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Saturday, March 14, 2009





Isabella got to the house as the family are gathered together for a meeting. Lorenzo arrived soon after, much to Alex's annoyance; but Lorenzo said he & Isabella had come for a business meeting with Sylvia, Nattie & Conan regarding the project. The only one missing in the room is Sylvia, who was yet to show up. Alex announced that he & Sylvia were flying to Santo Domingo in the morning for an intimate wedding. The only person who cheered at his news was Isabella, who applauded and congratulated him. However, Sylvia finally showed up, the paper Nattie had given her still in her hand, and a strange look on her pale face.
' Not so fast, Isabella- we are NOT going anywhere!' She said, looking as if she was about to explode.
Very surprised, Alex asked her why, hadn't she given her word?
'Not after seeing this!' holding out the paper, and tells everyone in the room that all the money that had been spending wasn't his savings, but payment from that woman!(pointing at Isabella)
Alex furiously asked where she'd got all that madness from.
Sylvia yelled at him, the paper in her hand is his financial information, which concides with Isabella's payments into his account. Isabella pointed out it was a gift to Alex & herself but Sylvia snapped that she needed no gifts from her. Alex tried to calm her down, insisting Isabella had only been helping him but Sylvia called him a liar & added that he hadn't changed at all- he was still the same sneaky, deceitful person.
Alex tried pleading with her; if it was the money she was angry over, he'll sell his car and they'll get married in a church in Peru but Sylvia flatly said no, she's tired of giving him chances & no longer trusted him; she wanted him out of the house and out of her life for good! Jose & Hercules also tell him to leave. Alex obeyed soberly.(Good riddance to VERY BAD RUBBISH!) Sylvia turned to Isabella & ordered her to leave her house too, she had no business there. Lorenzo, however had been a silent observer the whole time.


After Lorenzo left, the inspector told Laura that Giarcomo had been arrested for hiding her. However, Laura replied he never knew she was there; since she used to work at the boutique, she had her own set of keys to let herself in.(didn't see that coming, I admit)
Back at the office, Horsy Gloria actually confessed that Isabella had planned the whole so called financial crisis! Of course Lorenzo was absolutely furious at the deceit & betrayal and the fact that his suspicion had been correct after all; he couldn't believe he'd asked Isabella how'd she'd pay for the merchandise she'd offered to buy from him. He asked why Horsy hadn't told him, she replied Isabella had threatened her but now the fictitious crisis wouldn't work. Lorenzo told her he'll look into the whole affair & make a decision.(yeah, by firing the bitch I hope!)

Nattie & Tony heard about Giacormo's arrest and hurried to the police station. He is very pleased to see Nattie, asking if she'll continue visiting if he became an inmate, which made her laugh but she looked worried at the same time about his fate. The inspector then came in & repeated what Laura had told him; he was free to go. The three gather for a group hug.
Meanwhile, Lorenzo made a phone call to a friend of his at the bank, asking for a huge favour, an enquiry about a personal account.
When Sylvia returned home in the evening, Nattie told her Lorenzo had accidentally overheard a conversation Alex had over the phone earlier that day. Sylvia got angry & asked when would they all stop trying to change her mind about marrying Alex?
Sighing, Nattie said Sylvia could yell at her all she wanted but there was something she needed to see. She handed her cousin a piece of paper, adding she was free to do want she liked AFTER reading the contents of the paper. Sylvia takes it and reads...


Tony and Conan have a serious talk in a bar, to clarify situations. They reach a gentleman’s agreement and Conan assured him he’ll always be recognised & given his rights as the father of the baby. The animosity was finally over.

Lorenzo is informed of Laura’s arrest, Isabella also told him she’d been asked by the inspector to testify. Lorenzo remarked she could now rest easy. Isabella agreed but the only thing missing was Lorenzo’s answer to her earlier proposal. But Lorenzo replied he was going to use Sylvia’s instead, which made her fly into one of her violent tempers. Lorenzo calmly pointed out Sylvia’s contacts were very professional people, well prepared to deal with the overflowing merchandise & their proposal was very good for the company. But Isabella refused to calm down (Sylvia had spoilt her show ONCE AGAIN); she accused him of desperately being eager to ingratiate himself with his beloved Sylvia instead of thinking business wise. Lorenzo replied that his decision to follow Sylvia’s idea wasn’t influenced by his feelings towards her. Isabella is almost in tears, feeling helpless at Lorenzo’s firm decision about Sylvia’s proposal. Lorenzo pointed out that Sylvia’s contacts weren’t asking for large favors & weren’t going to swindle or defraud the company. Isabella shouted that he didn’t know what he was missing, not having her as his partner. Lorenzo insisted that Sylvia’s proposal was good, ‘why not read it before blowing it off?’
‘I’m not interested,’ was her answer and she stormed out.

