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CARBO FAN FICTION: Return Journey Chapter 19

Chapter 19 After dressing Byron, Carly packed her overnight case, reliving the events of the previous night. Aside from the emotional speech she’d given before they succumbed to blinding passion, there had been no talking at all. 


What are ghosts really? True souls of the dead,  unearthly entities, figments of the imagination or mere myth? Many people seem inclined to dismiss them as 'stuff & nonsense' yet most religious people believe in life after death.(Except Buddhism, Buddhists believe in reincarnation)
I am a Muslim and according to Islamic teachings, ghosts don't  exist. But then, what do dogs howl at very late in the night? After all, animals see what we humans don't! In Islam, there are spiritual creatures that exist but are invisible to the human eye and made from smokeless & scorching fire. Instead of ghosts, they are known as Jinn and they can either be good or evil and can influence humans. By influence, I guess that just might mean 'possess'.
But the general conception of Ghosts, Phantoms & Spectres is that they are souls of the dead who wander the earth  because of the manner of their death (usually murder or a ghastly accident)  and they have unfinished busi…




Some people who left comments in my previous post; WHO COULD PLAY BO BRADY NEXT? and some Carbo fans on Twitter  and Facebook are divided over the above question but the most insistent opinion is that only Peter Reckell can play this memorable character. But for how long can DAYS keep Bo 'abroad on some mission' and Ciara painfully pining for her Daddy? To be honest, if Bo should resurface, I want Carly Manning to be on his arm; their story was ended unfairly and I want it revived- then I will watch DAYS again.

But for now, one of DAYS most popular characters is sorely missed and this 'absent Bo' thing going on has to stop. I know most people don't want a recast, but once again let's not forget that there was a Bo Brady recast years ago, Robert Kelker Kelly; so  if they could get a recast back then, they could do so again. Maybe when Robert is done terrifying Laura and Lulu in General Hospital, DAYS can recall him back to Salem!

My first possible was Lorenzo L…

My Long Affair With Books

Today, after giving my bedroom a good sweeping, I turned out the book cases- three of them. As I brought out each cherished book for dusting and careful mending with the ever present reliable gum; reflection sank in over how many of them - and in different genres- I'd accumulated over the years. Reading has been a huge part of me since I was a child.
My late father- Allah rest his soul- was mostly responsible for this. He was an avid reader himself and when he went to England to study, he became a huge fan of British culture; including their literature. The first English classics I came in contact with while going into his bookcase were Great Expectations and Sense & Sensibility. I didn't go far in the book except for a few pages back then (I was 8 and cared more for books with pictures) but after watching the movie adaptation  he rented, I got  interested in the story but it was several years before I read the full version- I read the simplified version after seeing the …