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Is she or is'nt she???

Antonio goes upstairs, taking Raquel with him.Victoria is confused at Raquel's odd reaction; why hadn't she hugged and kissed her husband, wasn't she glad to see him?
Evil Max's mind began working furiously.
Inside Antonio's room, Raquel is tongue-tied when he tentatively tries to have a conversation with her. before she could speak, Max barges in to tell(it's a lie) that her sister was missing, a ruse to get her away BEFORE she could break down and tell his stepbrother anything, she hurries out leaving Tonio very confused. In the garden, Max warns both girls that about the consequences if they opened their mouths. Back in her room ,Raquel tells Martha that she disliked Tonio already, he seemed to be the type of man anxious to get her into his bed.

Next morning, Antonio sends a message to Raquel that he would like her to join him for breakfast in his room. Max slips into her room to coach her on what to say to Tonio, pleading with her to forgive him for his har…

A Message From Danielle Steel

April 2008 Dear Friends, The beginning of April has always been a huge challenge for me. Most of my children are terrible practical jokers and thoroughly love torturing me on April Fool's Day. They call to tell me every imaginable horror, and of course I fall for it every year. Each time, I swear that next time I won't answer the phone, but of course I do...and I fall for it again. I'm sure this year will be no different! On a more serious note, Passover will come in April. It's an important holiday in the Jewish faith, celebrating the end of slavery and liberation of the Jewish people in biblical times. It's a wonderful time to gather friends and family around the dinner table and enjoy one another. I hope that, whatever your faith or activity, April will be a happy, peaceful month for you. Just watch out for practical jokers like my kids on the first! Love, Danielle P.S. You are always welcome to visit me at my home on the web:…