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CARBO FAN FICTION-Return Journey: Chapter 10

Chapter 10
‘Mummy, Grandma, Aunt Maggie; guess what?’ Ciara bounced into the Brady Pub; a delighted, excited expression all over her pretty face. ‘Ciara...’ Bo began, but Ciara was too happy and animated to heed her father. ‘Darcy’s getting married!’ She burst out gleefully, skipping about in excitement. ‘And I’m going to be a flower girl and Mel’s going to be her bridesmaid!’


Let me clarify something first ; I'm an ex-viewer of DAYS OF OUR LIVES, I no longer watch nor support it; it's a show that lost its glory a long time ago and I could care less if it remains for more seasons or not. I'm so disappointed at how the show is now; especially with the absence of my favorite couple- Bo and Carly.

This is not something I expect to happen  at all but it's an interesting question: which actor can fill Peter
Reckell's shoes? That itself is not even  possible except from 1992-1995 when Bo Brady was played by Robert Kelker Kelly. His portrayal was good; not the same as Peter's because I (and probably other viewers back then ) noticed that the working rapport wasn't as strong as the one she had with Peter and from  what I saw in the old clips, she truly truly tried her best to make their scenes together work.

Who else can likely play Bo Brady aside these two actors; nagging question! I went over the actors I liked the most and finally set…

CARBO FAN FICTION- Return Journey: Chapter 9

Chapter 9

Victor sat in his study, waiting for Carly to arrive. He’d phoned her an hour ago, asking her to come by the house when she had the time; luckily she wasn't busy and agreed to come, to his relief. He had plenty to say to her and he hoped a lot of good will come out of it.