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Saturday, February 27, 2010


Raquel was wheeled into the operating room; Vicky, Daniel, Martha and Max waiting anxiously. Claudio called the house and was informed that Raquel was at the hospital. The trip actually did the couple a whole lot of good; they were able to spend quality time together. Claudio was more sober, Camilla as well but was currently depressed; just as she was set to try motherhood, she was told by the doctors she was barren.
Finally, Oscar came out and announced that the operation was a success and both mother and child will pull through. To everyone's  joy,(except of course Mad Max's)  the baby was a very beautiful baby girl! But as she was premature, Baby was to stay in the incubator for a few days and Raquel had to get her strength back, so she was staying for a while too.
At the house, Chucho and Meche pray for Raquel to pull through. Max angrily burst in to know which among them had told Raquel the truth, punching out Chucho when he challenged him. Ramon is pleased to hear that Raquel and the baby were fine and would be home in a few days; he informed Vicky that  Claudio had called.  The telephone rang and Ramon answered it.
It was Gato, shaved and washed at his apartment. He asked to speak with Mrs. Raquel Lombardo, saying he was her personal hair stylist. Ramon was just telling him that Raquel was unable to come to the phone when Vicky asked who it was and Ramon handed the phone to her. Thinking it was Raquel, he identified himself as Roberto Aguirre. Stunned, Vicky angrily said she  was Victoria Lombardo and asked him, 'Where's Antonio, what have you done with my son?!'
Abruptly, Gato hung up. The plan was to tell Raquel where her husband was, in exchange of a lot of money.
At the hospital, Raquel  regained consciousness and worried about her baby but Oscar said the baby was fine. Max entered the room and she began screaming at him ,  calling him a murderer... he  killed her husband! She begged Oscar to call the police. Oscar sent everyone out and tried to calm her down.
Max angrily told Daniel and Martha that Raquel was crazy; he was innocent, but Daniel and Martha eyed him suspiciously. Oscar came out and asked if what Raquel said was true; it was a very serious accusation. Meanwhile, Gato picked the next best thing- MAURA!
Max threatened Meche, Gabriel and Chucho if they dared support Raquel in her accusations.
While Vicky was pondering over the sudden call, she received a sudden visitor, Andres! She warmly hugged him; he was in Acapulco on business and wanted to see them. He immediately asked after Raquel and was told she was now a mother. She also told him about the weird phone call and she'd been waiting for Roberto Aguirre to call back. Max entered, not pleased to see Andres and stunned to hear that 'Roberto Aguirre' had called, asking for Raquel. Who else could it be but GATO!
(HA! your day of reckoning is round the corner, bastard!!!) Vicky wondered if the man wanted to tell them that Tonio was alive or not.
Raquel is very anxious for Tonio's death to be avenged.
Meanwhile, Gato met Maura at a restaurant. She handed over a cheque to him and he told her where Tonio was. Maura is amazed hear that Tonio was  alive.
Luis couldn't believe what Max told him; Gato was dead, how could it be him? Rod refused to believe it too. But Max was very sure it was him, he had a lot to gain by wanting to talk to Raquel, probably to expose them. They decided to check Gato's old apartment. Meanwhile, Andres paid Raquel a visit at the hospital and she begged him to help her... Max had killed Tonio- she didn't care about scandal, she wanted Max punished! Andres told her about the phone call; if Max was Roberto, who was the caller? Raquel thought perhaps it was Luis, to confuse them.
Max informed Maura and Carla about the call and Carla is confused. Maura made her excuses and rushed out.
Luis got to the mansion and informed Max he had searched Gato's place and had found  hair in the bathroom sink, it WAS Gato who had called. But it was still impossible that Tonio was alive. Unknown to them, Ramon was listening!
Maura, accompanied by Alejandra's ex boyfriend (I remember his name starting with an F, so I'll call him F) get to the shack. F went in first. Tonio lay unconscious on a mat, he was alone and injured. F told Maura she could come in.
Gabriel paid Raquel a visit at the hospital and apologised for not telling her sooner; but she brushed it off. Gabriel promised to stand by her. Max entered the room and is furious to see him there. Raquel pressed her buzzer for the nurse, she wanted Max thrown out of her room. He left but dragged Gabriel with him; to her horror, Max will kill him!
But Gabriel was defiant; Max had done his worst, he was no longer scared of him. Oscar asked what the commotion was all about and Max shouted that Gabriel had been telling lies about him.Gabriel said it wasn't a lie and he'll tell everyone. Max ordered him to go home and signalled Luis to follow him and make him disappear.
Meanwhile, Tonio was being treated at a hospital, the bullet removed from his arm. Gabriel is pounced on by Luis.
Maura and F take Tonio to a house she had rented. She wasn't planning on telling Raquel Tonio was alive, as far as Maura was concerned, he belonged to her, not Raquel Lombardo. Tonio suddenly groaned and Maura rushed to his side, calling his name. Delirious, he said, 'Raquel?'
Maura said no, it was Maura. Not wasting time, she started slandering Raquel, that she had planned it with Max to kill him. Tonio is silent...

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