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This is my first blog post of 2014 and I bid my kind visitors a belated happy New Year and my profound apologies. I DO try to update this blog as much as possible but the current power problem in the country and lack of enough funds for my Internet subscription are the main obstacles to my task. But I'm praying that this year will be my year of triumph by God's grace and I promise to do better. To my visitors who have been leaving comments; thank you so much for the encouragement. Also, it's NOT definite yet but I hope to post recaps of a very popular telenovela soon, so please stay tuned.

Last year I posted pics of my favorite T.V Couples: BEST T.V COUPLES OF ALL TIME. Now that particular post wasn't easy because I really had to narrow the choices down; I'm T.V/Movie buff so I like a LOT of couples. After posting it, I saw that there were several I missed out so here's the next "batch"!

                                          Michael Vaughn & S…