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Wednesday, February 03, 2010



Raquel's eyes filled with tears when she saw that Tonio wasn't lying beside her. Meanwhile, Tonio's plan to unmask Roberto Aguirre; he asked Pablo to place an ad in the paper, 'anyone who wanted to get in touch with Roberto Aguirre, call this number...'. whoever called would be taped- the machine set in Pablo's apartment and his sister, Pamela would monitor the calls. Tonio misunderstands a conversation he has with Daniel. Daniel had hoped a child would bring  Tonio and his daughter closer but Tonio concluded that Raquel had seduced him the previous night in order to deliberately get pregnant! Later on, Raquel paid Tonio a visit at the office and alas, it's very ugly, the finale being Raquel- hurt at his insinuation- declared she suddenly hated him and marched out of the office while he yelled after her, 'I'M SICK OF YOU!'
Raquel told the driver to drop her, she needed to be by herself for a while, she'll find her own way home. She went to the beach, miserably thinking about the fight with Tonio. Maura and Rod see the ad, but he advised her not to fall for it. Tonio is very worried when the security guards inform him that the chauffeur returned without Raquel. Raquel had gone to  pay a visit to Gabriel and Meche at the hospital and introduced herself as Martha's sister  and Tonio's wife.  After she left, Gabriel is filled with more guilt- he found Mrs. Raquel  so beautiful and sweet and  hated the idea of deceiving her.
 The first person to call was an amazed Carla, who had made up the name in the first place. Pam pretended to be Mr. Aguirre's secretary and asked her to leave a message, but Carla hung up. The tape is later played to Tonio, who recognised her voice!

As Raquel is walking along, a man called her name. Turning round, she saw it was Oscar's son, Humberto. He is very pleased to run into her and asked her to have a drink with him- she agreed. Carla stopped by the house and Tonio tried to make her confess but she denied it and added fuel to the fire by saying that Roberto was Raquel's lover and Daniel had been the one to tell her! (BITCH!!!)
Meanwhile, Humberto and Raquel have a pleasant talk over coffee at a restaurant.
Tonio asked Daniel about Roberto but of course the old man said he didn't know what Carla was talking about. Daniel then came  across the ad and showed it to Raquel when she got home. Raquel called the number  and when Pam asked her to leave a message, she angrily said whoever this Roberto was, he was sabotaging her marriage!
When she got to the mansion, Raquel entered Tonio's study and he berated her for wandering off on her own, as his wife she was a target for kidnappers! Raquel calmly replied that she'd  wanted to be alone and went upstairs. Meanwhile, Rod asked Gato to call Raquel again and set up a meeting.

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