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Thursday, December 09, 2010

Carly & Bo... How patient IS patient?

Days viewers know the spoilers by now:

-Bo leaves Carly to help Hope

-Bo decides to break Hope out of jail

-Daniel finds out Bo left Carly

Big question: What's going to happen to Bo and Carly's relationship???

The main subject of discussion; while Bo and Hope are on the run, what remains for our Carly- will she remain compassionate and open minded or will she assume the worse and let Bo go?
As a longstanding Carbo fan; I'm in a postion to say that Carly's been nothing but patient and selfless since her first arrival to Salem back in 1990. Her fateful first encounter with Bo was'nt pleasant- she found him very rude until it was revealed to her that he was the grieving widower she'd heard about and went out of her way to be kind to him but that did'nt mean she stood any nonsense from him either- she gave as good as she got. She nursed the hope he would eventually come out of his shell and love her, or at least admit that he loved her; overlooking his sullen, unfair behaviour towards her and his constant rejections. But then she was forced to take a drastic step thanks to a third party interferance (Victor and Emmy) forcing  Bo to realize once and for all that he needed Carly in his life and had to stop living in the past.
And now??? Carly had more things to contend with; Melanie and half of Salem's hostility towards her, Bo's initial indecision about whether or not he was in love with her or Hope, Bo's preocupation and worry about Hope after she was arrested, which any other woman wouldn't put up with for a minute. Is Bo so confident about Carly's patience that he would risk destroying what he has with her by going on the run with Hope? It's not easy kissing off 25 years but it's clear he loves Carly... yet anything can happen between him and Hope, who he still addresses as his wife. And how will his old friend Leo fit in this very weird scenario?
Carly's a woman hard done by and  deserves to have some stabilty in her life; the only time she had it was when she and Bo and Shawn D were a family. To put it bluntly her life crumbled the minute she discovered Nicky was her son; she had to put up with his hostility towards her and her efforts at making up for the lost years only drew her away from Bo- their last encounter before Vivian injected her with morphine had been a fight over Nicky. All she ever did was try to be there for her son... as well as Bo, not at all knowing the boy was taking advantage of her patience and selflessness. And they fell apart, for 16 years. 
 Carly IS being taken advantage of, she's done nothing but show support for Bo and it looks like she's not going to have a happy ending for her kindness. I want her and Bo to have their second chance but the writers and KC are being so cruel! What does it take to give this woman her man at long last; they obviously need each other; why prolong the angst to prove some stupid point? No bias- she is everything Hope is'nt- mature, supportive, selfless; the bond she has with Bo still remains deep despite the long years of separation and no children with him.  He and Hope shared 3 children but their marriage was nothing but dysfuntional- falling out, getting back together and falling out over again. And DON'T get me started on his relationship with that scheming cow; Billie Reed.

Carly's  been more than patient but I think this patience she's about to exercise now  is carrying things too far- it unfair, UNFAIR! The writers CANNOT continue doing this to Carly; will she be able to wait for Bo that length of time? No doubt she will, but what will happen when he comes back- a REUNION or HEARTBREAK???


  1. Carly is being very patient indeed! Do I think this is the end of CarBo? Absolutely not!! This triangle is too balanced on both sides to just breakup CarBo and that been the end of them. Now I'm sure there is gonna be plenty of angst to come for CarBo with Bope supposedly going on the run and all but once they return and Bo sees Carly, he's gonna have to deal with the fact that he's in love with two women and which one do he really want. He has a hero complex that's gonna compell him to help Hope just like it compelled him to help Carly when she came back to town and Carly just might be the one to walk away, but I don't think it's gonna be that easy for her or Bo which will hopefully make for good drama. This triangle definitely has the potential to be a good one but it's up to the writers to bring it. Crystal is a powerhouse actress, her chemistry with Peter is off the charts, and even Crystal and Kristian onscreen chemistry as rivals is good so to just throw that all away would be sucicide for the show cuz they know they would loose so many viewers if they just threw this couple(CarBo) away for good.So I'm gonna be optimistic. I know that can be hard with these idiots writers but I still believe there is more to come in the saga of CarBo. At least a good 2yrs at least with the show been renewed in all. Okay I'm done talking now. LOL

  2. Im not worried either! I don't think it is the end of Carbo! Bo and Carly sizzle onscreen. The writers would be shooting themselves in the foot if they ended Carbo. I believe their CAN be lots of drama in this upcoming triangle if the writers can indeed write a GOOD triangle. I also believe Bo and Carly can come out on top. Bope are yester-IONS, Bo and Carly are the FUTURE of Days! They are TRUE soulmates!

