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Wednesday, December 03, 2008


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Justine meanwhile becomes a stage actress in Europe and one day visits Dane at the Vatican. Cardinal Vittorio liked her immediately; he later told Ralph she was ‘very entertaining’ and how underneath her independent spirit and flippant way of talking was a very sensitive young woman. Some one else is also attracted to Justine, a friend of Ralph’s- Rainer "Rain" Moerling Harheim, a German politician and several years older than her. Justine goes out with him but is afraid of total commitment, although she loves him as well. Dane is later ordained as a priest, ironically by his own father. He takes a vacation to Crete in Greece, Justine was to join him but she stayed behind to be with Rain. While swimming in the sea, Dane noticed two women in trouble with the current and swarm to rescue them but he suffered a sudden heart attack and drowned!
Meggie is told the terrible news by Fee who'd spoken with Justine over the phone and after some difficulty; Dane’s body is flown back to Drogheda accompanied by Ralph, Justine and Rain. Dane’s remains is taken to the family vault. Ralph tries his best to console Meggie but filled with pent up rage and sorrow, she turned to him and told him the truth; DANE WAS HIS SON! Ralph faintly said it was'nt true but Meggie coldly asked him how on earth would he think she could go back to Luke after what they had done at Matlock Island; Dane was his son, a more perfect version of himself. Ralph burst into heart wrenching tears but Meggie made no move to comfort him.
Rain tells Meggie that Justine felt she was the cause of her brother’s death by not being with him in Crete and had decided to move back to Drogheda permanently, instead of going back to London. But Meggie tells Justine she had nothing to be guilty about; it was true she had loved Dane more than her and had neglected her like Fee did to her years back, but she still loved her daughter very much. The two embrace each other warmly and Justine follows her mother’s advice of finding happiness; she finally said yes to Rain’s proposal of marriage.
Justine and Rain take their leave, telling Meggie that Ralph wasn’t flying back with them and he wanted to see her. Meggie found him in the flower garden (where they’d exchanged their first kiss so many years back), in prayer. He however looked up when he felt Meggie’s hand on his shoulder.
She slipped her arms round him and he held her ; hugging each other in reconciliation. Ralph filled with relief, said, ‘My Meggie. I knew you would forgive me, I knew.’ He signaled to her not to apologize to him for her harshness.
He looked even more frail, broken down by the knowledge he had failed Meggie by putting his ambition to be Cardinal before her, instead of leaving the church and marrying her a long time ago. He knew very well that choice would cause him pain and yet he had done it anyway. And Meggie had gone through many battles but still had the ability to love & she'd never stopped loving him despite the way he'd wronged her. Meggie didn’t reproach him; instead she rested her head on his lap, while he stroked her hair. Ralph is noticeably very ill but still kept his hand on Meggie's head, stroking her hair.
He asked her if she remembered a story he’d told her years ago, about the mythical thorn bird that searches for a thorn tree from the day it hatches. She remembered, he had told the story the night Frank and Paddy had quarreled. When the bird finds the perfect thorn, it impales itself –singing its most beautiful song as it dies. Ralph replied, the bird is not aware of its death, it just sings and sings and dies singing. But they humans, when they put the thorns in their breasts, they know very well. They understand but still they do it.
Meggie smiled sadly , kissed his hand and put her head back on his lap,while he continued stroking her hair, once red with golden highlights, now gray. But after a while, Meggie noticed his hand had stopped moving; it had fallen to his side. She looked up and saw his eyes were closed forever.
Ralph, whom she’d known and loved for 43 years… was dead. She touched his cheek and hugged him, too numb with grief to cry. She then placed her head back on his lap,
the plane conveying Justine and Rainer to Sydney flying overhead...


Monday, December 01, 2008


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Ralph and Meggie spent several idyllic days on the Island, the happiest they'd had in years. Ralph now realised that being in love with Meggie made him a man like all men, despite his ambition to be the perfect priest. He however had to go back to his duties in Rome but tells Meggie he truly wished he could marry her and never be apart from her ever again; he'll never stop loving her, she must remember that. They exchange a very painful goodbye and he leaves for Rome, while she prepares to leave Luke. When she returned back to Anne and Luddie's house, she already knew she was pregnant... with RALPH'S BABY!
To cover up, (in the novel) she spent one night with Luke, told him exactly what she thought of him and left, telling him he could kept the money he'd stolen from her but he must never step one foot into Drogheda or expect more money from her from then on. She and Justine went back to Drogheda and are very warmly recieved. Months later, Meggie gave birth to Ralph's child, a beautiful baby boy she named Dane. Fee is the only one who immediately knew that Ralph is the father, not Luke, the boy resembled Ralph very much, except for the colour of his hair, blonde while Ralph's was black. Over the years no one in the family ever found out (blind or stupid, I don't know). Ralph confessed to his mentor, Cardinal Vittorio about what had finally happened between him and Meggie. Vittorio, who had known about their love since the rose Meggie had given Ralph fell out of the missal he stored it in, understood and was'nt shocked , especially since it had been with The Rose, (his own name for Meggie) whom he felt very sorry for.
19 years later, Ralph is finally a Cardinal and goes to visit Drogheda. He meets Meggie's children, outspoken Justine and respectful Dane. Meggie is now in her forties, Ralph in his sixties but their love for each other is as strong as ever; they shared another romantic night together. Perhaps Meggie would have told Ralph her secret if Ralph hadn't expressed his hurt about her going back to Luke after what they had done in the Island, and allowing him to father Dane- -she merely told him no one thought of Dane as Luke's son, but as her son. Ralph forms an immediate rapport with Dane during his stay, not realising at all that he was his son, neither does Dane. Dane shocks his family, especially his mother of his intention of becoming a priest! Meggie doesn't blame Ralph as the boy had already decided before meeting Ralph at all. Fee points out to Meggie that what she'd stolen from God, she must now give back. Meggie resignedly sends Dane to Rome, to be under Ralph's care. Vittorio, who sees through anyone and anything, immediately saw that The Rose's son was fathered by Ralph due to their resemblance. To cover up and at the same time protect the three of them, he asks Ralph to say that Dane was his nephew to avoid people saying he was showing too much preference to Dane. They agree and it worked. -TO BE CONTINUED...

Sunday, November 30, 2008


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Meggie married Luke O' Neill but the marriage is an unhappy one right from day one. Luke was a miserly oppoturnist who'd only married her for her money; he regarded women in general as sex objects and prefered to hang out with men more often. They go to Queensland and he gets her a live-in job with a couple, Luddie and Anne Mueller who treat her very kindly. He finds himself a job as a cane cutter in a sugar cane plantation. Before he left, he arranges for Meggie's wages to be paid direcly to him and he keeps her bank book which has all her savings. He claimed he was saving to buy a homestead for both of them, but he had no intention of spending any money or give up the toil of sugar cane cutting as it is very competitive. He hardly visited Meggie and in her despair, she gets pregnant on purpose, in order to force Luke to settle down but it does'nt work, he's angry at having another mouth to feed. Most of the time, Meggie thinks about Ralph and longs to go back home, but is far too proud to tell her brothers Luke treated her badly. One of her brothers, Bob, wrote to her that Ralph visited them unexpectedly and had been upset she was'nt there & furious that they had'nt told him she'd married, and how he moped around as if she would suddenly appear. But her brothers still didn't suspect anything,they just felt Ralph missed her since they've always had a deep bond. Ralph, now an archbishop, is very sad at Meggie's absence & marriage and very worried about her. Luke did'nt sound like a nice person to him. Cardinal Vittorio, his mentor, found out the reason why Ralph had been harbouring so much sadness in his eyes for a long time when the rose Meggie had given him fell out of his missal. Ralph confessed it spoke of a love as pure as he bore God and it was for the church he'd forsaken her. Vittorio tried to cheer him up and vowed to always pray for Meggie- 'The Rose' as he called her.
Much to Luke's anger, Meggie had written to Ralph for a loan in the hope Luke would have more than enough money to buy a house instead of saving so hard, not realising he was hoarding Meggie's money with no intention of spending at all, he was merely making excuses. Ralph received her  letter in Sydney, the letter forwarded from Greece.

