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Monday, September 19, 2011

Carly/Crystal's departure: The Pain & Injustice

As Carly's final air date draws nearer; fresh bitterness is obviously abound among the old and new Bo and Carly fans. And we have more than enough reasons to be angry, sad and bitter; with the rubbish and injustice NBC and Ken Corday subjected us to as well as to the lady of the hour, Crystal Chappell. There was just NO reason for her contract not to be prolonged or her character and Peter's to have the long term love story they deserved; not with the many, many, many petitions, letters and montages made by adoring fans. The fact that Carbo got so many new fans should have told Corday exactly what we all wanted but for his own selfish and biased  reasons; we'll never ever see that.
I'm a Nigerian woman; over the years I've seen more than my share of soap operas from the States. DAYS OF OUR LIVES got me hooked because of  Bo &Carly. From the moment I saw them; I knew they were very special and they stayed with me all the years I stopped watching after CC's departure. I can still recall just how heartbroken I was when Bo and Carly broke up in 1993; I couldn't understand why such a love story had to come to a sad end like that. When CC came back, I was shocked but overjoyed and my first thought was that this would be a new chapter in DAYS; Carly and Bo getting all they've been cheated of. New fans were treated to scenes of Bo and Carly young and so very happy in the 90's and their very special moments; realising their love on Carly's birthday. their reunion in Isabella's loft, the Mayan wedding and their promises, hopes and dreams for the future.
Everything they did and said always radiated magic and warmth and all you can do is sigh and smile at them; both Bo and Carly 90 and Bo and Carly Y2K. And let's not forget CC & Peter's superb acting; what I really admire them for mostly is the way they worked together so well immediately she came back after 16 years; like she never left DAYS at all. Such chemistry and harmony between two actors is something to marvel at and I always tuned to DAYS JUST to see them in a scene together; even if it was just 5 mins.

I've said this before and I'll say it again, it's a total shame that this happened; Bo and Carly had such a wonderful love story and now we are expected to just keep on with the show as if nothing happened  after Carly leaves Salem (without even saying goodbye to Bo). I despise Ken Corday for what he's done to this wonderful couple and I wish him joy of his STUPID show. Bo and Carly will always remain the uncrowned signature couple of DAYS OF OUR LIVES and  in our hearts forever.