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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Elizabeth Taylor(1932-2011) Tribute

JANE EYRE (1944)




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Monday, March 21, 2011


I pasted this at SONY for the benefit of those who are not familiar with this blog and I hope it will pick up because the thread's topic really sounds like a good idea to me.
Although I've stopped watching DAYS since the breakup, I gathered from the other viewers that our Carly is hiding her pain by putting up a stoic front but is soon going to crack under the bottled feelings she's nursing and I'm not surprised, even the strongest person on earth have their breaking point and Carly's on her way towards hers, poor lady.

With Bo back with 'you know who', Carly's now alone but at least she has Mel, the reason she came back to Salem in the first place  contrary to the hateful citizens of Salem opinions. And with Daniel bonding with Jennifer, it doesn't look like there's going to be a Carly/Daniel pairing- YUCK!- NOT that I want one, I can't bear him; not after the way he behaved when Carly told him he was Mel's father, accusing her of playing God with his life by keeping it from him for so long, giving up their child and living large with Lawrence as if it was something she wanted, never thinking of all she went through just to keep him and their daughter alive. Daniel is not in tune with Carly like Bo is and a match with her is an accident waiting to happen.

No, who I still  have in mind for Carly to  be her comforter at this sad time is  Dr. Marcus Hunter. For those of you who don't know/remember Marcus( played by the late Richard Biggs; R.I.P) he was Steven Johnson's childhood friend and former head of Surgery at Salem University hospital. If you think Carly and Bo's first meeting wasn't conventional, Marcus' first encounter with our princess was even more- he literally caught her in the shower while she was staying at Justin and Adrienne's place (She'd met them at Tahiti and they'd decided to swap houses).

Despite Carly's secretive attitude, she and Marcus formed a deep friendship, so deep that even Steve asked Marcus if he was ever going to ask her out. I heard that some viewers thought that would happen but after Carly laying eyes on Bo, I'm sure they saw that a Marcus/Carly wasn't going to happen.
Anyhow, Marcus and Carly remained friends and he seemed to understand her as much as Bo did, and like Bo- he knew her INSIDE OUT. He was even the first person she revealed her true name to, operated on her when she had the elevator accident and she in turn was there for him when Steve 'died', I remember the clip when she found him in the hospital chapel praying for his friend and they exchanged a hug.
Marcus' story came to an end when he left town in 92 after he fell in love with Kayla but was rejected as she was with Shane already.Considering how bitchy Kayla is now, we can all say sweet Marcus had a NARROW escape!
With Carly all alone now, I feel that someone has to be there for her, at least for now and Marcus should be that man based on the reasons I've already stated. It makes a lot of sense to me; if the writers stubbornly refuse to bring back her brother Frankie to console his sister, then Marcus should return to Salem and be with Carly for now, played by a recast of course. Lord knows Carly deserves someone who doesn't take her for granted like Bo did (VERY VERY angry with him right now) and maybe it will open his eyes to the fact that Carly's more than beautiful enough to attract other guys who actually know what they want. If he truly still loves her, this might just force him to realize where his heart truly lies. If a fight for love could happen back in '91 (when he and Victor clashed over Carly) why can't it happen now?
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