Meggie's due date comes and she has a very difficult labour. She bravely resists the pain but kept on yelling for Ralph. Ralph suddenly appears, much to Anne and Luddie's amazement(they had'nt expected the Ralph Meggie kept calling to be an archbishop) and immediately realise that the two were in love. Ralph asked the doctor to save Meggie if he had to chose between her and the baby- but fortunately both survive.
Meggie gives birth to a baby girl, whom she named Justine. But she wished that the child was Ralph's and accused him of ruining her life by saying he loved her but chose to remain in the church instead of marrying her and treated her as if she was still a child. Ralph is very sad at Meggie's state but leaves. Luke still does'nt come over the months to see Meggie or Justine. Meggie is yet to recover from childbirth so Anne and Luddie send her to a private resort called Matlock Island for 2 months to get her strength back. Ralph comes to see Meggie on his way to Rome and is told by Anne where Meggie was. He gets there, merely to visit Meggie and mend fences but Meggie, angry that he'd showed up to hurt her again tries to run away from him but he ran after her and caught her, kissing her passionately. A short while later the couple at long last consummated their love...


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This is the title of a very touching story(also adapted into a mini-series) by Colleen McCullough that I’ve read several times and I decided to share it with my visitors so I can get honest opinions. The Thorn Birds is a romantic saga of three generations and it all begins with a little girl called Meghann Cleary, commonly called ‘Meggie’ by friends and family. She is the only girl in a family of several boys, headed by a very hardworking Irish man called Paddy and his overworked wife, Fiona, commonly called ‘Fee.’ She had been handed over to Paddy years back after she had ‘disgraced’ her aristocratic family and did her utmost best to be a good wife and mother but most times she was quiet and remote and mostly favoured her eldest boy, Frank, who never got on well with Paddy. This family lived in New Zealand.
In Australia lived Mary Carson, Paddy’s older sister who had married a rich man and owned several properties; the most well known is her sheep station called ‘Drogheda’. She was a widow with no children and as such decided to send for Paddy and his family to help out in the estate but will become her heirs after she died. When they arrive, the priest of the parish is sent to pick them up from the train station. The 28 year old, stunningly handsome priest, Father Ralph de Bricassart, goes to the station to meet the Cleary family and is immediately captivated by the 10 year old Meggie, whom he regarded as the sweetest, most adorable little girl he’d ever seen and the daughter he’ll never have. Meggie in turn makes Father Ralph the centre of her world as the family, except her oldest brother Frank, hardly had time for her. Ralph and Meggie from then on formed an unbreakable bond. This made Mary Carson angry and jealous; she harboured a deeply passionate obsession for Ralph and hoped in time she’ll be able to entice him into breaking his vows by using her money as bait. He needed money in order to liberate him from his present exile (he was there because he’d been rude to a bishop) and hoped Mary would give him a hefty sum for the Catholic Church, so that he’ll rise up and one day be Cardinal.
Frank’s rocky relationship with Paddy hits the rocks permanently one fateful evening. During a quarrel witnessed by Ralph and Meggie, Paddy unintentionally blurts out the truth; he’s not Frank’s father. Fee’s ‘disgrace’ had been sleeping with a married politician, at the age of 17 and gotten pregnant with Frank. After her grandmother (the only one who’d supported her) died, her rich father had handed her over to Paddy, who’d been one pf the workers on the estate and was forever banished from the family. As Frank was the fruit of that lost love, Fee loved him far more than anyone in the family. Devastated, Frank left home to join a boxing troupe but was later imprisoned for assault. Unhappy at what she’d witnessed and the death of her baby brother afterwards, Meggie clung to Ralph more than ever over the years; he did his best to console her and spent most of his free time with her, infuriating Mary all the more. Everyone else merely saw their relationship as that of brother and sister, but not her. She decided that though she’ll never have Ralph, she’d see to it Meggie never had him instead and would always be dependent on him.
Mary’s 72nd birthday party changed the course of Ralph & Meggie’s lives forever. Meggie showed up at the party looking very beautiful in an ashes of roses (rose-pink) dress, shyly looking at Ralph. It was then Ralph’s feelings evolved- Meggie was now 18, and no longer little Meggie, he was now IN LOVE with her. Two guests noticed the way he gazed at her and stroked her hair, which made him restrain himself and avoided her for the rest of the evening. Later on in the garden, he explained to Meggie that some people might feel their relationship wasn’t platonic if he’d been more attentive towards her. Meggie in turn realised her own feelings towards Ralph. Mary died in her sleep that night and it’s discovered she’d made a new will which forced Ralph to choose between Meggie and his ambition to become Cardinal one day. Drogheda and 13 million pounds is to go to the Catholic Church. The Clearys were to remain in Drogheda as administrators and residents as long as a Cleary descendant was alive- Ralph was to be the executor and pay them hefty salaries. Paddy refused to contest the will, much to Ralph’s anger, he KNEW why Mary had done what she did and he hated her for it. Paddy and the family weren’t greedy, they felt living in Drogheda for the rest of their lives and earning large salaries was more than enough- besides the sum of 13 million pounds frightened Paddy. Ralph and Meggie exchange a very painful goodbye. They confessed their love but Ralph begged her to marry and be happy with someone else. They exchanged their first kiss before he abruptly left her for Sydney. Meggie was unhappy but was confident Ralph would somehow leave the church and marry her.
Some time later, one of the fields in Drogheda is struck by lightning and catches fire. Paddy is burnt to death and one of his sons, Stuart who went to look for him is gored to death by a wild boar. Ralph comes to Drogheda and is told the sad news. He finds Meggie alone and consoles her, which led to them to exchange passionate kisses again, but Ralph forces himself not to let it go further. Ralph conducted the funerals and before he left, Meggie gave him a rose to remember her by. He placed it in his missal and kept it there from then on.
Three years later, a new worker at the ranch, Luke O’ Neill courts Meggie and in an effort to forget Ralph, she encourages it.


Saturday, November 22, 2008


Thank you for coming to my defence Nkechi, I'm as sorry as everyone about this unexpected development; as we speak, I'm doing my best to find another source of material. As for Sister Joy, I DO make an effort for telenovela posts; I found material for my LA USURPADORA posts to the FINALE plus its sequel MAS ALLA USURPADORA after a very long search. Besides, Mrs. Philo is a professional and has been blogging long before me; i'm just a humble writer yet to make money from this blog & recieve royalites from my 2 children's books released in 2006. My aim is keeping my readers satisfied and I'll never stop doing that. Anyone who has additional material for La Mujer de Lorenzo is free to contribute. Meanwhile click on the links above to read on LA USURPADORA ,its short sequel as well as gist about the star of the show, Gabriella Spanic. And rememeber, there'll be more posts on TU O NADIE(No one but you). Seasons Greetings!

Sunday, November 16, 2008


VERY BAD NEWS folks; my main source of material, MBI, announced its temporary closure of operations in THE PUNCH and as such, unless I find another source, there would be no LA MUJER DE LORENZO posts for a while. I'm very pissed off about all this, especially since it seems the telenovela is about to come to an end. But don't despair, there'll still be posts on the other telenovela, TU O NADIE (No one but you) and I promise, it's eqaually interesting. Pls, continue to log in on my blog, I won't disappiont you.
P.S click on CUANDO SEAS MIA FINAL EPISODE (contd.) & see the additional pics I added to the post.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

2 BIG LOSSES: Makemba and Crichton

I'm sure many of us have heard about the recent death of 'MAMA AFRICA', Miriam Makeba in
Italy, when she collapased on stage during a concert. But while Africa is in mourning, so is America, for they've just lost one of their most talented writers, who was also a medical doctor, producer and director. I'm talking about Michael Crichton, author of JURASSIC PARK,
THE LOST WORLD, RISING SUN, DISCLOSURE, & other novels, including being the creator of the T.V series ER. Mama died of a heartattack(on stage) at age 76, which Crichton died at 66 after losing his battle with cancer. Both will be greatly missed and I know the legacy they left behind will go on for a long, long time. May they both rest in peace.

