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Monday, November 03, 2008


Alex complained to E.P about how Lorenzo was giving Sylvia a lot of loving looks, indicating he was still in love with her. E.P suggested he asked Sylvia to marry him before Lorenzo did. Alex is all for the idea but he needed some money from her, in order to impress Sylvia. Of course his miserly mum didn’t want to give him anything, protesting she didn’t have a cent but Alex insisted; he needed to cement his relationship with Sylvia before she could think of going back to Lorenzo. Reluctantly, she handed him a pittance, which caused him to call her a ‘stingy woman’ & left in a huff.
Lorenzo went to see a very weak E.I, whose stomach had been pumped the moment she arrived. He asked her who tried to poison her & is told it was Laura. Isabella informed him his wife had gone too far this time; she was going to report her to the police, even if he begged her not to. Lorenzo didn’t bother to defend Laura, he’s long realised he’d married a monster & suspected Laura was now unstable. Isabella felt that after this episode, people will realise she wasn’t a terrible person; all she’d been trying to do was to prevent him from being hurt. (yeah right, what about what you did to him & Sylvia- WICKED WOMAN!)
A doctor came in & told him Laura had been brought in by an ambulance, he hurried out to see her.
A journalist calls Sylvia to get her comment about Laura’s sudden illness, but Sylvia hung up the phone. She tells José about it & he’s immediately worried; Laura was still his daughter despite her treatment towards him. Sylvia is certain Lorenzo would soon call to inform them what was wrong with Laura. Laura is in bed when Lorenzo entered her room; she begged him to ignore what had happened between them for the sake of the unborn innocent child. However Lorenzo gave her the bad news- the doctor had informed him that her illness was actually a MISCARRIAGE!
Laura at first refuses to accept it, but there was nothing anyone could do to alter it, she’d lost the baby. She then told Lorenzo that E.I had kicked her hard in the stomach & denied poisoning her when Lorenzo asked her about it. But her question, ‘is Isabella still alive?’ gave her away. Lorenzo told her she was now in very serious trouble & left the room despite her pleas to let her explain why she did it. She swore to wipe E.I off the face of the earth. José is very worried about Laura but Sylvia urged him to wait for word from Lorenzo to confirm it. The phone rings but it’s that idiot Alex, who asked her to meet him at a certain place as he had something very important to tell her. Tony & Mimi talk enthusiastically about the venue of their wedding. Alex prepares for his meeting with Sylvia, he had sold some of Laura’s jewellery he’d blackmailed from her & got additional money. Laura can’t understand how E.I was able to survive. E.I (looking softer without that ghastly eye shadow) enters the room in a wheelchair pushed by a nurse. When they are alone, she mockingly offers her ‘condolences’ on the loss of Orlando’s child. Laura replied that she’d made a huge mistake by not dying; as she didn’t have anything to lose now, she’ll spend the rest of her life plotting to destroy her. E.I had better look out now because she could be hit by a car, find poison in her food or receive a letter with a bomb in it when she least expected it- she’ll HOUND her until the day she died. E.I showed no fear, she planned on going to the police immediately & have her charged for attempted murder, and the only thing Laura had to lose now was her freedom. But even the talk of prison didn’t subdue Laura; she vowed to get even with her at all costs. E.I called the nurse to take her back to her room.
Conan is surprised to hear from his sister that Laura was on admission again. Nattie said José was worried about both Laura & the unborn child & that Sylvia had promised to provide him with several grandchildren. Conan hoped the father wouldn’t be Alex; he had seen Alex flirting with Horsy the other day. Nattie plans to find a way to prove Alex & Horsy were more than just friends, to enable Sylvia leave him once & for all. Giacormo suddenly enters, with a bouquet of flowers for Nattie- to ‘cheer her up’. But she’s not fooled, she bluntly reminded him what she’d told him over the phone; she doesn’t want to date him & is reluctant to accept the flowers from him. He however insisted he hadn’t come to court her; he just wanted to cheer her up. She took the flowers & apologised for her rudeness. She said her feelings for him were platonic, she couldn’t accept him as a lover, still sore at his earlier deceit. Giacormo assured her he really loved her as a woman now but she’s firm, she could only be his friend now. (famous last words!)
Laura rebuffs her father when he comes to sympathise with her, she called him a stupid old man & would rather be an orphan than have him as a father. Horsy visits E.I at the hospital; E.I is intent on sorting Laura out while she’s vulnerable as well as preferring to rest in her hotel suite. Nattie goes to see Lorenzo about Sylvia. She’s very worried about her cousin, she doesn’t want her to make the same mistake she did with Orlando as he and Alex were as alike as 2 peas in a pod. Lorenzo replied he could do nothing as it seemed Sylvia no longer loved him. Nattie insisted that Sylvia DID love him, he had to fight for her before they both lost out.
Sylvia got to the place & Alex showed her a set of keys. It is to the house behind him, he’d just paid the deposit & it’s where they’ll live with their children. While Sylvia is still trying to get his meaning, he brings out a ring & formally asked her to marry him.

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