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Yeah, so far.
First- there's been grumblings about Thomas Gibson (Hotch) given the boot from the series after 11 seasons but people should remember that Gibson did wrong and was-if harshly- was punished for it. But apparently, people are still feeling sore about it, to the extent that some viewers stated on social media they will stop watching the show now that Gibson is gone. Second- the abrupt way Hotch was written out of the show, which I have to agree was not cool at all. Okay, he did wrong, but come on... Hotch has been a fixture since Season 1, surely he deserved an on-screen departure, with him exchanging hugs and handshakes with the team. 
But his final scene in his final episode in Episode 2- "Sick Day"; firmly ordering a traumatised J.J (A.J Cook) to take a week off. Take a quick look at the departure of the previous characters:

Elle Greenway (Lola Glaudini) left at Season 2, her final episode was Episode 6- “The Bogey Man”. After what happened to her at Season 1…


Chapter 20 Alamain stared out of the window, lost in thought, not seeing the beauty of the blue sky before him.  For a long time after his shattering discovery, he allowed his anger and bitterness consume him, filled with hatred for the woman who he was now on his way to find and confront. A woman he'd loved so much and thought loved him... something she'd often assured him. And he'd believed it... at least until the fateful night she disappeared. He'd nursed so much anger and bitterness, more so after her supposed death; for a long time wondering just why she did what she did in the first place. Stumbling on her in Russia had given him a terrible shock, followed by anger and the immediate need to have it out with her. But where to start? He had no idea how to find her... or what name she now went by, if she even changed it at all. An old friend of his from college, who ran a large and  very successful security and private investigating company, was given the task after…