Thursday, November 06, 2008


The euphoria of President-elect Obama's victory is yet to fade away; I heard in the news today that new mothers in Kenya have been naming their new born sons 'Barack' & daughters 'Michelle' after the new First Lady. Already President Bush has welcomed his successor & his family to the White House & commented that his victory ''a triumph of the American story.'' The swearing in is to take place on January 20th 2009; I'm sure a lot of Nigerians would be glued to their T.V sets on that second historical day. Personally I plan on taping it if NTA shows it live.

We should all pray for President-elect Obama , that his administration would be fruitful peaceful and he'll more than justify his voters'confidence in him.
As for the soon to be First Lady, Michelle Obama and their two little girls Malia Ann & Natasha- no doubt living at the White House would be overwhelming at first but gradually they'll have to adjust and also play their own roles during the new president's tenure. I JUST CAN'T STOP praising God for this unforgetable triumph in history.

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

'THIS IS THE LORD'S WORK!' - Elizabeth the 1st

PRAISE BE TO GOD, FROM WHOM ALL BLESSINGS & MIRACLES FLOW!!! When I got up this morning, (i stayed up till 2 watching the polls) I immediately switched on the T.V and STV News reported that Senator Barack Obama emerged the winner of the 2008 U.S.A presidential elections! AT LONG, LONG LAST- Dr. King's dream finally realised, our prayers answered - a free and fair election resulted in an african-american the new president of the U.S.A. This is truly a historical and very,very happy day for the black race and I can't stop praising God for making this happen; I never never doubted for a minute He had something huge in store for the so long downtrodden african-amercians, never doubted it for a minute. Already several world leaders have congratulated the new president-elect on his victoryand a mass celebration is still going on in his late father's country-Kenya, their president has even declared tommorow a national holiday to commemorate this happy day.

What I like best about this is that a lot of people, BOTH black & white, voted for Obama, showing interracial unity, equality and friendship- one of the main things Dr. King wanted so much & for that I praise and thank God to infinity. And wherever Dr. King, Rosa Parks, Medgar Evers & Malcom X are now, I sincerely believe they are weeping & singing with joy at what God has brought to America, A GREAT CHANGE.


Tuesday, November 04, 2008


"One day, there’ll come a time when we’ll be judged not by the colour of our skin but by the content of our characters…

Let freedom ring. And when this happens, and when we allow freedom ring—when we let it ring from every village and every hamlet, from every state and every city, we will be able to speed up that day when all of God's children—black men and white men, Jews and Gentiles, Protestants and Catholics—will be able to join hands and sing in the words of the old Negro spiritual: "Free at last! Free at last! Thank God Almighty, we are free at last!"

Martin Luther King (1929- 68)

And by ‘SOLDIERS OF CHANGE’ I’m referring to the Americans who supported the Civil Rights Movement back in the 60’s as well as the Americans today supporting & voting for Senator Barak Obama-the first African-American presidential candidate after the bitter years of slavery, complete inequality & racism & oppression. Ever since I watched HEAD OF STATE, I prayed and prayed & never doubted that ONE DAY, Martin Luther King’s DREAM would one day be a reality. In many ways it actually has, but this historical day would make him sing in heaven! And I’d like to say Colin Powell is a living example of a gentleman- he’s a former Secretary of State and a Republican, yet he’s publicly declared he will vote for Obama!
I heard in Yahoo News that Obama is leading in the polls as well as the sad news of his beloved grandmother’s death (Allah rest her soul). I just hope whatever the outcome there won’t be any horrible riots out there; so far the election is quite peaceful, which is something this country is yet to practise as well as good sportsmanship in politics. There’s widespread praying here & in other parts of Africa, especially in his father’s country- Kenya- for the outcome to be the pride of Africa end up becoming the new President of U.S.A. Obama isn’t just representing the democratic party, he’s representing the entire black race- and God knows when U.S would ever have another African- American presidential candidate again.
On the other hand, McCain would be making history too, being the oldest man to run for first term , just as John F. Kennedy was the youngest man to be sworn in as President. But be as it may, it’s time for a great change & for the Presidency to be back in the hands of the Democrats; Senator Obama has already promised his first act would be ordering the troops to leave Iraq & negotiate for peace once & for all. The soldiers of change should pray and pray and leave it in our Master’s hands ; He alone knows who the winner is going to be…


Sylvia is very tearful & at the last minute doesn't allow Lorenzo to kiss her( i remember their first kiss; he practically devoured her). She believes what they were doing was wrong; Alex didn't deserve as he was a changed man. Lorenzo pleads with her not to marry Alex, it would hurt them both since they were in love with each other. Sylvia replied marrying Alex was a decision she was still working on & tearfully asked him to leave her alone. Laura begged her father to persuade Isabella to come to her motel room, she wanted to convince her to drop the charges. Jose is sceptic that it was the actual reason but he agrees. After he leaves, she brings out a gun...

E.I watches the news, which is all about Laura's escape. She gets a call from Laura but Laura is silent over the phone. After she hangs up, she calls the police.

Alex returns to find Sylvia looking depressed. He asked her why she didn't come to the park & they realise it had been a trick to get her alone with Lorenzo. She told Alex what she'd told Lorenzo & promised to give Alex an answer soon & talk to her cousins as well. Alex is annoyed at the way the family is still treating him. Nattie bitterly recollects the night Orlando had asked her to marry him . Sylvia comes in and scolds her for asking Lorenzo to see her & tells her to leave her alone to handle her life HER WAY, she loved Alex & won't be fixing things with Lorenzo as Alex won't let her downh again. Alex attempts to beat Conan up for his trick but Lysette stops him. He threatened to rearrange his face if he did it again and Sylvia will marry him whether they liked it or not. Lorenzo thinks over what Sylvia had told him. Tony asks Conan not to be at the wedding-he's very insecure around him.Conan reluctantly agreed, to keep the peace between them. Giacormo tells Lorenzo over the phone about what the news was saying about Laura but Lorenzo can't be bothered, since she more than deserved it. Alex barges into Lorenzo's house & attempts to punch him out but Lorenzo, being stronger, overpowered him instead. Alex warns him to leave Sylvia alone. Lorenzo is really disgusted at his audacity; he had cheated on Sylvia & ruined his marriage, he was only pretending to be a changed man & once Sylvia realised that, she'll leave him & he, Lorenzo would be waiting for her- he was the one she really loved. He ordered the idiot to get out of his house. E.P suspected Jose knew where Luara was as he acted nervous at the mention of her name. E.I shows up at the office the next morning , much better & told Lorenzo about the scary phone call, telling him she only felt safe around him. But Lorenzo clearly did'nt feel flattered at that statement, his mind was filled with thoughts about Sylvia. (who I feel is being more childish than foolish).

Monday, November 03, 2008


Giacormo visited Lorenzo & when Lorenzo told him he was going to divorce Laura, he pointed out Laura seemed to be mentally unstable & needed him for moral support. But Lorenzo is unsympathetic this time- she was an adulteress & a murderer, he’d finally had enough. José advises Mimi to marry for love, she insisted she loved Tony. Surprisingly, Sylvia visited E.I at her suite & is asked if there was anything between her and Lorenzo now that he was a free man. She replied she was going out with Alex & therefore unavailable since Alex was a changed man & was thinking of marrying him. E.I advised her not to make a move on Lorenzo unless she wanted to end up like Laura. Sylvia is not frightened of her; Lorenzo wasn’t part of her life but she was sure he wouldn’t end up with E.I either. With that she left. A policeman enters Laura’s room but finds it empty; she’s ESCAPED!
Outside, Laura, disguised as a nurse, boards a taxi. Horsy finds Alex in Sylvia’s office, reading the paper. She has some cheques for Sylvia so he collects them for her. They flirt with each other despite Alex telling her he was in love with Sylvia. Conan caught them red handed but he acts impassive as he signed for the checks. Horsy assured him she & Alex were friends but he had more to offer than Conan ever will. Mimi wanted Tony to see a movie with her but he’s very busy at the boutique. E.P asked Sylvia if Alex had proposed to her, Sylvia however hadn’t said yes yet & is uncomfortable at E.P’s over affectionate manner towards her. She still can’t forget Alex’s affair with Laura, so she had a lot of thinking to do. Lorenzo is astonished to see E.I had been discharged & tells her Laura had escaped, which frightened her. She had to be very, very careful. E.I can’t understand how Laura could have escaped with a guard outside her door. Lorenzo warned her to keep her door locked & not answer the phone, if Laura calls her, she should call the police.
Conan gives a false message to Alex from Sylvia, to meet him at the park. Mimi hopes Sylvia will say yes to her brother but Conan is angry at the very idea- he’ll never never accept Alex as a member of the family, something that offends Mimi and they quarrel- Conan leaves in a huff. Isabella receives a package & asked Horsy to open it, apprehensive that it from Laura, remembering her threat. But it’s only a get-well present, a crystal bottle, from the hotel staff. E.I shed tears of relief. Jose meets with Laura (who had manipulated him into helping her) & gives her a change of clothes. Lorenzo & Sylvia are alone at the gym; he wants them to get back together in spite of her protests. He insisted her happiness was very important to him; they were apart because he’d thought he was the father of Laura’s baby, now that things were different, they could be together again. He loved her very much. Sylvia just stared at him blankly. (I never thought I’d say this, but Lorenzo is a tad too SOFT…)


