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Friday, July 15, 2011


Dear Mr. Corday, 

As you are probably aware, there are many viewers who are not at all happy at the abrupt dismissal of Crystal Chappell and the writing off of her character from DAYS OF OUR LIVES. As a long time fan, I fail to understand why you took that decision especially since there were more than valid reasons why Bo and Carly should have had a very long continuity in the show; not to mention the many, many requests and petitions of Carbo supporters.
 When Carly came back, there was great expectation that Bo and Carly will be given the love story they were denied after their end in 1993 and their strong interaction and memorable history were the two most valid reasons. Instead, Carly was written in as a mere interlude and interloper and now cast off in the cold simply to make us forget what happened between her and Bo for almost a year as well as how they were back in the 90s. 

 What is the point of maintaining a soap opera when you refuse to move forward or listen to the views and opinions of the viewers as well as carry out decisions in a glaringly biased way. Crystal Chappell was the best thing that ever happened to your precious show and I can’t believe she and her character were treated in such an unfair way. You raised so many hopes when she was brought back; we thought we were going to be treated to a new chapter in DAYS instead you’ve invoked a lot of bitterness and hurt by making Carly leave the show and without even so much as a goodbye to Bo. 
You and the rest of the biased group may shrug and say, “it’s just a soap”, “it’s just a soap”… a really good soap opera is supposed to move forward and maintain continuity by keeping the history of the characters in mind and that’s not what happened here at all. A memorable character was written in a bad light, reunited with her other half but then the pair was split and she is being cast aside so callously and you honestly expect those of us, especially the veteran Bo/Carly supporters  to simply accept it with a shrug and remain faithful to the show.
For your information, I  came back to DAYS because Crystal Chappell was brought back to the show and now that the Carbo story is over, I don’t intend to ever so much as catch a peep at this soap, ever. Bo and Carly splitting up again is not the only thing that angers and sickens me, it’s also the way the writers made  her mistreated in Salem by the characters who were once her friends and family and now we’ll never know if Bo’s love for her was the same as back when they were first together or just an intermission. The whole time I studied the Bo/Carly story in a writer’s point of view and I’m just too angry and disgusted to even bother analyzing it.
 There’s nothing to be gained by moving backwards or be so biased and narrow minded and that is which is what you’ve done. If you still think the action you took was the right one then you truly don’t care about your precious show or the viewers and their opinions; which is a big shame on you.

I don’t know if you’ll have the chance of coming across this letter; I don’t hold any hope that it will reverse your decision and I’m willing to bet that that you wouldn’t care at all that has been said but I wanted to air my views for all to see. DAYS OF OUR LIVES is no longer worth watching and it’s really too bad considering how long it has graced T.V screens all over the world. Other soaps have disappointed me but not as much as this one living in past glory.

 Bear in mind that’s you’ve lost this viewer who is disappointed at what this soap has become. It’s not my place to predict the future of DAYS OF OUR LIVES but as of now I rate it VERY LOW.
These are my words to you; whether they sink in or not at least I’ve had my say.

                                                     From an ex-viewer [with loathing], 
                                                                           A. Adams