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Dear Mr. Corday, 
As you are probably aware, there are many viewers who are not at all happy at the abrupt dismissal of Crystal Chappell and the writing off of her character from DAYS OF OUR LIVES. As a long time fan, I fail to understand why you took that decision especially since there were more than valid reasons why Bo and Carly should have had a very long continuity in the show; not to mention the many, many requests and petitions of Carbo supporters.  When Carly came back, there was great expectation that Bo and Carly will be given the love story they were denied after their end in 1993 and their strong interaction and memorable history were the two most valid reasons. Instead, Carly was written in as a mere interlude and interloper and now cast off in the cold simply to make us forget what happened between her and Bo for almost a year as well as how they were back in the 90s. 
 What is the point of maintaining a soap opera when you refuse to move forward or listen to the views and…