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Sunday, September 05, 2010


In all my years of watching soaps, I haven't seen such fan love like the one Bo Brady and Carly Manning are receiving, especially from the fan sites www.theprincessandthesailor. and, even; so many Bo and Carly montages made by adoring fans- which I would describe as  VISUAL votes and petitions that Carly's the woman for Bo and we are not going to rest until they have the  long term love story they deserve. And it's not just the fact they are perfect for each other; they only had THREE YEARS together  and it's not fair at all!

Right now, the fall preview's not good at all; apparently Bo and Hope will be reunited and Carly will be alone again and since she blames herself for Hope's breakdown, she'll humbly step aside; already she has told Bo she will gladly leave Salem again for his sake and it's not right for the writers to do this; Bo is obviously happier and more himself around this lovely lady- why should he be forced to chose being dutiful towards Hope who made him so miserable than with Carly who he loves so dearly?


Ken Corday, the executive producer (and a lot of things I want to call him, thanks to the ridiculous storyline Bo and Carly are getting these days), isn't getting it AT ALL; Carly may not be Bo's first love like Hope but she  is Bo's mature love, the real woman he deserves to be with and PLUS, a lot people started watching DAYS again because of Bo and Carly and a lot of people will LEAVE if they are split up. This couple have  been cheated of a lot of things and they deserve this second chance! Join us in the fight to keep them them together and visit the Bo& Carly thread @ Sony and make your voice heard; that BO AND CARLY should remain a couple!