Later on, Lorenzo went to the police station to make his own statement and branched at his soon-to-be EX-WIFE'S cell. Laura was ver cynical towards him; she believed he'd come to gloat over her downfall but he denied it. She insisted that she was'nt at all finished- she was still going to carry out her revenge on Isabella. He pointed out it would take a long time because the charges levelled on her were very serious. But she's not discouraged at all, she had a lot of patience to wait until that time came to definitely carried it out. Lorenzo urged her to repent all the evil she'd committed but she's defiant. ' Never.' she snapped.
'Bye then.' said Lorenzo.
'Goodbye, Lorenzo.' she replied, unemotionally.(I think she'd finally realised their marriage was really over)


Isabella pretended to be very offended. He had it all wrong, she was only trying to be helpful- it was all she set out to do since she returned to Peru. Lorenzo bitterly reminded her how she’d tried to be ‘helpful’ when she destroyed his happy relationship with Sylvia with those doctored photos. Isabella hotly replied that she didn’t regret what she did because Sylvia probably only had an affair with him just to make Alex jealous, after all she’s now back with him. Lorenzo coldly told her he’ll have to review everything before informing her of his decision (he wasn’t planning to agree). Isabella pointed out she had the right to be a permanent member of the company after putting so much work and capital for him. Once again, Lorenzo said he’ll think about it; Isabella replied, ‘Don’t take too long about it.’
Alex wasn’t pleased that Sylvia was going to Paracas Textiles to see Lorenzo- especially after Sylvia refused to let him accompany her (for fear of him and Lorenzo getting into a fight). Alex warns her not to tell him about the trip as he might find a so-called business excuse to delay her.
Laura phoned Isabella again, asking her if she’d chosen a coffin yet as she’s still not done with her. Isabella unwisely tried to aggravate her further by asking if she’d heard the good news- she and Lorenzo were finally engaged to be married, but Laura of course knew it was a lie; she said so, laughing derisively. But Isabella insisted it was true and she planned on bringing the party to Laura’s prison cell. Laura again said she was lying. E.I replied, Thanks to Laura’s harassment and threats, Lorenzo had given her his shoulder to cry on, he’d been a true gentleman, so kind and generous. Laura is now filled with silent rage, then threatened again, ‘I’m going to kill you, Isabella.’
E.I replied, ‘well, it seems all you’re doing so far is killing boredom since all you’ve been doing is making these phone calls. Laura warned her she was closer than E.I thought. E.I hung up the phone.
Conan and Mimi meet; she and Tony have decided to call off the wedding. They would however always be friends and he’ll still be a major part of his child’s life. They finally admit their feelings for each other and seal it with a kiss.
Sylvia got to Paracas Textiles and handed over the business proposal signed by the Gamarra factory owners to Lorenzo. They were more than prepared to help Lorenzo out by getting his merchandise distributed to different stores; all they asked was 5% of the profits and his approval. Lorenzo thanked her and promised to inform Isabella in the next meeting. Sylvia replied she’ll send Nattie & Conan in her place since she would be going on vacation with Alex. She refused to say where when Lorenzo asked her, abruptly cut him off when he said there was something she needed to know and left, much to his frustration (but don’t give up, my guy). Isabella is informed and is of course very negative (and inwardly angry that Sylvia had brought Lorenzo a solution); she said that Sylvia and the Gamarra people didn’t know anything about big business. However she didn’t have time to discuss it further with him as she had an appointment, and left the office.
Hercules is amazed to see Conan & Mimi come in, hand in hand. They tell him their news.
At a field,  Isabella encountered Laura who appeared again with her gun, laughing evilly and aimed it at Isabella. But before she could pull the trigger, the police inspector (in charge of the case) arrived with several men and immediately disarmed her. It had all been an arranged trap; Isabella had a bullet-proof vest under the red coat she had on! Laura (as you can all imagine) didn’t go quietly at all; she was completely hysterical- screaming at the top of her lungs and kicking out vigorously as she was dragged away. The inspector commended Isabella for being brave enough to carry out the plan but she pointed out that the bullet proof vest wouldn’t have saved her if Laura had decided to shoot her in the head. The inspector agreed but they had to run the risk in order to stop the constant harassment and threats once and for all.

Thursday, March 12, 2009


Lorenzo is not pleased at what Isabella did, walking on dark parking lots alone with Laura on the loose. She told him she’d only gone shopping for new clothes and underwear but promised never go out alone again. Giacormo was furious with Laura for going out of the boutique; she ran the risk of getting caught, Laura on the other hand was hell bent on killing Isabella before she left Peru for good. Alex showed up again to see Isabella, who jumped out of her skin in fright, thinking it was Laura. The shameless fool wanted more money, he was spending more than he thought and wanted to buy an expensive wedding gown for Sylvia as well as the honeymoon trip to Europe. Isabella wanted Alex to take Sylvia away, far away from Lorenzo for good but wondered if Sylvia would agree to leave Peru.

