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Saturday, December 25, 2010


As long as Bo & Carly's supporters keep the faith and show their support; Bo and Carly WILL have the long term love story they were cheated of and more besides! I for one am  going to disregard spoilers and firmly believe the DAYS writers will things around for the better. Bo and Carly are the ultimate iconic couple and worth fighting for, we are not about to give up on them. This video is a 'lost' Carbo montage which was carefully edited. It sums up what we all believe and want for Bo and Carly. Happy viewing and HAPPY HOLIDAYS!

Thursday, December 23, 2010


Well, no doubt Monday's episode where Bo and Carly exchanged a very painful goodbye brought tears from loyal Carbo viewers and answered my question of whether Bo was going to tell Carly where he was going and why, yet also emphasising that he didn't really want to leave her at all- the pain evident on his face.

Carly's maturity and compassion was definitely stretched to the limit when she readily urged Bo to go ahead and help Hope however he can; I can't even begin to imagine just how many women in Carly's position have the courage to do what she did; she didn't even accuse him of putting Hope ahead of their relationship. And being human, she cried bitterly after Bo closed the door behind him probably wondering  2 things; if he'll come back to her or if he'll EVER come back to Salem at all- by breaking Hope out, he'll he on the run from the law as well and by being with Hope during that time spelled reconnection/reconciliation.  

I said it before and I'll say it one more time- this storyline is stupid, no... it's now BEYOND STUPID, unfair and cruel. This time last year Carly came back to Bo's life and they'd made each other so happy all 2010, you would THINK that the writers could at LEAST have given them a blissful Christmas together but nooooo.... major angst, the worst I've ever seen on DAYS and they are pushing Bo back towards a woman who only decided she wanted him back AFTER he moved on to another. I haven't felt this bitter since their '93 breakup and it's definitely forcing me to start ignoring this show again; I started watching DAYS again(and I'm NOT the only one) specifically because I heard Carly (Crystal Chappelle)was coming back and so far, the viewers are still being denied a proper Bo and Carly story!

But that's not the only thing bothering me now; the next question... Carly loves Bo so much but isn't at all sure things will be the same between them because their goodbye in his office seemed like a breakup to her and bearing in mind Jennifer's warning about Hope always going to be a huge part in Bo's life. Bo on the other hand had already told his interfering/judgmental sister that Carly was his future despite his history with Hope. But will he have the same view when he and Hope return to Salem? 
Whether this is a breakup or being on a break; personally I have no idea and I don't know how long this separation will last.  Bo didn't say anything like 'wait for me,' 'I'll come back to you,' or anything like that but it's clear he loves her as well; it hurt him to leave but felt he had to do his duty. I don't want to be negative or anything so I will assume that Bo and Carly's goodbye is more of a 'for now' and not 'forever',and  that while on the run with Hope and sorting out her dilemma, he would at least find a way of letting Carly know that he loves her and will be coming home to her. What would console Carly now while Bo's away would be the presence of her august brother Frankie or (like the Carbos still wish for) a child fathered by Bo- at least she would have a major part of him with her.
 But what we really  want is for Carly to have him when he comes back and start all over again. And they will... because their supporters believe in them and won't stop fighting. NOT BY A LONG SHOT.

Thursday, December 16, 2010


Since  Bo's going to  be away for a long time, the next question is what's going to happen to Carly; will he even get the chance to say goodbye to her and explain anything at all before he leaves?
One spoiler I read indicated he's going to give his daughter her Christmas present early; NOTHING about him and Carly- who he STILL professes to love. Will Carly continue keeping faith-  like she did back in 1992 when he was missing for two months- or move on with her life with someone (I HATE say it) less complicated than Bo Brady? Will she... Will she... Will she... (so many of them) but I think the real question is, Will she finally have a happy ending???

