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Sunday, November 02, 2008


Thank you all for leaving your messages & comments; I TRULY appreciate it. Like one of my guests observed, MBI have been skipping a few episodes, VITAL episodes(God knows why) but let's just hope the end is soon drawing near because I'm sick of Isabella's over painted face already and eager to cheer at Lorenzo & Sylvia's long awaited wedding(once that idiot Alex is gotten rid of).
Well, thanks to a few searches here and there, I was able to find what happened next. Lorenzo, Sylvia & Horsy were at the restaurant waiting for Isabella to show up for the meeting. Horsy wondered why she was late, but the other two barely paid attention to her; Sylvia was far too busy blushing under the hot looks Lorenzo was giving her- after all, he was now free to chase her all over again. Unfortunately, Alex, who had followed her, saw the whole thing, and he was FURIOUS. Isabella managed to phone for help(from Horsy) and was immediately rushed to the hospital. But, surprisingly enough, Laura  took ill  after being pushed by Isabella and was taken to the hospital as well in an ambulance. Lorenzo was notified about Isabella while trying to persuade(a VERY SILLY) Sylvia to resume their relationship Isabella had ruined and he left for the hospital immediately.
I'll bring in the rest soon, folks... stay around.

Ladies, I have a question & please leave your answers... what would you do if your boyfriend suddenly told you he was GAY?

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