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As long as Bo & Carly's supporters keep the faith and show their support; Bo and Carly WILL have the long term love story they were cheated of and more besides! I for one am  going to disregard spoilers and firmly believe the DAYS writers will things around for the better. Bo and Carly are the ultimate iconic couple and worth fighting for, we are not about to give up on them. This video is a 'lost' Carbo montage which was carefully edited. It sums up what we all believe and want for Bo and Carly. Happy viewing and HAPPY HOLIDAYS!


Well, no doubt Monday's episode where Bo and Carly exchanged a very painful goodbye brought tears from loyal Carbo viewers and answered my question of whether Bo was going to tell Carly where he was going and why, yet also emphasising that he didn't really want to leave her at all- the pain evident on his face.

Carly's maturity and compassion was definitely stretched to the limit when she readily urged Bo to go ahead and help Hope however he can; I can't even begin to imagine just how many women in Carly's position have the courage to do what she did; she didn't even accuse him of putting Hope ahead of their relationship. And being human, she cried bitterly after Bo closed the door behind him probably wondering  2 things; if he'll come back to her or if he'll EVER come back to Salem at all- by breaking Hope out, he'll he on the run from the law as well and by being with Hope during that time spelled reconnection/reconciliation.  

I said it before a…


Since  Bo's going to  be away for a long time, the next question is what's going to happen to Carly; will he even get the chance to say goodbye to her and explain anything at all before he leaves?
One spoiler I read indicated he's going to give his daughter her Christmas present early; NOTHING about him and Carly- who he STILL professes to love. Will Carly continue keeping faith-  like she did back in 1992 when he was missing for two months- or move on with her life with someone (I HATE say it) less complicated than Bo Brady? Will she... Will she... Will she... (so many of them) but I think the real question is, Will she finally have a happy ending???

This is a very stupid story line. Considering Bo and Hope have been on-off and off-on over the years I assumed that  Carly Manning was brought back after 16 years  to be a much  more stable companion for Bo and even the Bopes have to admit that Bo's never been happier since his rekindled relationship with  her. Of all of B…

Carly & Bo... How patient IS patient?

Days viewers know the spoilers by now:

-Bo leaves Carly to help Hope

-Bo decides to break Hope out of jail

-Daniel finds out Bo left Carly

Big question: What's going to happen to Bo and Carly's relationship???

The main subject of discussion; while Bo and Hope are on the run, what remains for our Carly- will she remain compassionate and open minded or will she assume the worse and let Bo go?
As a longstanding Carbo fan; I'm in a postion to say that Carly's been nothing but patient and selfless since her first arrival to Salem back in 1990. Her fateful first encounter with Bo was'nt pleasant- she found him very rude until it was revealed to her that he was the grieving widower she'd heard about and went out of her way to be kind to him but that did'nt mean she stood any nonsense from him either- she gave as good as she got. She nursed the hope he would eventually come out of his shell and love her, or at least admit that he loved her; overlooking his sulle…