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Sunday, February 28, 2010

Tu O Nadie: The English (second) version


The second version of Tu O Nadie,  released in 1995 is  Acapulco Bay; a joint venture of TELEVISA and FOX TV. Also set in Acapulco but with both American and Mexican actors and actresses and the names anglicized versions of the Spanish names of the main characters. Here, Antonio is Tony Stockdale (Anthony Newman), Raquel is Rachel Swanson Stockdale (Raquel Gardner- she’s half Brazilian), and Maximilian Albeniz is Max Hauser(Ash Adams but credited as "Jason Adams" at the time). 



- The false wedding between Max and Rachel was conducted by a clerk, not in Guadalajara but San Francisco.

-Rachel’s father, Peter, walked with a cane.

-when Tony and Rachel got back from their first date, they  nearly made love for the first time and Rachel wasn’t drunk at all.

- The night Tony confronted Rachel to tell him the truth; he had to stop her from committing suicide first- she tried to drown herself in the ocean.

- The night Tony returned from Maura's house, Rachel was waiting for him in front of the house.

- Tony and Rachel didn’t go out on the yacht, they had a picnic on the beach and went skinny dipping (and then some!)

- The night Rachel was unable to sleep-out of worry for her sister; she turned to kiss Tony when he got into bed beside her.

- When Tony and Rachel had their terrible fight; Rachel not only left the money, plane tickets and a letter but also her diamond wedding ring. Tony didn’t cry at all, but his face hardened after reading the letter.

-Tony’s personal assistant  Charles is old enough to be his father.

-Tony and Rachel’s daughter, Kathreen, was shown sleeping in the incubator.

- Max was shot dead, but NOT by Tony.


- Maree Cheatham,(above)  the actress who played Victoria Stockdale, portrayed Marie Horton (youngest daughter of Tom and Alice Horton) in the daytime soap DAYS OF OUR LIVES.

- Acapulco Bay remains the only remake most  faithful to the original versionTu O Nadie.

- The Stockdale family mansion was the same house used as the Montalvo family mansion in another remake of Tu O Nadie; Acapulco Cuerpo y Alma(Acapulco Body & Soul); also released in 1995. 



Andrew (Andres) tries to persuade Tony to let the police just arrest Max instead of confronting him at the mansion but Tony is adamant, determined to even the score.  He left the apartment, followed by Charles (Pablo), to visit his baby at the hospital.  Maura gets back to the house but Carla isn’t home. Instead she finds Frank (Rod) there, who asked her where she’s been. Bill called to ask if she’d found Tony, Rod takes the phone from her and hears Bill’s voice, asking for his money. He handed the phone back to her and pulls out a gun, ordering her to persuade him to come to her own and she timidly obeys.

At the hospital’s NICU, Tony smiled down at his daughter Baby Kathreen, who was sleeping peacefully in the incubator, her tiny eyelids moving. Peter  and Martin  walk into a bar and Peter noticed the clerk who had conducted the false marriage. They talk; Peter told him what had been happening to his family and said he needed some sort of vindication. At the Stockdale mansion, James answered the phone, spoke rudely and hung up. Rachel asked who it was; he replied it was Luis looking for Max- and has been doing so all day. She asked after Marnie and her father and was told he’d gone out with Martin as usual. The clerk agreed to help Peter after some persuasion, as he too had a daughter.

Maura pleaded with Frank, she had no idea where Tony was but he doesn’t believe her. Bill showed up and Frank shot him from behind. He shouted, where was Tony? Screaming, she said she didn’t know, he escaped from the rented villa. Carla entered unexpectedly and Frank forced her to join her sister. She’d however left the door open and Robert rushed in and wrestled the gun from Frank, in the struggle Maura is shot on the leg. Max eavesdropped Clark’s conversation with Andrew over the phone; he heard Clark telling him the clerk has been found and the hotel he was staying! Max rushed away. Tony returns from the hospital and Andrew is amazed to see him holding an automatic. After Tony left for the house, Andrew finally told Clark that Tony WAS ALIVE AND ON HIS WAY HOME! Clark, of course, is shocked…

Max phoned Luis and gave him the address of the hotel, ordering him to kill the clerk. However, Luis can’t leave Marnie as she knew they were holding Danny. Max decided to do the job himself, but asked him to deal with Marnie and Danny once and for all. On his way out, he bumps into Vicky and coldly walked away from her. Rachel opened her door and is very surprised to find Vicky crying. She led her into the room and asked what was wrong but Vicky kept on crying, holding on to Rachel’s hand.