Alex complained to E.P about how Lorenzo was giving Sylvia a lot of loving looks, indicating he was still in love with her. E.P suggested he asked Sylvia to marry him before Lorenzo did. Alex is all for the idea but he needed some money from her, in order to impress Sylvia. Of course his miserly mum didn’t want to give him anything, protesting she didn’t have a cent but Alex insisted; he needed to cement his relationship with Sylvia before she could think of going back to Lorenzo. Reluctantly, she handed him a pittance, which caused him to call her a ‘stingy woman’ & left in a huff.
Lorenzo went to see a very weak E.I, whose stomach had been pumped the moment she arrived. He asked her who tried to poison her & is told it was Laura. Isabella informed him his wife had gone too far this time; she was going to report her to the police, even if he begged her not to. Lorenzo didn’t bother to defend Laura, he’s long realised he’d married a monster & suspected Laura was now unstable. Isabella felt that after this episode, people will realise she wasn’t a terrible person; all she’d been trying to do was to prevent him from being hurt. (yeah right, what about what you did to him & Sylvia- WICKED WOMAN!)
A doctor came in & told him Laura had been brought in by an ambulance, he hurried out to see her.
A journalist calls Sylvia to get her comment about Laura’s sudden illness, but Sylvia hung up the phone. She tells José about it & he’s immediately worried; Laura was still his daughter despite her treatment towards him. Sylvia is certain Lorenzo would soon call to inform them what was wrong with Laura. Laura is in bed when Lorenzo entered her room; she begged him to ignore what had happened between them for the sake of the unborn innocent child. However Lorenzo gave her the bad news- the doctor had informed him that her illness was actually a MISCARRIAGE!
Laura at first refuses to accept it, but there was nothing anyone could do to alter it, she’d lost the baby. She then told Lorenzo that E.I had kicked her hard in the stomach & denied poisoning her when Lorenzo asked her about it. But her question, ‘is Isabella still alive?’ gave her away. Lorenzo told her she was now in very serious trouble & left the room despite her pleas to let her explain why she did it. She swore to wipe E.I off the face of the earth. José is very worried about Laura but Sylvia urged him to wait for word from Lorenzo to confirm it. The phone rings but it’s that idiot Alex, who asked her to meet him at a certain place as he had something very important to tell her. Tony & Mimi talk enthusiastically about the venue of their wedding. Alex prepares for his meeting with Sylvia, he had sold some of Laura’s jewellery he’d blackmailed from her & got additional money. Laura can’t understand how E.I was able to survive. E.I (looking softer without that ghastly eye shadow) enters the room in a wheelchair pushed by a nurse. When they are alone, she mockingly offers her ‘condolences’ on the loss of Orlando’s child. Laura replied that she’d made a huge mistake by not dying; as she didn’t have anything to lose now, she’ll spend the rest of her life plotting to destroy her. E.I had better look out now because she could be hit by a car, find poison in her food or receive a letter with a bomb in it when she least expected it- she’ll HOUND her until the day she died. E.I showed no fear, she planned on going to the police immediately & have her charged for attempted murder, and the only thing Laura had to lose now was her freedom. But even the talk of prison didn’t subdue Laura; she vowed to get even with her at all costs. E.I called the nurse to take her back to her room.
Conan is surprised to hear from his sister that Laura was on admission again. Nattie said José was worried about both Laura & the unborn child & that Sylvia had promised to provide him with several grandchildren. Conan hoped the father wouldn’t be Alex; he had seen Alex flirting with Horsy the other day. Nattie plans to find a way to prove Alex & Horsy were more than just friends, to enable Sylvia leave him once & for all. Giacormo suddenly enters, with a bouquet of flowers for Nattie- to ‘cheer her up’. But she’s not fooled, she bluntly reminded him what she’d told him over the phone; she doesn’t want to date him & is reluctant to accept the flowers from him. He however insisted he hadn’t come to court her; he just wanted to cheer her up. She took the flowers & apologised for her rudeness. She said her feelings for him were platonic, she couldn’t accept him as a lover, still sore at his earlier deceit. Giacormo assured her he really loved her as a woman now but she’s firm, she could only be his friend now. (famous last words!)
Laura rebuffs her father when he comes to sympathise with her, she called him a stupid old man & would rather be an orphan than have him as a father. Horsy visits E.I at the hospital; E.I is intent on sorting Laura out while she’s vulnerable as well as preferring to rest in her hotel suite. Nattie goes to see Lorenzo about Sylvia. She’s very worried about her cousin, she doesn’t want her to make the same mistake she did with Orlando as he and Alex were as alike as 2 peas in a pod. Lorenzo replied he could do nothing as it seemed Sylvia no longer loved him. Nattie insisted that Sylvia DID love him, he had to fight for her before they both lost out.
Sylvia got to the place & Alex showed her a set of keys. It is to the house behind him, he’d just paid the deposit & it’s where they’ll live with their children. While Sylvia is still trying to get his meaning, he brings out a ring & formally asked her to marry him.


While you're all reading posts on LORENZO'S WIFE, please remember that this blog also has posts of NO ONE BUT YOU. For those yet to read the posts I published months back, pls click on the label. It happens to be my favorite telenovela to date & it's very , very interesting. By the way, for the uninitiated, the actor who played the main character, Antonio Lombardo in this 1985 telenovela , is Andres Garcia- who played Don Pedro Jose Donoso in the recently concluded El Cuerpo del Deseo .

To continue...

Evil Max got the worse of the fight (serves him right); his mouth was bleeding and Victoria did her best to treat it. She asked him over and over what started the fight, but Max only gave her evasive answers, as usual. The next morning, Claudio warns Camilla not to repeat what Victoria had told them the night before to anyone. But after he leaves the room, she picks up the phone to call Maura. Chucho has breakfast with some of the kitchen staff, a maid tells him a little bit about the family members. Raquel joined Martha at the breakfast table, her sister asking her why she had such a long face. Raquel asked her if she’d heard of the fight. Thinking her and Tonio had a quarrel, Martha asked what happened. Raquel tells her she was now madly in love with Tonio. Martha asked her if Max knew about it and Raquel shyly admitted that instead of fighting, she and Tonio ended up 'getting busy', causing Martha to gasp and ask how the sex was.

Raquel refused to talk about her first time intimacy with Tonio but soberly said now it has caused a huge fight between him and Max. Victoria talks to Tonio on his way to work, about what decision he's made about the problem at hand. She's worried that the accident has made him delusional & she's very scared as she loves him like a second son and doesn't want anything to happen to him; if only his father was still alive. Tonio replied he had serious decisions to make & asked her what Max had told her the night before. She replied Max had told her of his accusations and she's sad at the way they attack each other theses days, especially since they've never gotten along. He kissed her goodbye and left. Martha is certain Max won't accuse Raquel of complicity, now that she & Tonio were closer, besides she had told him the whole story. Raquel is not so confident, Max was very cruel & she didn't know what Tonio had in mind because he refused to discuss it with her & it worried her very much; she's afraid Tonio might think she was telling lies and she'll rather go to jail than him thinking she lied to him. She's very hurt when she hears from Ramon that Tonio had breakfast in his room & has already left for the office.

