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GALAXY TV is pouring out televenovelas more than any other channel so far but the one holding my interest is SORTILEGIO . Now I wrote a post about this telenovela in this  blog  back in February 2010 and for those Naija folks just visiting this blog; SORTILEGIO ( Love Spell )  is the 3rd and current remake of the 1985 telenovela TU O NADIEknown by us as NO ONE BUT YOU- the second telenovela to hit our Nigerian screens back in 1993; the first being THE RICH ALSO CRY.
TU O NADIE (No One But You)  starred the lovely Lucia Mendez and the hunky and very macho Andres Garcia( Antonio and Raquel)  and every episode left us spell bound. SORTILEGIO stars the very handsome Cuban actor William Levy as Alejandro 'Alex'  and the lovely Jacqueline Bracamontes as Maria Jose; the villain is David Zepeda who played Bruno (though as far as I'm concerned, the original villain Max, played by Salvador Pineda was FAR more sinister). 
As far as remakes go; I like the exotic setting of SORTILEGIO; W…