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Sunday, March 29, 2015


This is a piece of info I found after a comment left on facebook and I wanted to see if it was true. And yep, it is true; Peter Reckell's handsome face will be seen in DAYS OF OUR LIVES after leaving 3 years ago. And no, he's not the only one coming back but alas... the cast member returning won't be our beloved Crystal Chappell reprising her role as Dr Carly Manning, (Bo's most significant ex who was written out of DAYS  twice).

 Instead it's a past cast member I personally didn't expect would ever  return to DAYS, Stephen Nichols who is going to reprise his role as Bo's brother-in- law and close friend; Steve Johnson. According to what I found out, Bo is to return to Salem to wrap up his storyline with *cough* Hope (Kristan Alfonso), who from what I heard (I stopped watching DAYS after the end of Bo and Carly's story) has moved on with a new dude called Aiden Jennings, who has a son from his previous marriage.
It seems DAYS will clock 50 years old this year and naturally two key cast members' (and characters) presence is needed. 
A huge pity I've given up on soaps- DAYS especially- because I would so want to see Peter Reckell reprise his role; and I don't know how long he and Nichols will be be in DAYS. Info says one thing but things  can change- will Peter and Stephen be staying after DAYS 50th anniversary, with new storylines? That might just happen.
Anyhow, it doesn't matter if they do, DAYS stopped being a soap to look forward to after the huge disappointment us carbos got 4 years ago so I'm not even going to bother watching Bo and Steve's big return to Salem. If there's anything that will get me to watch DAYS again, it would be Carbo 3.0 but sadly I don't think we'll ever get that.

And I have to add this. I'm a huge Carbo fan; no mistake about that and I'm not into Bope bashing, I always try to be diplomatic. But I can't but feel that DAYS or rather the producer and writers were never really fair about CC's character. First they write her out in 1993 after reuniting her with sleazy Lawrence Alamain (her real life husband Michael Sabatino) who caused caused them a lot of trouble. Then she returns in 2009 and made a pariah; people in the story acting as though she was the reason Bo and Hope's marriage was on the rocks and what they had was new and wrong. And don't get me started on how her daughter was made to treat her, EVEN THOUGH Carly's action had been coerced!
But the real upset is this development.
 Apparently Bo is returning to make his break up with Hope more respectable. With a  25 year history, they are DAYS signature couple, fine. But it's not like he didn't have a significant past with Carly. Unlike Billie, Carly never did all she could to separate them. When she returned, Bo fell in love with her again. And then the Carbo fans had to painfully watch Carly left in the cold eventually and turned into a lonely, heart broken drug addict.  And Bo was turned into a cad; we didn't even get to see him say goodbye to her and show some remorse by asking for her forgiveness, it was all abrupt and disrespectful. At least such a scene should have been shown and a montage of their past as Bo watch her leave with Nicholas because they had a significant past even if it was only for 3 years; like it or not!

And did any  notice that during Frances Reid's (Alice Horton) tribute, how a lot of characters got flashbacks of past conversations with Alice but Carly didn't, even though Mrs. Horton was a mother figure to her?

This makes me even more disappointed with DAYS and I'm glad it's no longer on my 'to watch list'; after what happened in 2011, I've long given up on soaps, DAYS especially. Bo and Carly's final parting wasn't handled well at all but now they are able to get him back for DAYS 50th anniversary to wrap up his story with Hope but back in 2011, they couldn't write a proper goodbye scene with Carly. If they had let them exchange a goodbye at the airport, with Carly quietly giving him her forgiveness, maybe I wouldn't feel there's a lot of bias on the part of the DAYS producers.

Monday, March 16, 2015

Wuthering Heights: Heathcliff & Catherine

This intensely gothic classic penned by the younger sister of Charlotte Bronte- best known for Jane Eyre- should have been titled Heathcliff and Catherine or just Heathcliff instead of Wuthering Heights. Having read Jane Eyre several times over, Emily’s only novel was a surprise as it was a lot darker in tone; a love story yes, but a doomed one. After reading this, one wonders if two people who are too much alike can actually make a relationship work!

Tuesday, March 03, 2015


Weather report turns to a hilarious tug of war between weatherman Mike Sobel and Ripple the dog! I can't imagine this happening on N.T.A... lol