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Thursday, March 12, 2009


Alex met with the person he spoke to over the phone; it turned out to be Evil Isabella. He told her he was planning a European honeymoon with Sylvia thus needed more money; Isabella isn’t pleased with this but agreed to write him a check. Alex asked her about Paracas Textiles’ financial crisis but Isabella confided that there wasn’t really a financial crisis; it was well invented by her in order for her ending up as the company’s saviour and Lorenzo would have no other choice but to ‘co-operate’ with her. Alex laughed, praising her. Neither of them noticed someone they mutually knew was watching them… the very LAST PERSON they would want to see them together…
Sylvia discussed Mimi’s wedding with an unhappy Conan; she asked him about his feelings towards her. He said he loved Lysette but it wasn’t the same way he loved Mimi, whom he’d known since they were children. Sylvia advised him to think over the matter very carefully or he’d lose both girls’ friendship. Isabella is on her way to her car when Laura appeared; brandishing a gun, but the hired bodyguard suddenly came up and dragged Isabella to safety. Laura vowed she wouldn’t escape her next time.
The rap wedding of Mimi and Tony begins, Tony in a simple suit and Mimi holding large sunflowers; unhappy Conan wasn't attending along with their friends. But he suddenly showed up and she joyfully hugged him, Tony watching. The young minister begins the ceremony and asked if Mimi will take Tony as her husband and she said yes. But when Tony is asked, he doesn't reply... to Lysette's dismay.
He and Mimi have a little talk afterwards...
Mimi admitted to Giacormo that having a baby for Tony wasn’t a valid reason to get married; she didn’t love him like before. Giacormo was glad to see that she was mature enough to finally realise that.
Lorenzo met with Nattie and told her he’d overheard Alex’s conversation over the phone when he’d come to see Sylvia; later he’d seen him looking very cosy with Isabella in a bar. Nattie asked if he suspected they were lovers. Lorenzo wasn’t very sure since they acted like they were best friends but Nattie scornfully pointed out they probably only did that because they were in public. Lorenzo told Nattie they were both going to do something about this strange development.
Alex returned home with large shopping bags and E.P immediately lamented about the crisis at Paracas Textiles; how she’d made a huge error agreeing with Sylvia - she was going to lose a lot of money. But Alex (from what he’d heard from Isabella) consoled her; the matter would soon be resolved as there were a lot of things Sylvia & Lorenzo didn’t know about but warned her not to say so to either of them. His mother asked how he was so sure; he cheekily replied that he had a crystal ball.

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