Victoria agrees to lend Claudio some money when he asks for it but warns him to be more careful as Tonio isn't patient with he and Camilla's gambling these days. Claudio assures her that the gambling is simply 'social entertainment' & they do not bid too much money. Claudio then asked her why Tonio doubted Raquel was his wife at first. Vicky told him he didn't remember anything about her or her family, which was surprising since he knew them immediately. She also told him about the previous night's fight- how the two young men were punching each other & would have killed each other if Ramon hadn't called her. Claudio looked puzzled when she added it happened in Raquel's room. He asked, 'what was Max doing in Raquel's bedroom?'

It suddenly occurred to Vicky as well, what was Max doing in Raquel's room in the first place?

Tonio met with the family doctor, Oscar in a bar; Vicky had told him about the fight over the phone. Tonio told him he's fully convinced Max tried to murder him. Oscar asked about Raquel's role in the situation but Tonio is sure his wife is innocent. Oscar asked him if he's fallen in love with her. Tonio admitted it &  defiantly said she loved him too. Oscar is skeptical as not long ago she was in love with Max, which was why she had 'married' him. Tonio coldly asked him if he was trying to make him have doubts about Raquel. Oscar replied he just didn't want him to rush into this, he had to put his family's interests first. Tonio didn't like the idea of still allowing Max to live in the mansion after what he tried to do. Oscar asked if he had proof. Tonio said he had the word of Raquel & her family and he could call the manager of the apartment building in Guadalajara, where Max stayed, to confront Max face-to-face; but the judge who had officiated the ceremony has disappeared. Oscar asked him if he thought about Vicky & Raquel- how the scandal will affect them. Tonio said he had, which was why he hasn't told Vicky because he doesn't want her to think ill of Raquel, who is a good woman & his wife, not just  because of any piece of paper but because he's decided she's the one he wanted for the rest of his life. Seeing Oscar's skeptical face, he asked if he thought he was crazy. Oscar said he was his father's oldest friend & he has to prevent him from making a huge mistake. He advised him not to cause Vicky any pain, he should send Raquel away & be certain Max is guilty before confronting him. Raquel informs Vicky she was on her way to see Tonio at his office & needed a chauffeur to take her there. But to her amazement, the guard at the gate told her Tonio had left instructions she wasn't to go out. Max bangs at the gate when it refuses to open for him, he's told he's not to be allowed in. He notices Raquel standing next to the guard & offers to give her a lift, but the guard doesn't allow her to go past the gate. Vicky asks Ramon what started the fight in the first place. Ramon told her Max was banging on Tonio's door & kicking it but he stopped and left when he saw Ramon. He also told her how Max forcibly dragged Raquel into his room the other day and how Raquel had resisted.

Oscar arrived at the house &  spoke to Raquel , trying to convince her to force Tonio divorce her by saying she didn't love him- her presence could cause a tragedy between two brothers- offering to pay her. Offended, she got up &  walked out on him. Oscar told Vicky he was a bit rough on Raquel but he asked her to leave. Vicky knows very well Tonio would never allow it , he loved her very much. Oscar is more concerned about Vicky's welfare, which was why he made that suggestion in the first place. Camilla meets with Maura, full of fresh gist about Raquel. Tonio hands a photo & the apartment's address to his personal assistant Pablo, to show the manager of the building for identification, in case he is needed to testify against Max. Max angrily comes in, demanding to know why he was being locked out of the house & what he planned on Telling Vicky. Tonio replied he could easily tell her the truth. Max sneered that he had no proof & if he wanted him to leave... fine, but he had to hand over Raquel to him. Tonio coldly replied that Raquel was his wife; she'll never be handed over to him.

Raquel narrated what had happened the night before & Oscar's suggestion to her father. After she goes back into the house, Daniel runs into Chucho and they introduce themselves.

Later, Raquel is sitting in the living room when Tonio returns- he moves to sit next to her, smiling. She asked him why she was not allowed to leave the house, he replied it was for her own protection. She is very worried about the consequences of  locking Max out of the house, but he calms her down, saying all he wanted was peace in the house & he'll do what he must to achieve it. They kiss, then get up to go upstairs (wink, wink).

 But Vicky stops them on the way, demanding to know why her son was locked out. She angrily accused Raquel of being the cause but Tonio firmly said it had nothing to do with her, it was time Vicky knew the truth.

'Are you going to tell her?' asked Raquel nervously.

He nodded. It was time Vicky knew the WHOLE truth.

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Thank you all for leaving your messages & comments; I TRULY appreciate it. Like one of my guests observed, MBI have been skipping a few episodes, VITAL episodes(God knows why) but let's just hope the end is soon drawing near because I'm sick of Isabella's over painted face already and eager to cheer at Lorenzo & Sylvia's long awaited wedding(once that idiot Alex is gotten rid of).
Well, thanks to a few searches here and there, I was able to find what happened next. Lorenzo, Sylvia & Horsy were at the restaurant waiting for Isabella to show up for the meeting. Horsy wondered why she was late, but the other two barely paid attention to her; Sylvia was far too busy blushing under the hot looks Lorenzo was giving her- after all, he was now free to chase her all over again. Unfortunately, Alex, who had followed her, saw the whole thing, and he was FURIOUS. Isabella managed to phone for help(from Horsy) and was immediately rushed to the hospital. But, surprisingly enough, Laura  took ill  after being pushed by Isabella and was taken to the hospital as well in an ambulance. Lorenzo was notified about Isabella while trying to persuade(a VERY SILLY) Sylvia to resume their relationship Isabella had ruined and he left for the hospital immediately.
I'll bring in the rest soon, folks... stay around.

Ladies, I have a question & please leave your answers... what would you do if your boyfriend suddenly told you he was GAY?

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Sylvia stubbornly tells her cousin she’s already made up her mind to stay with Alex. Hercules is filled with disgust at the whole thing and warns Alex to be careful at the way he treats Sylvia. Alex requests that he never mentioned his ‘mistake’ again. Conan calls E.P , anxious to know if Nattie has broken up with that idiot yet. Giacormo is very sorry for poor Nattie as she didn’t deserve such shabby treatment. Lysette urged him to take his chance now. Orlando angrily asks Laura why she’d admitted to Lorenzo that they’d slept together. She in turn calls him an idiot for letting a DNA test be carried on him without knowing it. He asks how she could accept the result but she is forced to, Isabella wouldn’t lie about a thing like that and she had Lorenzo hadn’t slept together since the separation. he now has a few obligations to her baby since he’s the father, especially since Lorenzo is throwing her out. But Orlando tells her she’s wasting her time, she and her child weren’t a part of his future. Conan demands from Sylvia and Mimi if it was true Orlando was the father of Laura’s baby, totally furious. He vows to kill Orlando and rip his head off if he ever laid eyes on him again. His cousin tries to call him down. Alex is depressed at the whole thing, Lorenzo was now free and since his own past misdeeds count against him, Sylvia could choose Lorenzo over him. E.P advises him to propose to Sylvia before Lorenzo does. Lorenzo shows up at work as stolid as ever; & asks Horsy if she’d truly been ill the night before or it was one of E.I ‘s schemes, but she said she’s incapable of planning things behind his back. Lorenzo tells her that Orlando would no longer be working there because he’d betrayed him, she should change every password in their computers, change the locks in Orlando’s office & any security guard will be fired if they allow him into the building. He also tells her to arrange a business meeting with him , E.I and Sylvia. Giacormo tells Tony he’d called Nattie that morning and asked her out but she’d refused. Tony advises him to continue pestering her with flowers and calls to calm her down, but Giacormo decides to give her some time to get over Orlando. Tony warns him not to wait too long. E.I is confronted by Orlando who accused her of ruining lives; he no longer had a job nor a future with Nattie but E.I says he was to blame as he had slept with Laura in the first place, he shouldn’t point fingers at her, she felt no remorse at all. He had to face facts he was destroyed and humiliated. She advises him to go abroad as Lorenzo might kill him sight, but he refuses, as he had shares in the company. She tells him to give her a letter of authorisation and she’ll buy the shares from him, he agrees. Hercules & Mimi do their best to cheer Nattie up, who is very depressed. Mimi advises her to now focus on Giacormo but she doesn’t feel like dating anyone yet. Hercules doesn’t feel Giacormo is the right person for his daughter, he finds him rather weird. Laura calls E.I, saying she wanted to say goodbye to her, she’d won at last. As she speaks she fingers a small bottle on her table. E.I wishes her the best as long as they didn’t cross paths again. Laura tells her she now had Sylvia to worry about, now that Lorenzo was a free man he’ll start pursuing her again. E.I replied ,‘ we’ll see about that.’ Laura tells her she had some nasty info on her little half sister that E.I would find interesting, for a price. As she speaks, she empties the contents of some capsules inside the bottle. E.I asks her to meet at her suite. She shows up and asks her for a drink. E.I calls room service for some iced tea. Laura asks her to hand over the DNA results in exchange for the information, as she wants to use it to force Orlando to shoulder his responsibilities. The waiter brings in the drinks and as E.I is rummaging through her drawer for the results, Laura empties the contents of the bottle into E.I’s glass and picks up the other one. E.I wonders what skeletons a nice girl like Sylvia has in her closet and hopes the info would be useful to ruin her reputation. They toast their transaction and E.I drains her glass. She opens the envelope Laura gives her & to her surprise sees pictures of coffins, wondering what was its relevance with Sylvia. Laura replies that she gave them to her enable her choose a suitable coffin for her impending death. E.I said she’s not laughing at this bad joke. Laura laughed at her; hadn’t she guessed? She’d just swallowed enough arsenic (a very poisonous chemical sometimes used to kill rats, insects & weeds) to kill a horse, so she must choose a coffin now as she didn’t have enough time left! E.I stares at her in absolute shock….


