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Saturday, March 14, 2009


Isabella got to the house as the family are gathered together for a meeting. Lorenzo arrived soon after, much to Alex's annoyance; but Lorenzo said he & Isabella had come for a business meeting with Sylvia, Nattie & Conan regarding the project. The only one missing in the room is Sylvia, who was yet to show up. Alex announced that he & Sylvia were flying to Santo Domingo in the morning for an intimate wedding. The only person who cheered at his news was Isabella, who applauded and congratulated him. However, Sylvia finally showed up, the paper Nattie had given her still in her hand, and a strange look on her pale face.
' Not so fast, Isabella- we are NOT going anywhere!' She said, looking as if she was about to explode.
Very surprised, Alex asked her why, hadn't she given her word?
'Not after seeing this!' holding out the paper, and tells everyone in the room that all the money that had been spending wasn't his savings, but payment from that woman!(pointing at Isabella)
Alex furiously asked where she'd got all that madness from.
Sylvia yelled at him, the paper in her hand is his financial information, which concides with Isabella's payments into his account. Isabella pointed out it was a gift to Alex & herself but Sylvia snapped that she needed no gifts from her. Alex tried to calm her down, insisting Isabella had only been helping him but Sylvia called him a liar & added that he hadn't changed at all- he was still the same sneaky, deceitful person.
Alex tried pleading with her; if it was the money she was angry over, he'll sell his car and they'll get married in a church in Peru but Sylvia flatly said no, she's tired of giving him chances & no longer trusted him; she wanted him out of the house and out of her life for good! Jose & Hercules also tell him to leave. Alex obeyed soberly.(Good riddance to VERY BAD RUBBISH!) Sylvia turned to Isabella & ordered her to leave her house too, she had no business there. Lorenzo, however had been a silent observer the whole time.

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