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Saturday, March 14, 2009


Isabella pretended to be very offended. He had it all wrong, she was only trying to be helpful- it was all she set out to do since she returned to Peru. Lorenzo bitterly reminded her how she’d tried to be ‘helpful’ when she destroyed his happy relationship with Sylvia with those doctored photos. Isabella hotly replied that she didn’t regret what she did because Sylvia probably only had an affair with him just to make Alex jealous, after all she’s now back with him. Lorenzo coldly told her he’ll have to review everything before informing her of his decision (he wasn’t planning to agree). Isabella pointed out she had the right to be a permanent member of the company after putting so much work and capital for him. Once again, Lorenzo said he’ll think about it; Isabella replied, ‘Don’t take too long about it.’
Alex wasn’t pleased that Sylvia was going to Paracas Textiles to see Lorenzo- especially after Sylvia refused to let him accompany her (for fear of him and Lorenzo getting into a fight). Alex warns her not to tell him about the trip as he might find a so-called business excuse to delay her.
Laura phoned Isabella again, asking her if she’d chosen a coffin yet as she’s still not done with her. Isabella unwisely tried to aggravate her further by asking if she’d heard the good news- she and Lorenzo were finally engaged to be married, but Laura of course knew it was a lie; she said so, laughing derisively. But Isabella insisted it was true and she planned on bringing the party to Laura’s prison cell. Laura again said she was lying. E.I replied, Thanks to Laura’s harassment and threats, Lorenzo had given her his shoulder to cry on, he’d been a true gentleman, so kind and generous. Laura is now filled with silent rage, then threatened again, ‘I’m going to kill you, Isabella.’
E.I replied, ‘well, it seems all you’re doing so far is killing boredom since all you’ve been doing is making these phone calls. Laura warned her she was closer than E.I thought. E.I hung up the phone.
Conan and Mimi meet; she and Tony have decided to call off the wedding. They would however always be friends and he’ll still be a major part of his child’s life. They finally admit their feelings for each other and seal it with a kiss.
Sylvia got to Paracas Textiles and handed over the business proposal signed by the Gamarra factory owners to Lorenzo. They were more than prepared to help Lorenzo out by getting his merchandise distributed to different stores; all they asked was 5% of the profits and his approval. Lorenzo thanked her and promised to inform Isabella in the next meeting. Sylvia replied she’ll send Nattie & Conan in her place since she would be going on vacation with Alex. She refused to say where when Lorenzo asked her, abruptly cut him off when he said there was something she needed to know and left, much to his frustration (but don’t give up, my guy). Isabella is informed and is of course very negative (and inwardly angry that Sylvia had brought Lorenzo a solution); she said that Sylvia and the Gamarra people didn’t know anything about big business. However she didn’t have time to discuss it further with him as she had an appointment, and left the office.
Hercules is amazed to see Conan & Mimi come in, hand in hand. They tell him their news.
At a field,  Isabella encountered Laura who appeared again with her gun, laughing evilly and aimed it at Isabella. But before she could pull the trigger, the police inspector (in charge of the case) arrived with several men and immediately disarmed her. It had all been an arranged trap; Isabella had a bullet-proof vest under the red coat she had on! Laura (as you can all imagine) didn’t go quietly at all; she was completely hysterical- screaming at the top of her lungs and kicking out vigorously as she was dragged away. The inspector commended Isabella for being brave enough to carry out the plan but she pointed out that the bullet proof vest wouldn’t have saved her if Laura had decided to shoot her in the head. The inspector agreed but they had to run the risk in order to stop the constant harassment and threats once and for all.

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