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Sunday, February 07, 2010

The beginning of the end

Tonio accused Camilla of helping to set Raquel up; Raquel had told him she hadn't noticed her earring was missing as she hardly wore the particular pair- which meant someone must have taken them from her jewelry box. Camilla was furious that he chose to believe his 'lying wife' over her. (BITCH!!!) Raquel at this point came downstairs, wondering what they were talking about, catching only half of the discussion. She got annoyed at Camilla's persistence and turned to Tonio for support, but he only glared at her, not helping at all. Later on, Camilla phones Max on their progress and Claudio warned her to stop with the intrigues, it won't get them anywhere but Camilla was determined to cause a divorce.
Raquel is told about the farce but Daniel and Chucho begged her not to tell Tonio. She however was not prepared  to lie to her husband again, especially since it would mean a reconciliation- so, despite impassioned begging from the two men, she phoned the office but was told Tonio had stepped out. Daniel pleaded on Meche and Gabriel's behalf but Raquel was adamant, her husband WILL know of this, that way, their lives would be back to normal and they could start over, NO MORE LIES. She marched upstairs and Chucho and Daniel looked at each other in despair.
Tonio went to Meche's house but found a neighbour instead. He introduced himself and the neighbour praised him for helping Gabriel out- it was a terrible thing, being hit by a bus.
 Tonio was startled, BUS??? A car had hit Gabriel.
No, said the neighbour, surprised. It was a bus and not  recently. Tonio's face turned into a mask of fury.Tonio later went to the hospital to confront a very frightened Gabriel. He asked if Daniel knew about the deception, and the boy timidly said yes. Tonio asked if Raquel knew. Thinking Daniel must have informed Raquel like he said he would, he said 'she knows.'
Max turned up at the house, accompanied by Alejandra's boyfriend, who she was forbidden to see- she flew at him joyfully while Max went upstairs. Raquel was furious to see Max who tried to make small talk and accused him of being the one behind the crank calls but he hotly denied it; she left the room in disgust. A mistake, because Max opened a drawer and slipped a check book into his pocket.
 Downstairs, Alejandra made the introductions and begged Raquel to talk to Tonio and Andres on her behalf, concerning the young man she wanted to marry. But Andres suddenly entered and with harsh words, sent Alejandra’s boyfriend away. Alejandra fled in tears and Raquel tried calming Andres down, distressed at the violent scene. But she got her own dose when her husband came in and called her a vicious liar!

Raquel and Andres looked at him, shocked at his harsh words. Raquel, of course, had no idea what he was talking about. Tonio accused her of knowing all along that Gabriel was not the victim of the accident after all and of Roberto Aguirre's involvement in the scam. (She JUST FOUND OUT,Tonio!!!)

Before Raquel could ask him to explain his very weird statement, Daniel walked in. Out of disgust at him for deliberately keeping quiet about Gabriel and Meche, Tonio was very rude to him. Raquel angrily turned on Tonio; he had no right to speak to her father in such a manner, no matter what he’d done. The fight was moved to the study- which turned out to be the couple’s WORST  fight ever. Very harsh, hurtful and bitter words were exchanged with the grand finale being Raquel declaring that she was tired of being treated like an erring mistress instead of a wife, tired of trying to keep a marriage that was no longer worth hanging on to- she was LEAVING HIM! To my family’s distress, the only reply Tonio gave was, ‘I don’t care, just go away.’ (Antonio, YOU FOOL!!!)

Raquel left the study in tears and informed her father that her marriage was over and they were moving out.

Tonio asked Ramón to book three plane tickets to Guadalajara and silently counted out money from the safe for Raquel while Andres tried to talk him out of doing something he would surely regret later. Upstairs, Raquel packed her clothes, as well as Martha’s, crying her eyes out.

Later, she placed a call to Humberto but he was not home. She went downstairs and saw her very distressed father waiting for her. Ramón sadly gave her the plane tickets and the money Tonio had instructed him to give to her; he’d gone out with Andres, not wanting to be present when she left. Raquel entered the study, sat at Tonio’s desk and began writing a letter. Ramón escorted Raquel and Daniel to the gate as she refused to use any of the chauffeurs; he sadly said goodbye to Raquel and shook hands with Daniel. While waiting for a taxi, Rodrigo pulled up at the gate, surprised to see them there. He silently listened to Raquel’s story and offered to take her to his house to wait for Martha. Martha was out with Luis. Victoria is informed by a very sad Ramon that Mrs. Raquel had moved out- she is amazed.
 Martha later joined them and Rodrigo drove them to the bus stop. Raquel found a small, cheap hotel for them to stay- for the time being. She wasn't going to leave Acapulco until she got the satisfaction of clearing her name.

Tonio returned with Andres in the evening and was told by a sober Ramón that Mrs. Raquel had left the house hours ago and hadn’t taken the tickets. Wanting to be alone, Tonio entered the study and saw that Raquel hadn’t taken the money as well; it was on his desk- beside it an envelope.

In the letter, Raquel had poured out her heart, telling him how greatly he’d hurt her by his action and that he could keep the tickets, his money and the expensive outfits and jewellery he’d given her- she wanted NOTHING from him. She however said she loved him and always would but it was definitely over between them- and bade him goodbye.

Tonio, usually so stoical, gave in to bottled emotions- a tear rolled down his cheek...

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