Luis loads his gun, telling Marnie he had no choice in the matter. Marnie began acting lovingly towards him; kissing him and urged him to run off with her, away from Max’s influence. Very pleased at her change of heart, he moved to the next room to find his passport and some money, leaving the gun on the table. Marnie immediately grabbed it and made for the door, just as Luis came out to ask her something. Furious at being tricked, he moved towards her but she fired, shooting him in the thigh. She ran down to the basement to get Danny and they fled.  At the hotel, the clerk handed Peter the written & signed confession i.e the affidavit.

At the house, Clark informed Camille that her brother was alive and on his way home. Filled with joy, she ran out and sure enough Tony had already arrived, talking to James. Tony didn’t look very enthusiastic to see her, (maybe he still hadn’t forgiven her for her role in trying to break up his marriage) but he allowed her to hug him and shook hands with Clark. He was told Max wasn’t around and Rachel was in their room.
Max shocked the clerk, demanding to know what Peter wanted and the man was forced to tell him. Max shot him, using a silencer.

Vicky gasped on seeing Tony and hugged him, sobbing. He hugged her back but gently shushed her, he wanted to surprise Rachel.

He entered silently, his expression emotional at the sight of his wife after several months apart. She doesn’t hear him enter, she’s looking out the window. He closed the door and waited for her to turn around. As if she sensed she wasn’t alone she turned, and slowly got up. She said, ‘Oh, My God…’ then ran into his arms. Tony held Rachel tightly and then began kissing her.

Rachel was overwhelmed by this miracle, her husband back from the dead! Tony  fought his own tears and held her close, reminding her of his promise... that they'll be together forever, adding that nothing in the world would ever take her away from him again.
Meanwhile, Peter and Martin returned and Peter hid the affidavit under the carpet in his room, Martin wasn't pleased he was letting the man go scot free. Outside, Annie(Meche) informed  Martin that Tony was alive and has returned home, James came up and happily confirmed it. They hurry off to tell Peter. Andy found Camille and Clark in another part of the house, he was told Tony was with Rachel but Max wasn't around.  Andy  does not like the idea of Tony having a face-off with Max but Clark felt Max deserved what was coming to him. Camille said Vicky had told her about Max's confession. They go to see her while Andy called the police but the police captain was already on his way.
In their room,  Rachel explained that Vicky had pleaded with her and she hadn't the heart to deny her and the agony she'd lived through- thinking he was dead. Tony assured her everything was going to be fine from now on and said he loved her very much... and their daughter. She smiled and he said he's seen her that morning at the hospital, with Charles. 'She's truly a special gift, thank you.'
Rachel stared at him, her expression speaking volumes. 'I love you,' she said.
They kissed again, Rachel slipped her hands under his jacket and her fingers encountered the gun. She pulled it out and sharply asked, 'what is this? what are trying to do with this,  Tony? Are you going to kill Max?'
Max got back to the house and went to Peter's room, tearing it apart for the affidavit. When he didn't find it, he stormed out.
Everyone else was gathered in Vicky's room, Andy said the police were on their way and hoped they'll show up before Tony and Max encountered each other. Marnie and Danny got back to the house and Marnie is frightened at the trashed room and no sign of Peter. Danny asked her to stay in the room while he looked for Annie. Marnie warned him to look out for Max, she had seen his car. She waited, gun in hand. Peter is caught by Max who demanded for the letter. When Peter refused, Max started to punch him.
 Martin, James and Annie come into the room later, surprised to see Marnie there- Martin asked her where she'd been and told her Tony was home. Marnie told them Max was around. Tony and Raquel's argument was cut shot when James called their extension to warn Tony. Tony asked that everyone should stay where they were and hung up, his face  hard. Rachel watched in alarm as he clicked the gun in place.
'Tony...please don't do this!' she stood against the door, when he didn't answer her. 'I'm not letting you out of here.' she insisted.
Tony said he wasn't going to kill Max but he needed to talk to him and see his face, it was Max who wanted to kill him. Raquel begged him again; realising  he was about to lock her in. Tony said he wasn't going to allow Max coming to their room to look for her, he needed her to be safe. Despite her pleas, he left, locking the door behind him. Gun in hand, he went down the hall...

