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A while back, at a visitor's request, I posted the last two episodes of WHEN YOU ARE MINE but most of us don't know that the one on our screens was the abridgedEnglishversion. This is what happened after the wedding in the uncut Spanish version (with subtitles instead of English dubbing).
Now, after the wedding ceremony....

Paloma went upstairs with Lenora to take off her wedding veil before going down to the courtyard where the wedding banquet was being held. Soledad came in  and handed Paloma a letter that arrived earlier from the doctor who treated her when she passed out some days back, presumably the letter contains the results of medical tests and analysis Paloma did.

People are gathering at the wedding reception; Diego, Aurelio and Jeremy drink a toast together, Avellaneda and Giancarlo(Soledad's Italian fiance) are deep in discussion, talking about the valor and strength of the people of Mexico: “We raise ourselves from whatever failure, whatever tragedy, to start …


Jose is of course shocked at this revelation about Hercules’ niece being his daughter and agrees to stay and meet her, wondering if Silvia looked like her late mother. Laura puts on a seductive dress and perfume for Lorenzo but he’s still cold and indifferent, preferring to stay at home instead of going out to dinner with her. Laura is offended- he obviously still cares more about his unborn child than her and tries to convince him that she loved him. But Lorenzo obviously doesn’t love her anymore. Conan told Hercules that José decided to got to Chile instead of Venezuela to start a new life and it had been Alex who had taken him away from the first hotel, to make himself Silvia’s hero. Jose meets with Alex, eager to hear about this other daughter. He’s assured Silvia would be more than happy to meet him and is shown a photo of her. He is very moved, Silvia did look like her mother.
Nattie guessed correctly that Alex planned to introduce Silvia to José in order to redeem himself and …


Nattie visits Lorenzo at the office and almost tells him about the relationship between Silvia and Laura after he mentions the TV message. When he leaves the room, she calls Conan to look for him at Lorenzo’s house. Laura warmly welcomes José back but insults him by offering him a check in exchange for something(I don’t know what, the audio was bad) whatever it was shocked him very much. Mimi goes to see Tony who is overjoyed when she tells him to speed up the day of their wedding. Hurt and angry, José tears up the check and leaves. Hercules returns home very tired, but refuses to tell his gossipy wife anything. Conan finds José just leaving the house. He introduces himself as Hercules’ son and José is very pleased to meet him, explaining why he’d left the first hotel. Conan gives him the money as instructed.
Lorenzo gets home and a tearful Laura tells him more lies. Lysette is given the news by Mimi and Tony about pushing up their wedding day. Conan says goodbye to José at the airp…


Hercules is really horrified, why of all women did Laura have to be Silvia’s sister? Conan wonders how his late aunt could have gotten involved with such a shady character in the first place and goes out to look for him, warning Hercules NOT to tell E.P about this recent development. Tony refuses to accept money from Lorenzo for the shirt he bought but Lorenzo disapproves, it didn’t set a good example. Tony also apologizes to him about his rude attitude when Giacormo was at the hospital and reveals that it had been Laura who had suggested that he and Orlando were behind the accident because he had refused to testify against Laura.
Mimi and E.P wonder why Alex looks so happy all of a sudden; he merely tells them Silvia was on her way to accept him for good(in your dreams fool, she loves Lorenzo). E.P thinks he’s high on something while Mimi calls him delusional.
Laura puts on a sickly martyr act as she speaks to the journalist who had interviewed José, she denies throwing him out, ins…


Laura watches Silvia warily as she left the office. Lorenzo coldly refuses to allow Gloria help her look for her father as she’s very busy. Tony tells Mimi he’s now sure Conan was in love with her, but Mimi doesn’t believe it. Gloria tells Isabella about Lorenzo’s attitude towards Laura and the conversation she’d heard between Laura and Orlando-which Isabella finds ‘juicy’ and a future form of ammunition. E. P is amazed at what Hercules tells her, his visitor had been Silvia’s father! She urges him to tell Silvia about it but he’s bound by his promise to Mechita , a promise like that didn’t have an expiry date. It would do more harm than good for Silvia to meet him since he is an ex-convict. But E. P still feels it’s unfair to her and gets more surprised to hear that Jose doesn’t even know she exists at all, Mechita never got the chance to tell him she was carrying his baby! Unknown to them both, Alex is listening to the whole thing…
Hercules gives his children the shocking news.


