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Tuesday, November 04, 2008


Sylvia is very tearful & at the last minute doesn't allow Lorenzo to kiss her( i remember their first kiss; he practically devoured her). She believes what they were doing was wrong; Alex didn't deserve as he was a changed man. Lorenzo pleads with her not to marry Alex, it would hurt them both since they were in love with each other. Sylvia replied marrying Alex was a decision she was still working on & tearfully asked him to leave her alone. Laura begged her father to persuade Isabella to come to her motel room, she wanted to convince her to drop the charges. Jose is sceptic that it was the actual reason but he agrees. After he leaves, she brings out a gun...

E.I watches the news, which is all about Laura's escape. She gets a call from Laura but Laura is silent over the phone. After she hangs up, she calls the police.

Alex returns to find Sylvia looking depressed. He asked her why she didn't come to the park & they realise it had been a trick to get her alone with Lorenzo. She told Alex what she'd told Lorenzo & promised to give Alex an answer soon & talk to her cousins as well. Alex is annoyed at the way the family is still treating him. Nattie bitterly recollects the night Orlando had asked her to marry him . Sylvia comes in and scolds her for asking Lorenzo to see her & tells her to leave her alone to handle her life HER WAY, she loved Alex & won't be fixing things with Lorenzo as Alex won't let her downh again. Alex attempts to beat Conan up for his trick but Lysette stops him. He threatened to rearrange his face if he did it again and Sylvia will marry him whether they liked it or not. Lorenzo thinks over what Sylvia had told him. Tony asks Conan not to be at the wedding-he's very insecure around him.Conan reluctantly agreed, to keep the peace between them. Giacormo tells Lorenzo over the phone about what the news was saying about Laura but Lorenzo can't be bothered, since she more than deserved it. Alex barges into Lorenzo's house & attempts to punch him out but Lorenzo, being stronger, overpowered him instead. Alex warns him to leave Sylvia alone. Lorenzo is really disgusted at his audacity; he had cheated on Sylvia & ruined his marriage, he was only pretending to be a changed man & once Sylvia realised that, she'll leave him & he, Lorenzo would be waiting for her- he was the one she really loved. He ordered the idiot to get out of his house. E.P suspected Jose knew where Luara was as he acted nervous at the mention of her name. E.I shows up at the office the next morning , much better & told Lorenzo about the scary phone call, telling him she only felt safe around him. But Lorenzo clearly did'nt feel flattered at that statement, his mind was filled with thoughts about Sylvia. (who I feel is being more childish than foolish).


  1. Hi! Great to meet a fellow Nigerian, I've always loved Lorenzo's wife and I'm glad to FINALLY know d end.

    1. Ah... great to meet you too; I'm glad you enjoyed it


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