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Thursday, November 06, 2008


The euphoria of President-elect Obama's victory is yet to fade away; I heard in the news today that new mothers in Kenya have been naming their new born sons 'Barack' & daughters 'Michelle' after the new First Lady. Already President Bush has welcomed his successor & his family to the White House & commented that his victory ''a triumph of the American story.'' The swearing in is to take place on January 20th 2009; I'm sure a lot of Nigerians would be glued to their T.V sets on that second historical day. Personally I plan on taping it if NTA shows it live.

We should all pray for President-elect Obama , that his administration would be fruitful peaceful and he'll more than justify his voters'confidence in him.
As for the soon to be First Lady, Michelle Obama and their two little girls Malia Ann & Natasha- no doubt living at the White House would be overwhelming at first but gradually they'll have to adjust and also play their own roles during the new president's tenure. I JUST CAN'T STOP praising God for this unforgetable triumph in history.

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