Lorenzo angrily confronts Laura over news on TV and in the papers but the shameless liar denies throwing Jose out.
Tony accuses Conan of being in love with Mimi when the latter points out that Mimi wasn’t comfortable about his sudden proposal. Conan strongly denies it, however.
Hercules takes Jose away to a coffee house to talk. Silvia brings some samples of her clothes to Lorenzo’s office. He’s very pleased to see her and asks her to see him for a few minutes, which she reluctantly agrees to. Jose told Hercules about how his daughter had thrown him out but didn’t blame her as he hadn’t been a good father to hear and is sad to hear from Hercules that Mechita was dead. Hercules gives him some money to get a room at a nearby hotel.
Silvia is shocked to hear from Lorenzo that Laura had thrown her father out of the house. He also told her he was unhappy and relationship with Laura was complicated. Silvia reminded him again that she’d been abandoned by her own father, he couldn’t abandon …


Jose is stunned but leaves when he’s told to. He goes to Isabella, who convinces him to appear on a TV interview, pleading his case. Laura in the meantime, lies to Lorenzo that her father had abandoned her again. At the wedding reception, Tony stuns everyone by asking Mimi to marry him, she says yes and kisses him. Everyone whoops and cheers, except Conan, who wore a weird look on his face.
Jose’s TV interview is broadcasted and Lorenzo sees it. He is furious that Laura had lied to him, AGAIN!
Jose is angry also, the reporter had twisted his words, making it look like his daughter was a monster; he calls Isabella an evil person and leaves, despite her reminder he had no money.
The following morning Hercules prepares to leave for his honeymoon when Jose enters, warmly greeting him. Alex is there and is introduced as of Hercules' gym students. Hercules is clearly not pleased to see him.


Isabella has lunch with Jose, then takes him to Giacormo’s boutique to buy him some new clothes, much to Conan’s astonishment.
That night, the dinner party is going on well, then Isabella walks in with Jose. Laura is shocked! Jose is overjoyed to see his beautiful daughter after so long, who struggles to keep a happy face. Mimi and Tony snigger at the whole thing. Silvia walks in to find Orlando forcibly kissing Nattie, she slaps him and orders him to leave. She admits to Silvia that the kiss hadn’t disgusted her at all(ugh, NATTIE!). E.P wants to go and live with Hercules but Hercules prefer to live with her after they are married, especially after she still expects him to pay rent to her.
Jose congratulates Laura when she tells him she’s pregnant. Lorenzo coldly asks Isabella to leave- she tells him José was an ex convict, he should watch out and takes her leave, laughing derisively when he tells her to go, she wasn’t welcome. She says goodbye to Laura but Laura strikes her on the…


Mimi tells Silvia she’ll be happy if she and her brother got back together since he seems to have changed but Silvia refuses to entertain it. She is visibly jealous when Silvia tells her Conan was out on a date with Lysette. Laura tells Lorenzo she won’t be inviting Orlando to the party, which he agrees with, he still isn’t happy about what he did. She will be inviting Gloria, Tony and Mimi instead.
Mimi told Alex about her conversation with Silvia; he still refuses to give up on the hope that Silvia will completely forgive him. They are both cross to see Hercules leaving their momsie’s room.
Tony tells his father over the phone that Isabella had been released. Conan congratulates Tony on his video release and new job. Lorenzo angrily confronts Orlando over defending Isabella without consulting him, he hadn’t acted as a friend at all. Orlando calmly explained he had done it for the good of the company and besides that, there was not enough evidence. Isabella bursts into the office an…


Orlando sees Isabella who makes a stunning deal that would greatly benefit him, in exchange of him defending her. The case is brought in front of the prosecutor, who goes over it. Laura is very angry to see that Orlando is Isabella’s lawyer. They both give their testimonies and exchange terrible words, which annoys the prosecutor, more so when they come to blows and have to be restrained. Orlando does his very best to defend Isabella, who is jaunty and very insolent throughout.
Silvia, Conan and Nattie go over some new designs and Alex makes himself a nuisance again by disturbing them. Silvia gets fed up with him and orders him to leave, he was no longer the factory’s driver. He accuses her of only doing the project to be around Lorenzo, she gets more furious and asks him again to leave. He begs her to let him stay, promising never to interfere in her business again.
Mimi and Tony again go over names for the baby and the coordinator of the competition arrives, much to Mimi’s annoyanc…


Laura is triumphant at the angry despair in Isabella’s tone, expressing her hope the cell she was in was comfortable. Isabella sarcastically said it was and she was waiting for Laura to join her since falsely accusing someone of murder was a serious crime. And she had made a serious mistake since if she goes to prison, Lorenzo’s company would be in jeopardy- Lorenzo will confirm it. Isabella tells Gloria she needed a lawyer who would do exactly what she asks him to do. Gloria suggests ORLANDO!
Laura remembers Lorenzo had just mortgaged the house and confirms Isabella’s warning from Orlando.
Nattie asks Hercules if he’d wanted to tell Silvia after all, he admits it but then lost the courage. Nattie finally agrees it was best if Silvia never knew, since the father she idolized was a criminal. Alex suggests to a worried Silvia she did not continue with the project for now- she feels very stressed up.
Lorenzo visits Isabella in jail; he wants to know if she had actually done what she wa…