My people, PLEASE leave your comments & messages… I really, really need your opinions on this post!


Everyone is absolutely stunned of course… especially Nattie & Sylvia. Tony & Mimi make out but she refuses to have sex, at least until after the wedding. Laura hysterically scolds Antonia for telling on her and sacks her, despite her pleas, very sure E.I had made her say it. Conan refuses to go back with Lysette to her apartment, still very angry with his sister going back to ‘that imbecile’. Isabella talks with Horsy (to the initiated I’m talking about Gloria) , who is drinking to drown her sorrow. She calls Laura but the angry woman hangs up on him. Lorenzo is totally furious with Orlando, but the idiot tried to deny it at the same time insisting he’d only slept with Laura once, maybe it was Alex, but Alex snaps that he’d been tested already and it was negative. But it was no use for Orlando to deny it, E.I had used a strand of his hair for the test and it’s POSITVE! Nattie &  Hercules order Orlando to leave. Alex asks Lorenzo to leave if he didn’t have anything else to add. Lorenzo leaves in anger, warning Orlando he wasn’t through with him. Nattie is faint with shock, Orlando begs her to listen to him. E.I calls Giacormo to find out if he knew about the situation but he doesn’t at all. Horsy wonders how things would be the following day; Orlando had shares in the company, it wouldn’t be easy for Lorenzo to fire him. E.P and José tell Mimi & Tony about what happened at Nattie’s engagement/break up party- Tony is overjoyed as it might pave the way for his father. Orlando insists there had been no love involved in the sex with Laura, but Nattie is disgusted he’d slept with Laura, his best friend’s wife. She tells him he had no morals, he was incapable of loving anyone and she never wanted to see him AGAIN! Conan & Lysette find Giacormo at the boutique and he tells them about Tony’s phone call, how Orlando had ‘gone too far this time’. Conan is shocked and angry, Lysette immediately urged Giacormo to call Nattie but he felt it wasn’t the right time. Lorenzo angrily packs a bag, amidst Laura’s pleas and blustering, wanting to put space between them for a while. He tells her he wants her out of his house in 48 hrs. She shouted that it was her house too and she was innocent but is silent when he dares her to follow him to the doctor’s & have another test. He walks out with his travelling case. Sylvia suddenly refuses to let Alex kiss her, using her worry about Nattie as an excuse. He assures her Nattie was a strong young woman and would get over it soon. He is relieved on his part, he’d felt people had been suspecting he was the father since he’d slept with Laura several times. A very subdued Nattie enters & he leaves them alone. Sylvia is certain that she will be able to get over Orlando a second time & gets offended when Nattie compares Alex with him, insisting Alex had actually changed. Nattie however warns her that she was making the same mistake; Alex will let her down again and she should realise that Lorenzo was a wonderful man who truly loved her and she loved him too, she should go back to him once and for all, he was no longer obligated to stay with Laura. Silvia is silent. (why wouldn’t she be, she’d been the one who had sent poor Lorenzo back to Laura because of the baby).


Poor Lorenzo and Giacormo, they must both be feeling so helpless; watching the women they love very much reconciled with no-account buffoons like Alex and Orlando (I do not know who I despise more). And in a way, they brought it upon themselves; Lorenzo because he was too trusting towards Isabella and Giacormo because he wasn’t sure what he wanted and now that he’s realised he wants Nattie in his life permanently, it’s rather too late. Or is it???? Read on…

ORLANDO proposed to Nattie and she accepted (fool). Laura shows up at the boutique and waits for Horsy but Horsy calls her to tell her she had a headache. As she’s about to leave, E.I showed up and afterwards Lorenzo, surprised to see Laura there. E.I dropped the bombshell, Lorenzo is not the father of Laura’s baby and she has proof (ever since Horsy had told her about the conversation she’d half overheard at the office between Laura and Orlando, she’d carried out a plan), she’d managed to obtain a strand of Orlando’s hair and had asked ( you mean blackmailed) the doctor to carry out another DNA test, the father is Orlando, his partner, lawyer and best friend! Laura screamed it was a lie but Lorenzo read the report himself, filled with fury. Orlando goes with Nattie to obtain Hercules’ permission to marry his daughter. Nattie begged him to forgive Orlando and accept him. Conan leaves the house in a rage.
Laura is dragged home by a furious Lorenzo. He calls Antonia & asks if she’d seen Orlando with Laura at anytime. Laura shouts to her that she mustn’t tell lies. But Antonia, scared of Lorenzo’s angry face confirmed it; Orlando had come to the house and they’d entered the bedroom together. Laura is forced to admit they HAD slept together!
Horsy is told by E.I, she is shocked….
Lorenzo goes to Hercules’ house & Nattie welcomes him; they were having a party to celebrate her engagement. Lorenzo gives her the bad news, her fiancée had betrayed them both… he was the father of Laura’s baby!


