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This is a piece of info I found after a comment left on facebook and I wanted to see if it was true. And yep, it is true; Peter Reckell's handsome face will be seen in DAYS OF OUR LIVES after leaving 3 years ago. And no, he's not the only one coming back but alas... the cast member returning won't be our beloved Crystal Chappell reprising her role as Dr Carly Manning, (Bo's most significant ex who was written out of DAYS  twice).

 Instead it's a past cast member I personally didn't expect would ever  return to DAYS, Stephen Nichols who is going to reprise his role as Bo's brother-in- law and close friend; Steve Johnson. According to what I found out, Bo is to return to Salem to wrap up his storyline with *cough* Hope (Kristan Alfonso), who from what I heard (I stopped watching DAYS after the end of Bo and Carly's story) has moved on with a new dude called Aiden Jennings, who has a son from his previous marriage. It seems DAYS will clock 50 years old t…

Wuthering Heights: Heathcliff & Catherine

This intensely gothic classic penned by the younger sister of Charlotte Bronte- best known for Jane Eyre- should have been titled Heathcliff and Catherine or just Heathcliff instead of Wuthering Heights. Having read Jane Eyre several times over, Emily’s only novel was a surprise as it was a lot darker in tone; a love story yes, but a doomed one. After reading this, one wonders if two people who are too much alike can actually make a relationship work!
Heathcliff was found on the streets by Catherine’s father, Mr. Earnshaw during a shopping trip to Liverpool and on returning him to the family home- Wuthering Heights- is immediately disliked by the Earnshaw son, Hindley but became thick as thieves with little Catherine; from children to teenagers; finding in each other, their soul mate. But with the elder Earnshaws’ deaths; Hindley vindictively refused to recognize Heathcliff as a member of the family, turning him into a servant in the household and doing all he can to break his friendsh…


Weather report turns to a hilarious tug of war between weatherman Mike Sobel and Ripple the dog! I can't imagine this happening on N.T.A... lol