This is a very stupid story line. Considering Bo and Hope have been on-off and off-on over the years I assumed that  Carly Manning was brought back after 16 years  to be a much  more stable companion for Bo and even the Bopes have to admit that Bo's never been happier since his rekindled relationship with  her. Of all of Bo's exs (Megan Hathaway, Britta Englund, Billie Reed) Carly has no devious bone in her body and like I said in my last post, she does NOT deserve to be treated this way and I'm not talking about Bo, I'm talking about the DAYS writers who can't write a proper storyline to save their lives! They are either clueless or simply delight in making such a lovely character fall from one misfortune or the other; it's bad enough that the former writers ended her memorable relationship with Bo back in 1993(well, that time they had excuse thanks to the behaviour of Robert Kelker- Kelly a.k.a 'Fake Bo'- but it was still very painful) with  the current writers giving us this garbage; just when Bo and Carly seemed to be settling down and begin their future, they make Bo run around helping his ex wife, I'm not saying that he shouldn't but NOT with guilt resting on his shoulders and making his current lady uncomfortable and insecure. Any woman in Carly's position is bound to gradually lose faith and call it quits. So far, she's handling all this in a mature, stolid way but she's looking at a Christmas alone, wondering whether or not her man will return still in love with her or be reconciled with Hope who he obviously still cares a lot about.
Much as I HATE to say it, if Carly is being used as a means to force Bo and Hope to reexamine their feelings , then a more devoted man should be given to her. And I DON'T want it to be Daniel Jonas; basically he's a good man but  is not exactly deeply in tune with her like Bo(heaven knows no other man is)- I'm not going to forget the way he behaved towards her after she told him Mel was their daughter. Not Roman Brady, Bo's brother; he's alone but that would be too weird.

My candidate for Carly, if he was still on  the show,  would be  Marcus Hunter(played by the late Richard Biggs). Back in the day, he was her close friend and confidant and they had a whole lot in common besides both being doctors.  The DAYS team have done stranger things in the past, why not recast the character and bring him back to Salem. Maybe, alternatively  it could  make Bo jealous enough to find his way back to her, especially if she happened to be pregnant with their long awaited child (as we all hope)  , creating a whole new triangle where Bo would win her back and they'll finally be together again.
Which is what we Carbos all want, for Bo and Carly to finally get their second chance. But so far, it looks like Carly's future is rather bleak.

Thursday, December 09, 2010

Carly & Bo... How patient IS patient?

Days viewers know the spoilers by now:

-Bo leaves Carly to help Hope

-Bo decides to break Hope out of jail

-Daniel finds out Bo left Carly

Big question: What's going to happen to Bo and Carly's relationship???

The main subject of discussion; while Bo and Hope are on the run, what remains for our Carly- will she remain compassionate and open minded or will she assume the worse and let Bo go?
As a longstanding Carbo fan; I'm in a postion to say that Carly's been nothing but patient and selfless since her first arrival to Salem back in 1990. Her fateful first encounter with Bo was'nt pleasant- she found him very rude until it was revealed to her that he was the grieving widower she'd heard about and went out of her way to be kind to him but that did'nt mean she stood any nonsense from him either- she gave as good as she got. She nursed the hope he would eventually come out of his shell and love her, or at least admit that he loved her; overlooking his sullen, unfair behaviour towards her and his constant rejections. But then she was forced to take a drastic step thanks to a third party interferance (Victor and Emmy) forcing  Bo to realize once and for all that he needed Carly in his life and had to stop living in the past.
And now??? Carly had more things to contend with; Melanie and half of Salem's hostility towards her, Bo's initial indecision about whether or not he was in love with her or Hope, Bo's preocupation and worry about Hope after she was arrested, which any other woman wouldn't put up with for a minute. Is Bo so confident about Carly's patience that he would risk destroying what he has with her by going on the run with Hope? It's not easy kissing off 25 years but it's clear he loves Carly... yet anything can happen between him and Hope, who he still addresses as his wife. And how will his old friend Leo fit in this very weird scenario?
Carly's a woman hard done by and  deserves to have some stabilty in her life; the only time she had it was when she and Bo and Shawn D were a family. To put it bluntly her life crumbled the minute she discovered Nicky was her son; she had to put up with his hostility towards her and her efforts at making up for the lost years only drew her away from Bo- their last encounter before Vivian injected her with morphine had been a fight over Nicky. All she ever did was try to be there for her son... as well as Bo, not at all knowing the boy was taking advantage of her patience and selflessness. And they fell apart, for 16 years. 
 Carly IS being taken advantage of, she's done nothing but show support for Bo and it looks like she's not going to have a happy ending for her kindness. I want her and Bo to have their second chance but the writers and KC are being so cruel! What does it take to give this woman her man at long last; they obviously need each other; why prolong the angst to prove some stupid point? No bias- she is everything Hope is'nt- mature, supportive, selfless; the bond she has with Bo still remains deep despite the long years of separation and no children with him.  He and Hope shared 3 children but their marriage was nothing but dysfuntional- falling out, getting back together and falling out over again. And DON'T get me started on his relationship with that scheming cow; Billie Reed.

Carly's  been more than patient but I think this patience she's about to exercise now  is carrying things too far- it unfair, UNFAIR! The writers CANNOT continue doing this to Carly; will she be able to wait for Bo that length of time? No doubt she will, but what will happen when he comes back- a REUNION or HEARTBREAK???