In the living room, Peter was on the floor,  bleeding. Max pulled his gun out, shouting for the letter or Peter will start eating bullets. Peter told him to go ahead, he wasn't going to give it to him. Tony appeared, his own gun out.
Max didn't bother lowering his gun instead he sneered, 'Well! Well! Look who's back from the dead...AGAIN!' To Peter, 'you see Peter, I always said, you want something done right, you do it yourself, this time... no mistakes' (Ugh... hate  him; 'no retreat, no surrender' is his damn motto!)

Tony warned Max he'll kill him if he forced him to, it wasn't really  his intention. Max sneered again; he didn't have the guts to do it. He was the one with the guts,  brains and ambition; who was always  ready to do whatever it took- all Tony had was a rich daddy. Tony pointed out that the late Mr. Stockdale had been his father too, Max had been the one who never wanted to be his son.(No, but inheriting money that didn't belong to him wasn't so repulsive). He had more than enough but the problem was that he was greedy, had to have it all, Max angrily admitted it, that was all he wanted all along and he still aimed to do so, and no one was going to stop him.
Marnie suddenly ran in screaming, distracting the two men. Both got locked in a physical combat, one of the guns going off. Rachel pounded on the locked door  while the rest of the family ran out from Vicky's room. Rachel got out through the French windows.
The family ran into the living room, in time to see Max pointing a gun at Tony. Vicky picked up the second gun and ordered Max to put the gun down. Max, totally mad, refused. 'you won't shoot me, mother- I'm your son.'
Camille cried, 'Victoria, don't do it!'
But Vicky didn't back down. 'Max, put the gun down, I will NOT allow you to commit murder!'
But Max was way past caring. 'it's too late, mother... I'm way past that.' To Tony, 'say goodbye to Mum.'

He aimed... Vicky fired(to our horror), crying in anguish. Max fell to the floor, bleeding. Tony removed the gun from his hand. Vicky wept, she had to do it. Unrepentant, Max taunted, she has made her choice, Tony over him and gave up the ghost. Vicky held him, weeping bitterly and Tony covered him with his jacket, actually kissing him on the cheek.  

Then came Rachel's panicked voice, screaming for Tony. He dashed out and she flew into his arms; she'd been so frightened that Max had finished him off after all. She asked what happened.

'Max is dead.' he told her. She is silent for a second then asked, 'did you kill him?'
'No, it was Victoria.'
'Oh, My God.' she wiped blood off the corner of his mouth and asked what was going to happen to Victoria.

'Nothing,' Tony said. ' Victoria will be okay.' holding her closer, 'I love you so much.' Rachel sobbed in his arms, the nightmare finally, finally over. Tony and Rachel shared a passionate kiss, the final shot was the bright lights of Acapulco behind them. THE END (see videos below)

Max & Rachel- Just a Dream by meggieA


  1. Thank you very much!...really appreciate it.... do you know where i can get the synosis for the whole episode?

    1. I suggest you go to the Tu O Nadie Snippet Map on this blog. Acapulco Bay is the only version that completely followed the original version's story line

  2. oh ok..thankyou very much Amina, but I'm still curious about every detail conversation that Tony & Rachel had
    I wish there is a DVD for this verson with engsubs
    But anyway ..thanks a gain for the Snippet are my hero...:)

  3. Thank you amina! I like this so much. I asked you ( when tony n rachel picnic in beach, part... Because i like this scene ). Again thank you

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