Nattie and Sylvia are very surprised when Alex returned to the factory with 2 plane tickets, they were going to fly abroad and get married on a beach, on Sunday-a moonlight ceremony-much to Nattie’s dismay.
Later on she phoned Lorenzo to let him know, he couldn’t believe the wedding was going to happen so soon. Isabella suddenly interrupted the phone conversation, as she had a very important business proposal which will save the present situation and Sylvia would still get her payment; she, Isabella, would buy the entire merchandise, to his amazement. He asked her how would she get so much money to pay for it, she replied her late husband had left her a huge estate. But, she reminded him of the last clause in her contract; as she was putting in a very large amount of money, he would have to give her 51% share of Paracas Textiles, which was fair and reasonable. Lorenzo was furious and incredulous, his eyes finally opened. He said, ‘Did you plan this crisis so that it would be up to you to save the company, and I'll have to stay with you?’


Alex met with the person he spoke to over the phone; it turned out to be Evil Isabella. He told her he was planning a European honeymoon with Sylvia thus needed more money; Isabella isn’t pleased with this but agreed to write him a check. Alex asked her about Paracas Textiles’ financial crisis but Isabella confided that there wasn’t really a financial crisis; it was well invented by her in order for her ending up as the company’s saviour and Lorenzo would have no other choice but to ‘co-operate’ with her. Alex laughed, praising her. Neither of them noticed someone they mutually knew was watching them… the very LAST PERSON they would want to see them together…
Sylvia discussed Mimi’s wedding with an unhappy Conan; she asked him about his feelings towards her. He said he loved Lysette but it wasn’t the same way he loved Mimi, whom he’d known since they were children. Sylvia advised him to think over the matter very carefully or he’d lose both girls’ friendship. Isabella is on her way to her car when Laura appeared; brandishing a gun, but the hired bodyguard suddenly came up and dragged Isabella to safety. Laura vowed she wouldn’t escape her next time.
The rap wedding of Mimi and Tony begins, Tony in a simple suit and Mimi holding large sunflowers; unhappy Conan wasn't attending along with their friends. But he suddenly showed up and she joyfully hugged him, Tony watching. The young minister begins the ceremony and asked if Mimi will take Tony as her husband and she said yes. But when Tony is asked, he doesn't reply... to Lysette's dismay.
He and Mimi have a little talk afterwards...
Mimi admitted to Giacormo that having a baby for Tony wasn’t a valid reason to get married; she didn’t love him like before. Giacormo was glad to see that she was mature enough to finally realise that.
Lorenzo met with Nattie and told her he’d overheard Alex’s conversation over the phone when he’d come to see Sylvia; later he’d seen him looking very cosy with Isabella in a bar. Nattie asked if he suspected they were lovers. Lorenzo wasn’t very sure since they acted like they were best friends but Nattie scornfully pointed out they probably only did that because they were in public. Lorenzo told Nattie they were both going to do something about this strange development.
Alex returned home with large shopping bags and E.P immediately lamented about the crisis at Paracas Textiles; how she’d made a huge error agreeing with Sylvia - she was going to lose a lot of money. But Alex (from what he’d heard from Isabella) consoled her; the matter would soon be resolved as there were a lot of things Sylvia & Lorenzo didn’t know about but warned her not to say so to either of them. His mother asked how he was so sure; he cheekily replied that he had a crystal ball.


The police search the boutique while Laura is foolishly about making another threatening call to Isabella but surprisingly, they leave without finding her. Lorenzo confab with Isabella about the sticky situation; he asked her to call her other European friends who just might be able to help them unload the merchandise.
Hercules and José feel uncomfortable at being at the ‘rap wedding’ since there’ll be mostly young people there. Mimi suddenly has second thoughts about marrying Tony but changed her mind immediately; she still wanted to go on with it. Laura is more nervous after her narrow escape from the police. Giacormo has money ready for her to leave but she stubbornly refused to go without talking to Isabella first, much to Giacormo’s exasperation.
At Sylvia’s factory, Alex is on the phone, agreeing to meet with someone. He’s furious when Lorenzo entered, shouting that this was the last straw. Ignoring him, Lorenzo asked to speak in private with Sylvia but she stood her ground, she kept no secrets from Alex. Lorenzo quietly informed her on what happened; it would not only affect their project, he would have to declare bankruptcy and might lose his house and other assets unless Isabella’s other European friends could place orders for the merchandise that had cost him a large fortune to produce in the first place. Alex made the mistake of spitefully saying he was very glad this had happened to him. A very shocked Sylvia chastised him into silence, asking him if he actually knew the gravity of the situation. Turning to Lorenzo, consoled him in soft tones and promised to help him look for clients. Not pleased at this, Alex demanded that she sued Lorenzo for breach of contract since he’d approached her with the project in the first place and warned Lorenzo not to use his business problems to ruin their wedding plans. Sylvia however was very sharp with him- she said it wasn’t the appropriate time to talk about that and prepared to meet with the other clothing factory owners in the area in the hope they could be of help.


