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Hope wasted no time telling Bo about her encounter with his father. ‘Victor hates her, reallyhates her. You should’ve heard the way he spoke about her, it was horrible. You both need to watch your backs, Carly… I mean Clarice… especially. He could easily do something to hurt her, just out of spite.’ Bo, nodded, a scowl on his face. ‘I’ll talk to him. Thanks for letting me know about it.’ ‘But all the same Bo… don’t you think you’re endangering yourself by being with her?’ ‘What’s that supposed to mean?’ ‘You needn’t take that tone with me, Bo.’ Hope said coldly. ‘Lawrence Alamain sounds far more ruthless than Victor and very dangerous. If he ever finds out Clarice’s still alive, he’ll come after her… and you. He might even come after the family.’ ‘It won’t come to that.’ ‘I know you feel like you can handle a man like Alamain but you got to think of the consequences as well!’ Hope insisted. ‘Have you even thought about this at all?’ ‘Of course I have, why would you think otherwise?’ At…


It is impossible to discourage the real writers—they don't give a damn what you say, they're going to write- SINCLAIR LEWIS American author, John Grisham reportedly had his first novel, A TIME TO KILL (written in 1989) rejected by many publishers before it was finally accepted and became a bestseller. And afterwards, it was adapted into a movie in 1996 starring Matthew McConaughey, Samuel L. Jackson and Sandra Bullock. British author, J.K Rowling was a single mother living on welfare when she began the first part of her successful 7 book series, the Harry Potter franchise, using a manual typewriter. She too faced rejection from several publishers before her manuscript was finally accepted by Bloomsbury. Today she is the highest paid children’s author and each book got adapted into a movie by Warner Brothers; the titular character played by Daniel Radcliffe.  In more developed countries, the worst thing  a writer  goes through is his/her manuscript being returned, along with a re…


My 'PEOPLE' page is getting filled with more and more obituaries, which is really heartbreaking. But there was no way I could ignore the tragic passing of a national icon; former player and (several years later) Coach of the Super Eagles; Stephen Keshi.It's bad enough we lost  Rashidi Yekini a few years back (who shot the first goal for Nigeria in USA 94 World Cup), then we receive the news of this tragedy. 

Stephen Keshi achieved so much in his life, along with the other members of the 1994 Super Eagles squad- during that time he the team Captain- did the country proud by winning the Nations Cup in Tunisia '94. I remember him featuring in a Bournvita commercial at the time (had a bit of a crush on him then), regarding him as a handsome  man full of confidence and determination, the best traits of a team leader. And at the end of the tournament, when he lifted the cup- I could almost feel the triumphant joy he and the team members felt at that moment. Then there was USA…


Muhammad Ali was not only revered for being one of the greatest boxers in history, but also for the man he was. He had his beliefs and staunchly stuck to them, in spite of what it would cost him; he overcame various obstacles and even long after his retirement and stricken by Parkinson's Disease later, he was still regarded as "The World's Greatest."
The world has lost a true legend and we are all very sad. But we must remember him at his very best; his magnificent boxing skills and flamboyant style, social activism,  devotion to Islam and his major influence on important personalities, and the next generation of boxers. Despite his illness, he remained active; showing the world he was still strong at heart. And the world will never forget him. Brother Muhammad Ali, you are now finally well and  free . Everything you overcame, struggled for  and gained all the years you were on earth,  it was by the grace of God. And now, He has called you home. We already miss you …