HERCULES is not happy at all about the whole thing and tells E.P not to be ridiculous when she says they were now back together; Sylvia and Alex go for a walk. Laura tells Nattie not to suggest Sylvia was better than her, as the only thing Sylvia wanted her husband, if she went anywhere near him she’ll make her regret it . Tony tries to calm them down. Nattie replied she wasn’t going to allow an idiot to insult her cousin. Giacormo breaks up the fight. Nattie said she could never understand why he was friends with a freak like Laura and leaves before she could jump on her again. Laura lied that it wasn’t her fault, Nattie had pushed her first. Tony corrected her , but Giacormo orders him to be quiet.
Laura begs him to listen to her, complaining that everyone hates her and wants to destroy her. He tells her not to exaggerate, the only person who hated her was Isabella, asking what she was planning now. Laura merely looks at him. Horsy sulkily talks about Orlando’s plans to propose to E.I but she said men like Orlando didn’t deserve her, she should forget him and move on. Horsy points out to E.I that after all this time, she herself hasn’t moved on and forgotten about Lorenzo. E.I coldly said she’ll never forget about Lorenzo and was closer than ever in destroying his marriage once and for all- that very night , she is going to reveal her final trump card. Sylvia and Alex went for a walk and have a serious talk.
Lorenzo calls the gym, asking for Sylvia but E.P said she’s out with Alex, the stupid woman tells him they were back together. Lorenzo is visibly disturbed but he stolidly goes along with her tactless chatter before hanging up.(that’s the thing I love about him, always acting impassive at bombshells- which prevents him from making a fool of himself.) E.I asked what was wrong with him, he said nothing was wrong. She informs him about an important meeting at Giacormo’s boutique that night. José is told by E.P that Lorenzo was still in love with Sylvia & he feels sorry for him, being tied to a woman like Laura. He asks her what really went on with between Alex & Laura. Sylvia finally reconciles with Alex( Sylvia is as stupid as her cousin). Mimi asks Tony about his father and is told about Laura & Nattie’s altercation. She in turns tells him about what José almost tried to do. As they cuddle, Mimi calls him ‘Conan’ and he’s immediately huffy, but she insists it was a joke. Lorenzo goes to the factory and asks Nattie if Sylvia had gone back to Alex, like E.P said. Nattie assured him it wasn’t true, E.P gossiped to keep herself busy. But alas, Sylvia walks in with Alex, laughing and holding hands. She turns her eyes away in embarrassment as Alex has the audacity to ask Lorenzo to congratulate them. Poor Lorenzo leaves, not saying a word. Sylvia reminds Nattie she’d respected her decision of going back to Orlando, she should respect her decision of going back to Alex.
Laura tells Giacormo that Horsy was to meet with her at the boutique to inform her about E.I but he’s doubtful, they had suspected E.I of helping E.I ruin his last fashion show, but Laura assures him Horsy was on her side. Conan shows up at the office looking for Lorenzo but he’s not back yet. Horsy makes him very uncomfortable by being flirty with him and invites him to have lunch with her. Tony is still cross with Mimi about her so-called joke and she leaves in a huff. Lysette tells him she has found the perfect place for their ‘rap wedding’. Conan realises Horsy only wanted to use him to get info about his sister and walks away.


Laura glares at her and denies the accusation but E.I warns her she now had concrete proof. Lorenzo enters, surprised to see them both talking. As they are leaving, Laura is noticeably pale and complains of dizziness, but refuses to see a doctor when Lorenzo suggests it, preferring to go home and lie down. Horsy asks E.I what she did to make Laura like that; E.I sees Laura’s shock as a sign of her conscience not being clear. Hercules drops a heavy hint at José’s guilt when E.P wants to watch a movie, using an allusion from ‘Shawshank Redemption’. Uncomfortable, he leaves the room. Conan angrily tells Mimi that his sister had gone too far now, giving that idiot Orlando a second chance. Mimi points out some people fall in love with the wrong people and don’t realise it until it’s too late. Conan refused to believe Orlando has changed, but she reminds him Tony has changed, to some extent. Sylvia and Alex return from the movies and Nattie stops them from kissing by calling Alex, ‘Lorenzo’ . Sylvia helps her to bed as she’s surprisingly drunk. Lorenzo tucks Laura into bed but she’s unable to sleep, remembering E.I’s threat. Tony urges his father to fight for Nattie since Orlando is a total jerk but Giacormo feels it isn’t right to force someone’s feelings. Conan and Mimi come in and repeats Tony’s advice. But Giacormo doesn’t feel like doing that and Conan vows to kick Orlando’s ass if he ever saw him again. Tony asks Mimi why she was with Conan. Alex promises to check with some cops that are his friends to look into the matter of the stolen money, as Sylvia is worried about her family’s behaviour towards José. Laura called her doctor but is told he’s gone on holiday, certain E.I is behind it. Conan gave some documents to E.I and is very offended when she said he’s been copying Giacormo’s style and leaves in a huff. Horsy comments that E.I loves making people around angry, which she admits. José overhears Hercules and E.P discussing him, about how they were sure he was guilty, although E.P still isn’t convinced. Lorenzo tells E.I that the order has finally been sent to the harbour. Laura confided in Horsy that E.I was planning something against her again and asks her to help her find out( stupid move Laura, she’s not your friend). Horsy advises her to tell Lorenzo but of course that’s the last thing she wants to do.


Sylvia tells José he could be her office messenger but Hercules isn’t pleased about the idea, as José would be handling large amounts of money. Lorenzo asked Antonia if Laura had many visitors during the time they were separated. Laura insists to Lorenzo that she hadn’t slapped Sylvia, it had been vice versa. Conan and Nattie are doubtful about Sylvia allowing José to handle her money. Nattie tells them about Giacormo’s declaration. Horsy wonders what E.I is hiding. Antonia tells E.I Laura was on her way to the office. Giacormo told his son how Nattie blew him off, he’s very disappointed. Tony asks if he’s sure he loves Nattie and he said yes and refuses to consider dating other women when Tony suggests it, he only wants Nattie!
Alex collects some important documents from Isabella and asks her to keep Lorenzo away from Sylvia as he’s certain Laura is about to do something very stupid that could cause Lorenzo to leave her again. Conan sneers at Nattie’s loving conversation with Orlando over the phone, telling her not to come to him if he hurts her again as he WON’T console her. In retaliation, she refers to his girlfriend as ‘ that silly little thing Lysette’. Sylvia stops the fight as it gets more heated. José comes in looking dishevelled , he’d been robbed! As Sylvia consoles him, her cousins exchange suspicious and sceptical looks, which grows when he’s scared to go to the police to make a report. They are very sure he’s lying. José swears to Sylvia he was telling the truth, (he could guess his nephew & niece’s thoughts) he’d been robbed of the money along with a medallion her mother had given him. Hercules doesn’t believe the story either but E.P points out they had no proof. Conan tells his father about Nattie’s reconciliation with Orlando. Tony and Mimi talk to a priest, Lysette’s cousin, about their wedding. Laura waits for Lorenzo in the conference room (funny enough, that’s the room where Lorenzo and Sylvia first laid eyes on each other) and E.I once again tells her to leave the country and never come back, or she’ll tell everyone that the child she’s carrying isn’t Lorenzo’s!


Orlando met with Giacormo at the and tells him his feelings for Nattie had intensified and he’s knew Nattie loved him in return; she’d displayed it a lot during the time he was injured. Orlando thinks he’s joking and asked if he’d had a hormone transplant while in New York. Giacormo explained that he’s realised he now knew what love was, but Orlando makes fun of him and tells him Nattie was now back with him. Nattie tells Sylvia 2 men had followed her from the bank but luckily she’d managed to dodge them. Sylvia suggest they use José but Nattie expresses doubts about the idea. Sylvia insists her dad would never steal her money. Lorenzo tells E.I that Alex had dropped some clothes from Sylvia for her to examine. Alex tells Laura Lorenzo was still in love with Sylvia, which wouldn’t pay them both, but Laura doesn’t believe him. Alex insists it’s true and asks her to help him make sure Lorenzo and Sylvia never saw each other again. Mimi and Tony opened an account for their baby, showing Conan and Lysette the passbook and how Titus’ trick was exposed and Tony got what was rightfully his at last. They also tell them that Giacormo had been acting weird since he got back. Nattie is very pleased to see Giacormo again, hugging him. He tells her he really loved her and asks for a 2nd chance as he really wanted to be with her. She reminded him of what he’d said, and he replied at that time he never thought he’d ever feel desire and love for a woman, now that he did, he wanted her and would do anything for her. Nattie gently told him that she was love with Orlando again; he shouldn’t be angry with her, she still loved him but as a friend. Silently, Giacormo left the office.


Tony was furious to see that Mimi had disobeyed him about not talking to the reporter about Titus’ cheating, it was in the papers. After he leaves, Giacormo phones Mimi to warn her. E.P confesses to José about Alex’s stupidity but assures him he’s a changed man. Lorenzo asked E.I if she was behind Laura and Sylvia’s altercation; she feigns ignorance, all she knew was what she’d read in the papers, about how Laura Benavides had slapped her sister in a restaurant. After he leaves, she gets a call from Laura’s doctor, he’d carried out some tests with something she’d obtained…
Lorenzo talks to Sylvia over the phone but she refuses to discuss Laura with him. Tony confronts Mimi but she turns the tables on him, thanks to the article, Titus had been forced to confess and his prize seized. She hands the trophy and prize money to a shamefaced Tony. José wants Sylvia to regard Laura as family but she refuses. Laura goes to complain to Giacormo but got very little sympathy from him. The doctor hands over the new test to E.I, assuring her it was 100% accurate. Opening it, she finds what she’d suspected for a long time- Lorenzo is NOT the father of Laura’s baby!