Lorenzo tells Isabella that Sylvia was going to marry Alex. Pretending to be sympathetic, she asked why was that so but he sullenly refused to discuss it further with her.
Later on, he visits Sylvia at the factory(refusing to give up) to make sure Laura hadn't harmed her in any way and discussed her decision to be with Alex instead of him. She replied that she was the sort of person who thought things over carefully before making a decision and the only sort of relationship she could have with Lorenzo now was a business one. Lorenzo insisted he didn't want her to get hurt by Alex again, but she assured him it won't happen since Alex really loved her.
Tony is still adamant that Conan mustn't show up at his wedding; as the father of the child he had the right to decide who should be present or not(some husband you'll turn out to be).
The police arrived at the boutique to question Giarcomo about his friendship with Laura; he informed them they'd stopped being friends a while back.
Isabella called an urgent meeting; she informed Lorenzo and Horsy that her Italian contact, Estefano, had been arrested for tax evasion, thus the order has been cancelled! Lorenzo wondered what on earth was he going to do with all that mechandise in the stores, gave Horsy some orders and left the room. Isabella is pleased, the plan was shaping up more than nicely; now she had acheived what she really wanted- Paracas Textiles being bankrupt. Horsy asked , would'nt it affect her too? But Isabella informed her that Estefano's company was fictitious all along(which explained why Orlando could'nt find it on the Internet & why she was so uptight about her being the only one to speak to Estefano over the phone), now she was free to innocently act the part of Lorenzo's saviour.(FIRST CLASS BITCH!)

Wednesday, March 11, 2009


I am finally going to fufil my promise to my loyal visitors- which is finish posting the episodes of La Mujer De Lorenzo. Ever since MBI spoilt my show, I've been agonising over how I'll get material but all of a sudden, I was able to, RIGHT TO THE GRAND ENDING!(it was'nt easy at all).
Sylvia is still very angry with her cousins for tricking her and Alex, so that Lorenzo could be alone with her. Conan tells her not to trust Alex but Nattie suddenly points out perhaps Alex has changed afterall; which her brother derisively laughs at, Alex could never never change and wonders when his cousin would finally open her eyes.
Laura had asked Jose to convince Isabella to come and see her and she waits... a hidden gun with her. However, Jose foolishly brings Sylvia with him, as he wants both his daughters to make peace once and for all. Laura is outraged and loudly insults him, she'd wanted him to bring Isabella, not Syliva! As for Syliva, who is of course very shocked, asked her Dad if he's already called the police but the old man protested that Laura was full of remorse for what she did,(STUPIDITY obviously runs in THIS family...) which of course Sylvia doesn't believe and cannot understand why her father is so naive. The 'repentant' Laura instead pulled the gun out and pointed at them, ordering them to leave. Outside, Jose suddenly developed a pain in his chest.Sylvia still wants to call the police but he begs her not to, but she should call Lorenzo instead. Lorenzo & E.I are in the office, discussing business when the phone rings, it's Laura. At first she doesn't speak then she hurls abuse and more threats at E.I. Lorenzo assures her they'll hire a bodyguard to protect her 24-7.
After Sylvia tells her cousins what happened, Conan calls Lorenzo and informs him- so that he and Isabella will be on their guard. Laura fled the hotel to the boutique and begged and begged Giarcomo to help her for old times' sake- she needed a place to hide until she's able to obtain a passport to leave the country. Soft hearted Giarcomo agreed to assist her.Jose's chest pain lessened and Sylvia cheered him up by announcing that she'd agreed to marry Alex, much to everyone's surprise, including Alex's. He asked when they would get married and Alex joyfully repiled, ' As soon as possible.' However, Sylvia reminded him that they had'nt yet set a definite date.Giacormo gives Laura some food and tells her Sylvia and Alex were back together but Laura is not in the least bit interested. She asked him to convince Isabella to meet her later in the boutique- she wanted to apologise so that all charges will be dropped,(apologising with a gun?) but Giarcomo flatly replied he was doing no such thing, all he was going to do was arrange for a passport for her so that she could cross the border and rebuild her life. Laura insisted but he said no again, she only wanted revenge and besides, there was no way Isabella will agree after the attempt on her life.