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Never step into THE PET SEMATARY!

In the spirit of Halloween; I choose to go over one of Stephen King's earlier works; Pet Sematary- a book, according to trivia I gleaned, he almost didn't hand over to be published because the story scared a lot of people... including himself.
And no wonder. The first edition cover is enough to terrify anyone but the story itself... how many would want to read it again? It's not just the story itself, but more about the question derived from reading it and that is... is death really better?

The plot: The Creed family moves to Ludlow, Maine (Maine the setting of most of King's works). The family consists of the father Louis, his wife Rachel (who has a morbid fear of death due to witnessing her sister's agonising death from spinal meningitis), their little daughter Ellie and their baby boy, Gage. They immediately befriended their neighbor across the road, Judd Crandall who takes them on a tour to the nearby Pet Cemetery; to Rachel's dismay, which affects her for…


MAGIC (1978) 



   THE THING (1982) 

                                      CARRIE (2013) 

        HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!  

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Can anyone resist the angst filled love stories surrounding a beautiful heroine and a handsome, dashing hero? No! Telenovelas differ from soap operas; the main difference being the main coupe in the story, after overcoming misunderstandings and obstacles by the antagonists; have a guaranteed happy ending, which is how the story ends; unlike soap operas (also a guilty pleasure), you have the love, passion and angst as well but alas, the couple are split up, get back together and then split again and several storylines are brought in, some of them really exasperating. Not that telenovelas don’t give out their own share of exasperation, most viewers get worked up when the story isn’t going the way they want- the best example being when the hero and heroine aren’t together no thanks to the scheming of their enemies or for some other reason. We forget it’s all fiction and feel connected to some of the characters- the main couple especially- try to guess the outcome and at the same time hopi…

Jane Austen's PERSUASION

When one speaks of Jane Austen's (1775-1817) works, the discussion would immediately lead to  Pride and Prejudice, Sense and Sensibility and Emma; perhaps Mansfield Park.  But if anyone wanted to start a Jane Austen discussion with me, I would want to talk about her final book; Persuasion. 

Set during the Napoleon War era, Persuasion is about a totally different of all Austen's heroines- Anne Elliot. She's the middle child of the family; the first daughter  being Elizabeth and the youngest  one is Mary. Elizabeth is as vain and self-absorbed as their father; Sir Walter while Mary Elliot Musgrove, the only married one among the three girls- is whiny and  likes being the center of attention.

Eight years before the main events of the book, Anne was dating a naval officer she was very much in love with, Frederick Wentworth, who however was poor and in those days; a girl from good family is not expected to marry a poor man as such an alliance was deemed 'unsuitable.' A…


I've tried out quizzes like these; some of them actually tell me what I already know about myself; others really startled. Do personality quizzes really tell the truth about the self? Try them out and see!


PART 8 When the void lifted, Melanie saw several girls milling around in school uniform, books under their arms. Afancy all girls school, she noted, seeing the imposing gray building with four towers. Two girls came down the stairs, bags over their shoulders. Melanie basked in the sight of a teenage Carly, her hair pulled back in a pony tail, accompanied by...‘Jennifer!’ she exclaimed, immediately recognising the blonde girl. ‘It’s their final term.’ Isabella explained. ‘And Carly wasn’t planning on going home. She was expected to marry Lawrence the following year and she wanted no part of her father and Leopold’s arrangement.’ As she spoke, Carly and Jennifer fist bumped and then exchanged a heartfelt hug. ‘But what about Frankie? Did she tell him she was leaving?’ ‘He made her promise not to give in to their parents’ order before he left home. Through letters they stayed in contact but it was several years before she saw Frankie or Jennifer again.’ The scene was suddenly enveloped b…