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Tu O Nadie: The fourth version

Last year, a fourth version of Tu O Nadie (No One But You)  was made; Sortilegio, which means ‘Love Spell’.  Andres Garcia and Lucia Mendez's 2009 successors are  Alejandro ‘Alex’ Lombardo (William Levy) and Maria José Lombardo (Jacqueline Bracamontes) , the villain is called Bruno
( David Zepeda).

The story line here is the same with majordifferences:

-The story is set mostly in Merida, in  the free and sovereign state of Yucatan, instead of Acapulco like the previous versions.

-Alex and Bruno have the same father. Victoria’s first husband, Samuel was friends with Alex’s father, Antonio. She and Antonio fell in love and had an affair, which Samuel found out about. Samuel, out of spite, refused to divorce her and they moved to Europe. She gave birth to twins; Bruno and his sister Raquel. Samuel died when the twins were six, so Vicky was finally free to marry Antonio, now widowed. However, Alex was made the principal heir to the estate, because- although Antonio tried very hard to…

Tu O Nadie: The English (second) version

The second version of Tu O Nadie,  released in 1995 is  Acapulco Bay; a joint venture of TELEVISA and FOX TV. Also set in Acapulco but with both American and Mexican actors and actresses and the names anglicized versions of the Spanish names of the main characters. Here, Antonio is Tony Stockdale (Anthony Newman), Raquel is Rachel Swanson Stockdale (Raquel Gardner- she’s half Brazilian), and Maximilian Albeniz is Max Hauser(Ash Adams but credited as "Jason Adams" at the time). 


- The false wedding between Max and Rachel was conducted by a clerk, not in Guadalajara but San Francisco.

-Rachel’s father, Peter, walked with a cane.

-when Tony and Rachel got back from their first date, they  nearly made love for the first time and Rachel wasn’t drunk at all.

- The night Tony confronted Rachel to tell him the truth; he had to stop her from committing suicide first- she tried to drown herself in the ocean.
- The night Tony returned from Maura's house, Rachel was waiting…

Tu O Nadie: The third version

Tu o Nadie was remade twice in 1995, this one called Acapulco, Cuerpo y Alma- 'Acapulco  Body and Soul'.
 Here the couple is David and Lorena Montalvo, played by Saul Lisazo (Hector in Until My Last Breath) and the lovely Patricia Manterola respectively ; the villain is called Marcelo de Maris(Guillermo Garcia Cantu), and produced by the same production company that brought Tu O Nadie- TELEVISA.


-David’s ‘accident’ was via helicopter.

- Lorena is not from Guadalajara but from Zithuatanejo, a Mexican town on the Pacific; and worked at a  restaurant/bar.

- David and Lorena’s first time happened in the family yacht. Marcelo knew very well what they were doing out there and smashed a lot of things in his room!

-David and Marcelo got into a fight (Marcelo, of course started it) Lorena moved out of the house, back to her place; upset that David didn't trust her completely. Marcelo went out there and attacked her but she was rescued by her friends present and he was …


This is the grand finale of this fantastic, action-packed telenovela. The first time we watched the ending, my family and I, wow... were we bummed out! Posting the recaps from the beginning to the end was a real challenge  because they were mostly drawn from memory but I was happy to do it because Tu O Nadie will always remain my favourite telenovela and I’m glad I was able to share it in this blog. To the visitors who left comments and encouraging words and have been here to the end, I thank you all very much and as a treat, look out for the juicy trivia and additional posts attached to Tu O Nadie. Now for the concluding part of Antonio and Raquel’s love story...

Evil Max stepped into the elevator and saw Daniel passing by just as the doors closed. Having given the written confession, the judge began packing his things. He answered the door and got the shock of his life when Max barged in. At gun point, he admitted what he’d done but lied that his signature was forged. Alas, that didn…