Isabella begins to bluster that it was impossible and all a mistake but the detective said lab results don’t lie, she had handled Laura’s pills and was now charging her with attempted murder and was under arrest. Isabella gets more and more worked up and asks him to give her time to put on some clothes. ‘I don’t need this in my life, not now!’ she moans as she dials Gloria, telling her she was in serious trouble and cannot locate her lawyer. (You don’t need it, why did you do it?)
Hercules almost tells Silvia about her father but changes his mind and talks about the wedding instead. Mimi tells Conan and Lysette about the coordinator, who seemed to be hitting on Tony. Laura receives another telegram from Venezuela. She angrily tears it up.
Lorenzo gets there and finds a handcuffed Isabella being escorted to a police car. She loudly protests she was innocent and blaming Laura for playing another trick on her. A news camera films the whole thing.
Gloria tells Orlando about Isabella’s …


Alex tells his mother about Lorenzo’s project and urges her not to agree with Silvia about it but E.P is overjoyed about it, they will make big money from such an opportunity. Alex begs her to say no when Silvia phones to inform her about it but she ignores him, full of enthusiasm.
The receptionist tells Mimi and Tony the competition has closed but noticing the woman in charge is nearby, raps on the spot and it impresses her very much (Frankly, I think Mimi sucks) and accepts their entry after all.
Lorenzo warns Isabella not to bother Silvia in any way, Isabella accuses him of threatening her. Silvia comes in and isn’t pleased to run into Evil Isabella again, but she insisted she stayed to hear what she had to say. Lorenzo is pleased that she and the other entrepreneurs have agreed to the proposal. Isabella insincerely praises Silvia’s work and leaves them alone.
Silvia asked him why he was still working with that awful woman after everything she’d done to them. Lorenzo admits he had…


Silvia is shocked at Lorenzo’s news but he reminded her it was what she had wanted. She painfully agreed, congratulated him and listened to his proposal about her and other small clothing factories she knew in the area subcontracting the order he’d been given, he didn’t have enough labour and she would be well paid. Silvia liked the sound of it, especially as she would be co-coordinating the whole operation.
After a lot of pressure, Hercules finally admitted that the letter had been written and sent by Silvia’s father. He had known him because he’d been the one who introduced him to Silvia’s momsie in the first place. He had denied it because he wanted to protect Silvia from her father; the man had fled Mexico because he had been involved in illicit dealings and went to live in Venezuela and dealt in precious stones. He had no idea what he was doing with his own now. Nattie and Conan asked why he had lied, and he told them that on her death bed, Mechita had made him swear an oath he’l…


Silvia tells her uncle that she’d overheard something Conan and Nattie had said relating to him and her father, but Hercules insist he knew nothing about him, her mother never liked talking about him, her cousins were taking rubbish. Silvia is horrified to see it was E.P’s picture he was hanging up. Laura thanked horsy Gloria for her help that fateful day and ask if the police arrested Isabella. When Gloria says no in a surprised tone, Laura pretended she was joking. Mimi told Conan that she’d made up with Tony, but does not know she’s happy, she only knew she owed it to their baby to give him a second chance. Lorenzo asks Isabella why a policeman came to the office, she lies it was about Giacormo’s case which has reopened. She gives him the fax containing the agreement between them and Estephano. E.P models the restored dress for Alex, still planning on exercising and going on a diet (a daft idea to wear the dress she’d worn when she married Alex and Mimi’s father for her second wed…


The police handling Laura’s case pays a visit to Isabella; telling her of what she’s accused of and asks her to come to the station to have her fingerprints taken. But she insists she’s an old friend of the family who visits the house often, there was no evidence against her, and she was a respectable businessman who has never had a problem with the law. The detective promises to return with a warrant since she refuses to have her prints taken. After he leaves, she drops the jaunty attitude and looks worried. Horsy Gloria asks her who it was, but Isabella told her to forget about it. Alex gives his mum’s wedding dress to Nattie, asking her to repair it, since she had torn it after forcing herself into it. Nattie is still disgusted at the idea of E.P marrying Hercules but Alex doesn’t seem to mind the idea. Nattie is shocked to find out from him that Lorenzo and Laura were back together again, forbidding him to tell Silvia after he said it was the best thing for her as she’ll finally f…