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Tuesday, June 19, 2012


After a wonderful night of lovemaking  and a heartfelt talk, David & Lorena returned  home; arm in arm and grinning all over their faces. Marcelo appeared as they kiss, his face as black as thunder. He interrupted them by coldly asking if they had fun. David, letting go of Lorena confirmed that they did. He also (unwisely) added he was grateful to Marcelo for what he did for him- he was very much in love with the woman Marcelo 'chose' for him and he was definitely going to keep her with him. Enraged, Marcelo punched him in the stomach and the two men begin to fight. Lorena screamed for help  and everyone ran out. Elena pleaded with Marcelo when he suddenly pulled out a gun, which was wrestled from him. Elena demanded to know why Marcelo attacked David; he yelled that it was because he hated him. David in turn told everyone the truth; everything Lorena had told him. Horrified that Lorena had split on him after all, Marcelo denied everything; accusing Lorena of wanting to ruin him. Julia backed up her sister but Cinthia advised David not to listen to them. David is far more angry that Marcelo had used Lorena as a pawn and three of his associates had died in the crash. Filled with shock, Elena suddenly fainted and she's carried in. 
In the evening, David found Lorena at the pool. He stunned her by saying that though he loved her, he still had  nagging doubts about her since she'd been Marcelo's girlfriend and a relationship couldn't really work if there wasn't complete trust. Lorena's face clouded with sadness and hurt at his words. Marcelo tried to convince Aide that Lorena was the one who tried to kill David; not him. Lorena coldly agreed it was no point staying married to him if he still doubted her, therefore she will go home in the morning and he should arrange for a divorce with his lawyer. In the morning, Aide taunts Lorena as she and Julia leave but gets a nasty surprise when Lorena slapped her and viciously pulled her hair. 'I hope you never come back, you witch!' she screamed as the taxi drove away. Marcelo still lies to his mother about his non involvement in the matter. Aide and David have dinner days later and she pleads that they resume their relationship, she wanted the chance to make him happy. He agreed (fool). 
Back in Lorena's town; Marcelo forced his way into her house when she's alone, pined her down and is about to rape her (as revenge for denying him and sleeping with David instead). However her best friend, Power Girl(Clarita) ran in, grabbed a bottle and smashed it on Marcelo's head. Shielding Lorena with her body, she coldly told him to leave or she will kill him. As soon as he left, the two young women lock the door, piling it with furniture. David resumes his relationship with Aide, though he sorely missed Lorena. 
Aurelio, Lorena's Dad is distressed at what almost happened to his daughter. Aurelio later made a phone call to David, telling him what happened. Filled with rage, David sort Marcelo out- warning him to stay away from Lorena. 
Lorena bitterly welcomes Oscar when he arrives to start the proceedings; he has the papers with him for her to sign. She made it clear that she wanted nothing from David while Oscar assured her he had nothing personal against her. Lorena is upset she'd allowed David to make love to her when he didn't trust her. Power Girl walks up to them and Lorena introduces her to Oscar. Oscar takes one look at the tall and pretty honey blonde and she stares back... 
Some time pass and David and Lorena's divorce is processed. Aide persuades David to marry her. Elena is happy and plans a big celebration. David is clearly not happy. 
Julia and Marcelo's henchman, German, still communicate; Julia agrees to move in with him at Acapulco - not wanting to work at the bar anymore. When Lorena annoys her, Julia spitefully passes her some info German had given her, David was getting married to Aide. Lorena cried herself to sleep that night. 
Oscar knew very well David didn't really want to marry Aide. 
Marcelo went to the bar and attacked Lorena in broad daylight; trying to carry her off but the customers and neighbours intervene. 
Oscar and Power Girl run into each other again at one of David's hotels where she works as one of the sales reps. Lorena and Aurelio and their witnesses report Marcelo to the police and he is immediately arrested, to his chagrin. In the cell, he darkly vowed to make her pay. He told German to tell his mother to get a good lawyer for him. Elena gets the message and tells David. 
Lorena is very surprised when David shows up at the bar. She doesn't want to talk to him but he insisted . At the station, Oscar doesn't believe a word Marcelo tells him especially since there were many witnesses who say what he tried to do to Lorena. 
David asked Lorena to forgive him for being so unfair to her but Lorena is too angry and hurt to listen; certain he stilled believed the worst of her, pointing out he found comfort in Aide. Lorena allowed him to kiss her but then pulled away. She told him not to bother her since he was now with Aide; she never wanted to see him again. And by asking her to drop the charges- he was harming her. Oscar feels what could save Marcelo is Lorena dropping the charges against him. 
Later on, David has an angry talk with Marcelo. He'll convince Lorena to drop the charges but in exchange he must leave the country and not interfere with him and Lorena again. Marcelo sulkily agreed. 
After pleading with Lorena again; she softened towards him and they have dinner at his hotel. When she mentioned Aide, he brushed it off; telling Lorena he will tell Aide it's over. Then he stunned Lorena with the question, 'will you marry me?' adding she was really the one he wanted to share his life with. 
Lorena stared at him, stunned, yet happy. 'I do.' she whispered and they kiss. Taking her upstairs, they make love again...

David and Lorena's wedding  is a simple civil ceremony; the bride in a pale blue dress.Oscar is the best man and Power Girl the maid of honour. After David signed his name on the marriage register, he turned to Lorena with a loving smile saying; 'Lorena, my wife.' before kissing her to a round of applause by the guests. 

Friday, June 01, 2012

Good Boys, Bad Boys



  Three of the naughtiest boys in Comic world: funny, destructive, rude, hyperactive and between them can outdo Mark Twain's Tom Sawyer himself. 
Most parents would say all 3 characters are a bad influence to their kids but their very personalities  only made  them all the more popular over the years. As a children's author, I'm usually on the look out for what interests children. I asked my ex students what sort of book they preferred... a story about good children or about bad children. The answer: BAD CHILDREN! to my amusement.
Why? I asked and the reply was; they are more entertaining as opposed to the good kids who are supposed to be role models. Maybe that's the reason J.K Rowling didn't make her Harry Potter the perfect child- lord knows he had his flaws- he was realistic even with his magical abilities. 
I guess they have a point; I'd sooner read about Amelia Jane the very naughty doll created by Enid Blyton than any story about Barbie (no offence). Too perfect is unreal and boring and simply won't sell. Who agrees?