  3. I don't let spoilers bother me. I seriously doubt that this is the true end of Bo and Carly. What I would like to see (but I seriously doubt I will with the less than talented or trained chimps that are writing for this show) is Carly walking away from Bo and forcing him to look at his true feelings and make him come after and pursue her which I think he will do. He knows what a good thing he has with her. And in my eyes he truly loves her. I would like to see the ladies force Bo to look at himself and his relationships with these women and demand he make a choice instead of having both. but once again...i don't think the writers (if you can call them that) can pull it off.

  4. Well written and spot on! If you have ever caught me over at SONY, you know I have said a lot of this already so bear with me (LOL).
    My biggest problem with the way this story was written was it was apparent from the get go that they wanted to angle it so that Carly was the bad one, that she came along and meddled with (don’t laugh) “A happy home.” The writers did this because they wanted Carly and Bo to be a quick fling; something that would rock the Boat of Bope. The problem is; they never anticipated the huge outpour of Carbo fans –both old and new- that would root for this storyline and have no problem making their voices heard. They also failed to figure out (and these are professional writers) that Carly is a selfless heroine- always putting the needs of her loved ones before her own.

    I find it both disturbing and amusing that it never dawned on the current writers that people would quickly figure out that Carly was not the one at fault in this whole mess. It also didn’t help that they took the character of Hope (notice how I say CHARACTER to all the trolls that are reading this) and made her indecisive, angry and irrational. I have never been a Bope fan but trust me, I have friends that are Bopers and I understand how they wouldn’t be happy with the way Hope was transformed. She was always self-righteous and a little pretentious to me but OMG, how irritating was she during this whole break-up?

    The writers took a fan favorite and basically stepped on her history, they had her hated for “falling back in love” with Bo…yes, the people of SALEM were fuming over this (meanwhile Sami‘s impulsive actions are met with kindness and understanding).

    Crystal Chappell is amazing on screen and I am a Carbo fan because she and PR just CLICK. Their story is a great one and you summed it up beautifully when you talked about how Carly patiently waited for Bo to move forward after he believed Hope to be dead. They have a deep understanding of the other and would truly do anything to see the other happy. Bo is like a different character when he is with Carly…yes, he still the protective Bo we all love but he much happier and relaxed. Bo’s face lights up when Carly walks in the room. You know what I REALLY love about these two? That they actually TALK through their problems and don’t have to hide things from one another. How refreshing to see since we know this is often not the case with DOOL couples.

    I think that Chappell and Reckell truly embrace their characters and enjoy working with one another. They take this story seriously and it shows in every scene they do together. Of course, I have nothing but respect for KA too. This prison story is BEYOND ridiculous but it still doesn’t change my belief that Carbo is a better pairing.

    The writers have strung along the fans and seriously dropped the ball on this storyline. Carly’s patient is admirable yet the town still seethes with anger toward her. It is frustrating to the fans and not fair to Crystal who is a great asset to Days. The writers need to take a chance and write a long term story for Carbo. I understand that others disagree with this but I am just giving my honest opinions about what I find to be the greatest soap couple on DOOL.

    This is a soap: my life will go on if Carbo is not end game. Quite frankly, I think Corday and Co have always made THEIR preference apparent and while it is not fair, a lot of things in life aren’t. I just want GOOD story lines for Crystal and Peter and I want this stalled writing to come to an end.

  5. The spoilers have seriously depressed me. We knew this was coming but it's not what I want. I know that if they make Bo go back to Hope, I don't want him with Carly. I want Carly to move on and find someone who won't go back and forth. I just hope that CC will be given some good material and I also hope that Dr Dan isn't paired with her, I want to see someone new for her if not Bo, but what I really want is good writing.


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