right now, if you get my drift.  But the subject of today's post; while we Carbos say that it's time that Bo and Hope finally call it a day after years of on and off again- let's also explore this burning question; why are Bo and Carly so exceptionally special, considering they had only 3 years together as a couple?  I still don't know the exact answer to that, but as far as I…