( well duh…I knew that).


Alex tries to smooth the very awkward situation but Sylvia insists on not letting Laura ruin her evening. Not at all easy with Laura looking at her with venom! She doesn’t believe it’s a coincidence, certain Sylvia was following her or that Horsy had chosen the restaurant deliberately. Alex is of course uncomfortable but Sylvia does her best to ignore her. She gets up to go to the bathroom as Alex goes to talk to the headwaiter but Laura suddenly bars her way. Giacormo tells Lorenzo how he’d constantly thought of Nattie while in New York, to Lorenzo’s surprise since Giacormo had always been gay after having Tony. However he feels Giacormo and Nattie would make a good couple. Giacormo isn’t prepared to give her up and decides to tell her of his love as soon as possible. Sylvia denies following Laura, maybe Laura was following her because she wasn’t over Alex. Laura slaps her, everyone present watching her. She warns Sylvia not to touch her (probably remembering Sylvia was once a wrestler) but the girl scornfully informs her she doesn’t hit pregnant women- the child she was carrying was after all her nephew; Laura angrily tells her never to say that again, she would never regard Sylvia as her sister. Sylvia is in total agreement with it as she’s very ashamed to have Laura as her sister, especially after the way she’d treated their father. Laura sneeringly assures her José will eventually rip her off. Alex comes back and leads Sylvia away. E.I and Horsy laugh over the incident , E.I phones a gossip reporter she knows to have it printed. Laura of course exaggerates the whole thing to Lorenzo, telling him Sylvia had slapped her and was very rude but of course Lorenzo takes Sylvia’s side- he knew she would never do that. Alex tells José, Tony and Mimi about he incident; José is amazed to hear from Mimi that Alex had slept with Laura while with Sylvia. Nattie tells Sylvia Orlando had taken her to meet his parents and hears about the latest fiasco. Horsy is very jealous when Orlando tells her where he’d taken Nattie to the night before, and tells E.I, who assures her that very soon, Orlando will be kicked out of the company. (what is she up to now?)


Hercules complains about E.P‘s cooking but José didn’t seem to mind the food, calling it a ‘work of art’. Isabella wants Sylvia and Laura to meet each other as half sisters, hoping she’ll make a fool of herself when she sees Sylvia and Alex having dinner at the restaurant, and be shocked enough to have a miscarriage. Horsy, who is to take Laura to the same restaurant for dinner, gives her a surprised look. Giacormo congrats E.P on her marriage to Hercules and promises to design a wedding dress for Mimi; the young couple want a ‘rap wedding’, much to E.P’s disapproval. Alex promises a distrusting Hercules that he’ll behave himself around Sylvia. Sylvia and Nattie prepare for their dates (yuck again). The bell rings but it’s Lorenzo. Sylvia is immediately uncomfortable but he actually came to see José. Giacormo remembers the first time he and Nattie had kissed in his kitchen. He calls Orlando and fixes a time they’ll meet. José joins Hercules and E.P at a game of cards. Lorenzo and Giacormo meet, pleased to see each other again. The latter isn’t happy at all about Nattie’s action and confesses that he’d fought his feelings for a long time but in New York he realized that he not only loved Nattie, he now desired her as a woman!
Sylvia & Alex are at dinner, Isabella watching them from afar. Horsy & Laura enter and immediately see them both. The 2 women regard each other silently…


Laura receives another unexpected visitor, this time it’s Giacormo, back from New York and fully recovered, no longer using a cane to walk. He still doesn’t regard Laura like before; she’s no longer his best friend, to her distress. He’d just come from the airport and wanted to hear what’s been happening. She tells him Nattie had gone back to Orlando. A shadow came over his handsome face. Sylvia showed José her office and the line of work. Tony isn’t pleased when Mimi comes with a reporter to interview him about Titus’ dirty trick. They both rush to hug Giacormo when he appears at their elbow. Horsy is very snippy towards Nattie but Nattie throws it right back at her. Lorenzo is very angry with Isabella for what she did to his precious Sylvia but she managed to slide through the scolding, reminding him about their present project. Conan goes to the boutique and is happy to see Giacormo was back and angrily said that Orlando must have brain washed his sister when Giacormo brings it up. Alex visits Sylvia who is noticeably warmer towards him (yuck, I hate him). Nattie attends the office meeting; exchanging barbs with Evil Isabella (from now on I’ll nickname her E.I) and glares with Horsy. After she and Lorenzo leave, Isabella is amazed to hear from Horsy that Nattie had forgiven Orlando, hinting that it won’t last long (she’s up to something again). Laura is amazed and angry to hear from José that Sylvia is her sister!


Sylvia is shocked, José stricken and Conan absolutely furious. Sylvia is sure it’s a lie but her father sadly confirmed it, amidst Isabella’s taunts. Conan forcibly throws Isabella out. Orlando laughingly accepts Nattie’s ‘conditions’. Lorenzo assures Laura he’s warned Isabella to leave her alone. Sylvia is numb at this sudden info. José tells her Laura’s mother had been just like Laura. Conan angrily tells Nattie about Isabella’s latest prank and she consoles Sylvia who was reminiscing her past relationship with Lorenzo- her brother-in-law! Hercules is very angry about the whole thing, calling Isabella a mean woman (an understatement, as we all know). Nattie informed Lorenzo over the phone about what ‘that stupid idiot Isabella’ had done. José tells E.P what had happened and she isn’t pleased- she’d wanted to be the one to tell Sylvia. Conan is furious to hear form Nattie that she was back with Orlando. She insists that Orlando was a changed man (not to me, he’s a pig) and pleads with her brother to give him a chance and not tell Hercules yet. Conan threatens to kill Orlando if he made Nattie suffer again. (considering the last time Orlando had cheated on her, Conan had gone to the office and had given Orlando 2 black eyes and a sprained arm before Lorenzo could get him off, this is NOT an idle threat, folks).


Laura received Tony and Mimi, wondering why they’d come to visit her all of a sudden. (By the way, she was wearing the most VULGAR blue open-weave top in that episode. Mimi’s purpose was to see if Laura knew about her connection with Silvia but she found nothing. Silvia tells Hercules she was leaving his house as she could no longer trust them after the stunt they’d pulled. Jose tried to calm her down but she’s insistent. Laura is very surprised at the way Tony and Mimi left without saying goodbye. As Sylvia is packing her things, José points out she was being unfair, the family hadn’t meant any harm, but she’s still very angry at being lied to. Nattie however tells her Mechita had being the one to insist Sylvia was never to be told about Jose and reminds her cousin the family had shown her nothing but love since she moved in with them, therefore she should stop acting like a spoilt brat. Sylvia tearfully calms down. Conan assures Hercules Sylvia had forgiven them but they both warn José never to tell her Laura was her (ugh!) sister. Isabella is angry to hear from Horsy (my nickname for long faced Gloria) that Lorenzo really wants to her to leave, boasting of the power he didn’t know she wielded. She remembers when he was scolding her that he hadn’t mentioned she leave Sylvia alone- she will reveal Jose’s secret to her. Horsy warns her of Lorenzo’s reaction as it was Sylvia he loved but Isabella is very vindictive- Laura and Sylvia were irritating thorns in her flesh, because of them Lorenzo wasn’t with her, therefore she’ll destroy them both.(first class BITCH!) Tony and Mimi watch the video awards on T.V with E.P. alas, Titus won! Tony leaves in rage. Nattie joins Orlando at the restaurant and reads to him her list of conditions. Silvia, José and Conan are having coffee when Isabella shows up like a hovering vulture; and told Sylvia that Laura was her half sister!

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I'm so so sorry folks for the long absence, no one regrets it more than i do, but I've been so busy at work! Being a class teacher suddenly after being a subject teacher for so long is no easy business, along with the sandwich programme i'm pursuing at LAG. Normally i write down the episodes but i'm yet to get the change to go to a cybercafe and post it, alas, it has'nt been easy for your host at all. pls forgive and hold on, you won't be left in suspense for long.