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Saturday, February 06, 2010

Andres urges Tonio to give his wife another chance

Tonio told Raquel not to answer to the invitation from Roberto this time; he and Pablo would go instead and see this man once and for all. However, Chucho overheard the conversation and remembering that Meche had told him that a Roberto Aguirre had paid her to lie asked her to accompany him to the rendezvous and see if it's the same guy. Gato showed up the two of them start hitting him as he was the man who had stolen Chucho's money at the bar. Tonio broke up the fight and Gato escaped. At the house , Chucho explained himself and Meche added that he worked at the bar she used to hang out at. Tonio ordered Pablo to investigate the man.
Later, Andres found Raquel sitting in the courtyard, looking miserable. He sat beside her and she poured out her heart to him, narrating her own side of the story- from when she'd first met Max. She loved Tonio, but might lose him thanks to all the intrigues and allegations against her.  Daniel visits Gabriel at the hospital and is dismayed to discover the farce; Meche and Chucho pleaded with him not to tell Raquel, however there was no way he could keep such a secret from his daughter- she and Tonio needed to be told.
Andres told Tonio about his talk with Raquel; though he'd not known her long, he believed she was telling the truth and urged him not to give up on his marriage. Raquel found Tonio outside the house, smoking. She took a step towards him but then went back in. He however had seen her and went after her. He found her in the living room and kissed her. He still loved her, but deep down... couldn't trust her like he used to. Raquel sensed it and was very sad.

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