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Chapter 18 ‘Just when it looks like she’s about to remember something, her mind goes blank again.’ Bo told Marlena via Skype. ‘And she once had a dream of Larry beating her, another time a memory of him came to her like some sort of  premonition. I thought she might remember the night I gave her that Sno’ Ball, but she didn’t.’ ‘How did she react to it?’ Marlena asked. ‘She kept staring at it and I assumed it might trigger something but it didn’t.’ ‘Has she been having other dreams?’ ‘Other than the one she told me about, I don’t know. But I was pretty sure she would at least remember the Sno’ Ball; she had a strange look on her face.’ ‘Hmmm… she probably had a familiar feeling about it, not exactly a memory.’ Marlena said, going over everything Bo told her, including Clarice displaying her medical skills while tending to the woman she’d rescued. ‘To her, it’s just déjà vu; that feeling of experiencing something in the past even though it’s a first time. From what you told me, she suff…


Hope stared down at her clasped hands and Bo couldn’t read anything on her face. For almost an hour she had listened to him as he told the whole story, not leaving out what Shane told him, Roman and Abe. For the first twenty minutes she’d stared hard at him then lowered her gaze, letting him talk with no interruptions; which he didn’t expect. Now she was deathly calm, her face expressionless as he ended his narrative. Bo waited for her to say something and when she didn’t, reached for her hand. She immediately recoiled as though he had a contractible disease. ‘Don’t you touch me.’ She hissed, her voice trembling. ‘You’re mad and I understand. I just never imagined I would ever see her again and in this situation. The initial plan was simply  help her get her memory back.’ Hope finally raised her eyes and he saw that her face now wore a look of scorn. ‘And I suppose sleeping with her was some form of therapy, huh?’ Bo bristled at the insulting words but kept his temper. ‘Before Lawrence…


As we know, this Season was quite an eventful one and not quite what we expected. The season began with a several months' jump. Kate Callahan (Jennifer Love Hewitt) wasn’t shown (as she resigned from the BAU in the Season 10 finale) and J.J is home on maternity leave for a few episodes, having given birth to another beautiful baby boy, Michael (her real-life son, Phoenix). This is the only season to date where Spencer Reid (Matthew Gray Gulber) is missing for a few episodes and yay… we got to see Morgan’s beautiful heartthrob again- Dr. Savannah Hayes (Rochelle Aytes). And there came a new member of the B.A.U; Dr. Tara Lewis

(Aisha Tyler), a forensic psychologist who wanted to catch 

criminals aside from studying them and bringing in her own

 insightful contribution to the team. And in Episode 19- 

Tribute; Paget Brewster reprised her role
as Emily Prentiss- now an Interpol agent.

 Rossi  meanwhile had a very awkward but much needed reunion with his second ex wife (Joy's mother), …